Transavia Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Transavia Airlines
  • Contact Number: +352 27002728
  • HQ Address: TRANSAVIA AIRLINES C.V.. Piet Guilonardweg. 15 1117 EE Schiphol Airport. The Netherlands
  • Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Website:
Transavia Department Contact Number
Customer Service +352 27002728
Ticket Allotment Enquiries +31 (0)20 604 6122
Tickets Sales Enquiries +31 (0)20 604 6495
Group Travel Enquiries +31 (0)20 604 6370
Flight Charter Quotes +31 (0)20 604 6263
Dynamic Packaging +31 (0)20 604 6495
International Customer Service Numbers
Netherlands +31 (0)900 0737
WhatsApp +31 6836 73722
France +33 (0)892 05 88 88
Belgium +32 (0)70 66 0305
Spain +34 902 044 350
Portugal +351 707 780009
Italy +39 899009901
Germany +49 (0)1806 000747

Transavia Customer Service +352 27002728

Transavia customer service contact number is +352 27002728. This Transavia airlines customer care number is available Monday to Sunday between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm including holidays.

Transavia or Transavia Airlines C.V. formerly operating as is Dutch low-cost airline. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of KLM and part of the Air France-KLM group. It operates from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Transavia has offices at Munich Airport, The Hague Airport, and Eindhoven Airport. Visit to learn more about services offered to passengers, partners, and affiliates. This page has online flight finder tool.

Customers can use Transavia customer service email form available online to send a message to Transavia customer care agent requesting assistance. Further, visit Transavia airlines contact us page to learn about other ways of contacting Transavia customer service like social media pages. Remember, Transavia customer reviews are available for you on these pages. Visit Transavia online check in page for online check in. You can buy Transavia ticket on phone. Customer login menu is available on My Transavia page.

Contact with Transavia customer care is available via online help, social media accounts, online Transavia customer service email address form, phone, or by visiting Transavia frequently asked questions page for answers to the most common queries or concerns. Request Transavia help when you need assistance for flight, hotel, and rental car booking via Transavia website. Alternately, contact on the above Transavia telephone reservation number for assistance.

Transavia headquarters address is

Postal address for TRANSAVIA AIRLINES C.V.

Postbus 7777
1118 ZM Schiphol Airport
The Netherlands

Address for visitors to TRANSAVIA AIRLINES C.V.

Piet Guilonardweg 15
1117 EE Schiphol Airport
The Netherlands

Postal address for TRANSAVIA FRANCE S.A.S.

Zone Orlytech
3 allée Hélène Boucher
91781 Wissous Cedex

Address for visitors to TRANSAVIA FRANCE S.A.S.

Zone Orlytech
3 allée Hélène Boucher
91550 Paray-Vieille-Poste

Send your letter to the above Transavia France address or Transavia customer service Netherlands address for assistance related to Transavia airlines UK. Remember, direct Transavia UK contact number is not available and you need to dial the above Transavia customer service number in case you need help.

Travel agents and other individuals can work as Transavia affiliate. Forward your enquiry for affiliate programme online to [email protected] to learn more about the application procedure, documents, and other requirements.

Transavia Ticket Allotment Enquiries +31 (0)20 604 6122

Transavia contact number for ticket allotment enquiries is +31 (0)20 604 6122. This Transavia contact number for partners is available Monday to Sunday between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Transavia partners have the facility to select guaranteed allotment of tickets on various routes. Contact Transavia helpdesk at The Netherlands to discuss the requirements to start allotment contract with Transavia Airlines C.V.

Alternately, you can send your enquiries about allotment contract to Transavia customer service online via email to [email protected]. Remember, direct Transavia UK number is not available for allotment contract enquiries for Transavia UK partners. Remember, partners need to submit a bank guarantee for allotment contract approval according to the information on the above page.

Similarly, Transavia service contact is available when you visit Transavia contact us page to use the online message form. This form is suitable for forwarding queries about allotment, selling tickets, dynamic packaging, group reservations, joint promotions, and flight charter. Therefore, select the correct topic of the query from the drop down menu for a faster response from Transavia airlines customer care. Feel free to use the above Transavia contact information in case you need assistance or want to discuss your requirements with Transavia airlines customer service.

Transavia Tickets Sales Enquiries +31 (0)20 604 6495

Transavia contact number for tickets sales enquiries is +31 (0)20 604 6495. This Transavia airlines contact number is available Monday to Sunday between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm for partners. Transavia partners can sell flight tickets via

  • Agent portal
  • API connection
  • Global distribution system

Global distribution system comprises buying tickets using Amadeus, Travelport, or Sabre cards. Dial contact number to learn more. Remember, you need to register with Transavia to access these platforms. Visit Transavia partner portal to learn more about the services and facilities available for partners, associates, and affiliates. Further, the above page has a link to login and apply online. Existing Transavia partners need to visit the above Transavia Partner Portal for login. Enter your username and password to continue.

Alternately, visit Transavia transpartner login page to access the online account management menu. You need to enter your username and password to proceed. Remember, send your concerns or requests for assistance online via email to [email protected] in case you face a problem while login or using transpartner portal.

Transavia Group Travel Enquiries +31 (0)20 604 6370

Transavia contact number for group travel enquiries is +31 (0)20 604 6370. This Transavia airlines telephone number for group travel enquiries and quotes is available Monday to Sunday between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Alternately, send your enquiry for quote via email to [email protected] for a group of twenty-five or more persons. Group travel reservations are available with certain advantages. Visit Transavia group travel page to learn more.

Visit Transavia request a quote for group travel page to use online form. Enter requested information and submit the form to receive a quote from Transavia.

Remember to select option 4 in case you contact on the above air Transavia contact number for customer services. Transavia help desk offers quote once you select the destination and dates of travel. However, you can request multiple quotes from Transavia customer relations in case your destination or dates are yet to confirm. Remember, each quote you receive from Transavia has validity of seven days.

UK Business travellers can request a quote online by visiting Transavia business travel page. This page has an online form. Enter from and to destinations, dates of travel, number of passengers to receive an online quote. Further, you can add multiple destinations or view prices in Flying Blue Miles by selecting the option for the same.

Transavia Flight Charter Quotes +31 (0)20 604 6263

Transavia contact number for flight charter quotes is +31 (0)20 604 6263. This Transavia customer service phone number is available Monday to Sunday between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Send your enquiry for flight charter online via email to [email protected].

Flight charter is suitable for trade shows, weddings, conferences, or sports events when you need to book a plane for a company or family as well. Transavia provides tailored the quote to meet your requirements. Contact on the above Transavia phone number to enquire about:

  • Particulars of the planes available
  • Destinations
  • Discuss itinerary
  • Transavia phone check in for a group
  • Transavia contact WhatsApp for emergency assistance

Transavia Dynamic Packaging +31 (0)20 604 6495

Transavia contact number for dynamic packaging support is +31 (0)20 604 6495, available Monday to Sunday between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Dynamic packaging is Transavia facility offered to travel organisations or travel agents to tailor a package for their customers.

Integration of flights from entire Transavia network is available under this option. Visit Transavia dynamic packaging page for partners to learn more. Agents and other travel organisations can add flights to the tailored travel package via Transavia API connection. Contact Transavia email address or phone number for more assistance about how to use this feature.

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