Decathlon Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Decathlon
  • Contact Number: 0845 697 0328
  • HQ Address: Forbury Retail Park, Kenavon Dr, Reading RG1 3HS
  • Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 8AM - 8PM Saturday: 9AM - 6PM Sunday: 11AM-6PM
  • Website:
Decathlon Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Decathlon Customer Service, Complaints 0207 064 3000 Monday to Friday, 8a.m.-8p.m., Saturday, 9a.m. – 6p.m., Sunday, 11a.m.-6p.m.
Decathlon Head Office 0115 938 2020 Monday to Friday, 8a.m.-8p.m., Saturday, 9a.m. – 6p.m., Sunday, 11a.m.-6p.m.

Decathlon Customer Service Telephone Number 0207 064 3000

If you wish to reach out to the Decathlon support team, feel free to dial the Decathlon customer service telephone number 0207 064 3000. Every one of their customer service team members will be more than happy to oblige your queries and requests. You do not have to worry about being the recipient of mediocre customer care. Decathlon has had a long running reputation in their stellar customer support. This is due to their careful and intricate pickings of their customer service team members – friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable in all things Decathlon.

Not only does this number serve the customers, it is also established to handle all business related enquiries and requests. What does this mean? It means that if you are a business representative and you are seeking to make a deal with Decathlon, you can also get in touch with the phone number listed above. You can also choose to write to them. The address that you should deliver your letter to is:

Forbury Retail Park,
Kenavon Dr,

Decathlon Head Office Telephone Number 0115 938 2020

Decathlon established a huge number of offices around the world. In the United Kingdom alone, there are already twenty Decathlon offices that you can easily get in touch with. The company set up offices in Surrey Quay, Poole Redlands, Stevenage, Stockport, Sheffield, Lakeside, Harlow, Warrington, Belfast, Coventry, Edinburgh Park, Braehead, Wednesbury, Eastlands, Giltbrook, Southampton, Watford, Oxford, and Brugge.

You can easily get in touch with any of these offices. One of the most convenient communication channels is the Decathlon head office phone number 0115 938 2020. Besides dialling their helpline, there is also an option for you to simply write an email or a letter. The mail address is the same as the Decathlon support team address, as given above.

Why should you contact their head office rather than their customer service number?

  • Business dealings
  • Elevate the complaints for better handling
  • Press queries
  • Speak to a specific Decathlon agent

Decathlon UK Jobs

Are you a fresh graduate? Are you particularly interested in sports or outdoor activities? Perhaps you are looking for some way to contribute your extensive knowledge in such activities to the public? Well, you will surely come to the right place with Decathlon.

You can browse through their job openings, invitations, or offers, when you log on to their Careers page. Decathlon will always be welcoming to those who are interested in being a Decathlete. All they ask from you is your loyalty, your dedication, and your never ending enthusiasm in outdoor activities.

They believe that while customers are important to their business, their success will not be so easily accomplished without a team of reliable and trustworthy Decathletes. Decathlon wants to dig into your unbounded creativity and innovation. With this company, you will have the freedom to decide, and become the driver to people’s happiness.

Decathlon Returns Address

Making orders online is a common thing. Everyone is doing it now. And Decathlon offers this service as well. To put it simply, just log on to the Decathlon official website, browse their online catalogue, and place an order.

However, the tricky thing about online ordering is that you may never know what you get. There are times when you get a damaged item; and there are times when you find that you received the wrong item from what you have ordered. In such cases, you must contact the Decathlon client support number and get it resolved. They will most likely ask you to return the item and get a new one delivered to you.

When you return the item, make sure that you return it to this Decathlon returns address:

Decathlons Returns,
3-4, Seacourt Tower Retail Park,
West Way, Oxford

Decathlon UK Store Locator

Decathlon has set up so many stores all across the United Kingdom that it will not be surprising if you get confused. And sometimes, it can be difficult to try to locate the nearest Decathlon store when you have no idea where it is to begin with.

Not to worry, because the company took that into consideration and developed something to help you out with your dilemma: the Decathlon online store locator. This tool is fairly easy to use and even the most technology illiterate should be able to utilize it.

All you have to do is select your state, which is listed on the right side of the page. For example, you are in Crawley, then you click on the Crawley link. After that, the page will display a map location of the Decathlon store, along with the opening hours and contact number. Using this tool can save you a lot of trouble, and within minutes, you will probably find yourself at the nearest Decathlon store, shopping for outdoor activities supplies to your heart’s content.

Decathlon Delivery

Decathlon offers a wide range of home delivery options for their customers who choose to purchase from them online. The delivery costs are entirely dependent on the size and the weight of the item. When you place an order, the estimated price should be displayed along with the item. If you purchase over £50 of Decathlon products, then you will be able to get free delivery service with Decathlon delivery.

Their delivery options include:

  • Royal Mail
  • DHL
  • Decathlon Click & Collect
  • Delivered Exactly
  • InPost
  • ASDA

Decathlon Affiliate Program

Decathlon’s main goal in business is to make a sports an accessibility for the people around the world, and not just in the country. They are always innovating and exploring for ways to improve their products or invent fresh services for their customers, and they want you to be part of their effort. Are you interested in becoming a part of this program? If you are, then you should absolutely participate in the Decathlon Affiliate Program.

You can help them by promoting the company on your social media. Of course, you will not be doing it for free. For one promotion, you will get paid a commission fee. This is how Decathlon repays you for spreading their business to a wider outreach. Work together as a Decathlon Affiliate and bring people better outdoor activities products and services with this company.

Decathlon Application

You might think that Decathlon is already offering great products and services to their non-members. Wait until you are a member of Decathlon, because you will be mind blown. They have extra benefits and support for their members, wanting to reward you for your loyalty and your long lasting trust in them to enhance your outdoor experience.

How exactly do you apply to be a member of the company? All you have to do is contact the Decathlon customer service contact number as listed above, and tell them you want to be a part of them. Apart from that, you can simply go onto their website and register as a member. If you need technical support, you can all the number above as well.

Decathlon Complaints

If you are unsatisfied with Decathlon’s services, do not hesitate to lodge a complaint with Decathlon. They will try their very best to resolve the issues for you. In case they are unable to resolve the issues to your satisfaction, you can always elevate the complaint to the head office and get them to resolve it for you. There are many reasons for you to lodge a complaint, such as:

  • Mediocre customer service
  • Damaged item
  • Wrong item
  • Item not delivered
  • Delayed item delivery

Other ways to contact Decathlon

Decathlon opened up several communication channels for you to get in touch with them. They understand that at times, it may be inconvenient for you to call them, write them, or email them. Hence, the company also set up a few social media accounts, which you can follow them on. By following them on social media, you will privileged to regular updates from them, and another way to reach out to them easily. Once again, it will be much appreciated if you can give them at least three days to get back to you.

iOS Application:
Android Application:

How to Find Decathlon Contact Numbers

It is fairly easy to locate the Decathlon contact numbers. All you have to do is log on to the Decathlon official website. Once you are on their website, you should easily find the Contact Us page.

Apart from calling them via their telephone numbers, you are also allowed to reach out to them by sending them an email, writing them a letter, or following them on social media. It can be difficult at times to receive a response when you contact them through these channels. After all, Decathlon is a popular company in the UK, and it would not be surprising if they are flooded with numerous customer queries. This is why they ask you, their wonderful customers, to give them at least three days after you have reached out to them for them to get back to you.

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