A&S Towbars Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: A&S Towbars
  • Contact Number: 0800 859 5046
  • HQ Address:Unit 2, Battlesbridge Harbour, Battlesbridge, Wickford, Essex SS11 8TD
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
  • Website: www.astowbars.co.uk
A&S Towbars Department Contact Number
Customer Service Free Number 0800 859 5046
London 0208 012 8035
Basildon 0126 891 2365
Southend 0170 281 4184
Chelmsford 0124 589 8725
Romford 0170 828 7498
Harlow 0127 927 1475
Braintree 0137 680 8100
Sudbury 0178 772 0063
Colchester 0120 620 3339

A&S Towbars Customer Service Free Number 0800 859 5046


The A&S Towbars customer service free number is 0800 859 5046. This A&S Towbars customer service contact number is available from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. You can contact A&S Towbars on Saturdays between 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. A&S Towbars customer service email address is [email protected] for an online contact.

A&S Towbars UK provides tow bars and many other car accessories in the South East region of England. You can count on A&S Towbars for installation services and fittings as well. Following A&S Towbars services are available to you.

  • Domestic towing equipment
  • Parking sensors
  • Car roof boxes
  • Commercial towing equipment & services
  • Bike racks
  • Caravan movers and servicing
  • Utility trailers

Visit the A&S Towbars website to learn more about the available services and facilities. It offers support through the online customer service and ten fully equipped locations. You can find more about the nearest location or the A&S Towbars area of coverage by visiting the locations page.

  • Enter your postcode in the search tool and click on the go button.
  • Click on the location on the map to find out the contact information. The map is available on the locations page.

The online message form can be found at the A&S Towbars contact us page. Enter following information when you need assistance from the customer care team.


  • Your name
  • Postcode
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Services you want to enquire about
  • Description of the nature of the support required


You can read A&S Towbars reviews by customers on the website by clicking the Reviews button on the right.

The registered office of A&S Towbars is in Essex. You can visit in person or write to customer service at A&S Towbars Essex office address. The address is

A and S Towbars
Unit 2, Battlesbridge Harbour,
Essex SS11 8TD

A&S Towbars London 0208 012 8035


The A&S Towbars London location contact number is 0208 012 8035. Visit the ASTowbars London location page on A&S Towbars website to learn about the services and facilities available to you at this location. You can request a free quote using a menu on this page.

A&S Towbars Basildon 0126 891 2365

The A&S Towbars Basildon location number is 0126 891 2365.

A&S Towbars Southend 0170 281 4184

The A&S Towbars Southend location contact number is 0170 281 4184. The service team at the Southend location is trained to attend all types of services including installation of tow bars.

A&S Towbars Chelmsford 0124 589 8725

The A&S Towbars Chelmsford location contact number is 0124 589 8725. Visit ASTowbars Chelmsford location page on A&S Towbars to learn about the facilities available to you. A&S Towbars also offers doorstep installation services to customers from the Chelmsford area from this location. Get in touch with the Chelmsford service team when you need support for installations of tow bars or other fittings of car accessories.

A&S Towbars Romford 0170 828 7498

The A&S Towbars Romford location contact number is 0170 828 7498. Get in touch with the service experts at Romford when you need tow bars and other car accessories for private or commercial vehicles. The support team at Romford is fully equipped to provide doorstep installation and other support. Book an appointment or request a free quote by dialling the above Romford location number. The ASTowbars Romford location page on the A&S Towbars website has information about the installation services and other facilities available to you at Romford.

A&S Towbars Harlow 0127 927 1475

The A&S Towbars Harlow location contact number is 0127 927 1475. Customers from Harlow and the surrounding area can get in touch with A&S Towbars for their requirements of new tow bars and installations as well. ASTowbars Harlow location page has more information about the installation services and other car accessories available to you. Feel free to dial the above Harlow number for a free quote. You can reserve an appointment for doorstep installation by contacting the service team at Harlow on the above number.

A&S Towbars Braintree 0137 680 8100

The A&S Towbars Braintree location contact number is 0137 680 8100. A&S Towbars offers doorstep support for installation of tow bars and car accessories to customers from Braintree and the surrounding region. Feel free to dial the above Braintree number to speak to A&S Towbars service rep, secure an appointment, or get a free quote over the phone. Information about installation services and accessories is available on the ASTowbars Braintree location page on the A&S Towbars website.

A&S Towbars Sudbury 0178 772 0063

The A&S Towbars Sudbury location contact number is 0178 772 0063. The service team at this A&S Towbars location caters to the installation of towbars and various other car accessories. Find more information on the installation services available to you by visiting the ASTowbars Sudbury location page. The page has a link to request a free quote online. Get in touch with the service team at Sudbury to book a doorstep installation appointment.

A&S Towbars Colchester 0120 620 3339

The A&S Towbars Colchester location contact number is 0120 620 3339. The service team at the Colchester location offers support for doorstep installations for customers belonging to the Colchester and the surrounding region. You can request a free online quote by visiting the ASTowbars Colchester location page. Dial the above number to speak to a service team member and secure an appointment for installation of tow bar or other car accessories.

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