RIAS Insurance UK Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: RIAS
  • Contact Number: 0800 561 0712
  • HQ Address: Ageas House, Hampshire Corporate Park, Templars Way, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO53 3YA
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 8pm, Saturday, 8.30am to 4pm
  • Website: www.rias.co.uk
Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0800 561 0712
*Free number*
Motor Insurance 0800 183 9201
*Free number*
Car and Breakdown Insurance Policy Amendment 0345 650 1212
*Local rate*
Car Insurance Claims 0345 125 6850
*Local rate*
Complaints Resolution Team 0345 045 0059
*Local rate*
Home Insurance Quote 0800 561 0711
*Free number*
Home Insurance Policy Amendment 0345 234 0117
*Local rate*
Home Insurance Claims 0345 122 3281
*Local rate*
Travel Insurance Quote 0345 045 1320
*Local rate*
Travel Insurance Policy Amendment (Before November 25, 2015) 0800 183 1153
*Free number*
Travel Insurance Policy Amendment (On or After November 25, 2015) 0345 234 0008
*Local rate*
Travel Insurance Claims (Before November 25, 2015) 0144 444 2615
*Local rate*
Travel Insurance Claims (On or After November 25, 2015) 0345 415 0455
*Local rate*
Life Plan Quote 0800 183 0743
*Free Number*
Life Plan Policy Amendment, Claims 0345 600 6830
*Local rate*
Funeral Plan Quote, Policy Amendment, Claims 0800 633 5124
*Free Number*
Caravan Insurance Quote, Policy Amendment 0800 781 9770
*Free Number*
Caravan Insurance Claims 0345 330 3004
*Local rate*
Breakdown Insurance Quote 0800 052 0686
*Free Number*
Breakdown Insurance Claims 0144 444 2772
*Local rate*
Excess Protection Enquiries 0345 650 0345
*Local rate*
Excess Protection Claims (Policy Before February 21, 2016) 0344 571 2716
*Local rate*
Excess Protection Claims (Policy on or After February 21, 2016) 0345 415 0483
*Local rate*

RIAS Car Insurance Quote Free Number 0800 561 0712

The RIAS Car Insurance Quote Free number is 0800 561 0712. Alternatively, you can get a quote online on their website. Their car insurance benefits include free courtesy car while your car is being repaired by an approved technician, UK-based dedicated advisors, and policy management online. You can also check all you need to know about RIAS car insurance policy on their policy booklet.

To make amends to your car insurance or breakdown insurance policy, dial 0345 650 1212 or send them an email at [email protected]. In order to make a car insurance claim, the RIAS contact number helpline is 0345 125 6850. For windscreens, call 0345 125 6862.

In case you are not satisfied with the service that you have received from RIAS, get in touch with their complaints resolution team by calling them on 0345 045 0059. You can also send them an email at [email protected] or a letter to the following address:

Customer Relations Manager
Deansleigh House
Deansleigh Road

RIAS Home Insurance Quote Customer Free Number 0800 561 0711

The RIAS home insurance quote customer free number is 0800 561 0711 or contact RIAS online on their website. If you wish to make amends to your policy, dial 0345 234 0117 or email their customer service team. To make a home insurance claim, the phone number to call is 0345 122 3281. For full details of the company’s cover, read their policy documentation.

RIAS Travel Insurance Quote Contact Number 0345 045 1320

Contact RIAS travel insurance quote contact number 0345 045 1320 or go to their website to get a travel insurance quote. With their travel insurance, you will have a wide selection of pre-existing medical conditions, free cover for your children or grandchildren, and access to a 24-hour UK-based helpline. You can select from two different levels of cover, which are the annual multi trip and single trip. When you choose the annual multi trip, you will be covered for any number of trips of up to 31 days each. If you pick the single trip cover, you will only pay for the time that you are away. You will be covered for a single trip outside the country lasting up to 150 days.

RIAS travel insurance includes a few optional extras to help you save time and money. These comprise Additional Golf and Winter Sports. For the Additional Golf, the company will pay for accidental loss, theft or damage of your equipment. It also applies to rental equipment and non-refundable prepaid equipment rental, tuition and green fees that are not used due to circumstances out of your control. For the Winter Sports, you will be covered against any financial losses suffered as a result of damaged or lost skis, delayed baggage, unused lessons and ski passes. These extras do not include preexisting medical conditions unless all medical conditions are declared to the company and accepted in writing by them.

If you purchased your insurance before November 25, 2015, and you would like to make amends to your policy, call 0800 183 1153 free number. If you bought your policy after November 25, 2015, and you would like to amend it, the RIAS customer service telephone number to dial is 0345 234 0008.

In order to make a claim on a policy that you have purchased before November 25, 2015, call 0144 444 2615. If your policy started on or after November 25, 2015, make a claim by calling customer service on 0345 415 0455.

RIAS Life Plan Quote Free Number 0800 183 0743

Contact RIAS life plan quote free number 0800 183 0743 to get a life plan quote. With this type of insurance, you can enjoy access to the Best Doctors medical advice service whenever you and your immediate family need it.

For life insurance policy amendments and new claims, dial 0345 600 6830. If you are looking to get a funeral plan quote from RIAS, call 0800 633 5124 free number or submit an application online. This is also the phone number to contact if you need to make a claim or amend your policy.

RIAS Caravan Insurance Quote Contact Number Helpline 0800 781 9770 Free Number

The RIAS caravan insurance quote free number is 0800 781 9770 . You can also make amends to your policy through this phone number. If you need to make a claim, the contact number to call is 0345 330 3004.

RIAS caravan insurance allows you to choose from three different types of policies, which are the Touring Caravan insurance, Static Caravan insurance, and Park Home insurance. For further information, refer to their caravan insurance page.

RIAS Breakdown Insurance Quote Contact Phone Number 0800 052 0686 Free Number

Dial RIAS contact number helpline 0800 052 0686 free number to get a breakdown insurance quote. To make a claim, call 0144 444 2772. RIAS breakdown cover provides you with high-quality service protecting you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It includes an average response time of 40 minutes, cover for driving around Europe with their Total Protection option, recovery of vehicle, drivers and passengers to the local garage in the event of breakdown or accident, and roadside repair of minor technical and electrical problems. Your breakdown cover also offers you personal cover available as an optional extra, which will cover you or your spouse on any other vehicle that is not owned by you or your spouse. With their Comprehensive Gold or Total Protection option, you will get access to doorstep service for problems that occur within a mile of your home.

RIAS Excess Protection Enquiries Contact Number Helpline 0345 650 0345

The RIAS excess protection enquiries contact number is 0345 650 0345 if you would like to add Excess Protection to your policy. To make a claim, call 0344 571 2716 if your policy started before February 21, 2016. If your policy started on or after the aforementioned date, the phone number to dial is 0345 415 0483.

How to Find RIAS Contact Phone Numbers

RIAS customer service telephone numbers can be found on their website at http://www.rias.co.uk/a/homepage/. When you click on the Contact Us link, you will be directed to the page where you have to choose a category to get the RIAS contact number helpline that you are looking for. For instance, if you are enquiring about car insurance, select the car insurance option and it will provide you with their dedicated phone number along with the other ways you can contact them.


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