Secret Escapes Phone Numbers

Secret Escapes Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0843 227 7777
*7p per minute+access charge*

Secret Escapes Customer Service 0843 227 7777


The Secret Escapes customer service number is 0843 227 7777.

Secret Escapes is a travel agent website and its customers need to get in touch with the customer service for various reasons like

  • Assistance for login or registration on the website
  • Finding the deals
  • Reservations
  • Cancellations
  • Refunds
  • Complaints
  • Careers


Visit Secret Escapes website. Scroll down to the bottom. Locate the contact link for information on how to get in touch with customer service. This page offers following ways to contact Secret Escapes

  • Phone number
  • Online email form
  • Customer service email address


Click on Leave us a message link. It opens a box with help options. Click on green coloured leave us a message button. Then provide your contact information and attach a file if any. Click on the send button to send your message.

Similarly, you can locate international websites from the home page of Secret Escapes. This menu is available at the bottom right. Click on the country name/flag to open a drop down menu for access to other countries.

Secret Escapes Headquarters

4th Floor,
120 Holborn,
London EC1N 2TD

Or send your email to secretescapes customer service and support: [email protected].

Visiting Secret Escapes frequently asked questions page is resourceful for finding answers to commonly asked questions. Visit FAQ page on the web for answers or get in touch with the customer service for assistance.

How To Join Secret Escapes Website?

Secret Escapes offers two methods for new customers to join the website.


  • Registration Using Email Address – New customers can join Secret Escapes by entering the email address. Then click on the orange coloured join now button. Follow the prompts to continue.
  • Registration Using Facebook Login Information – New customers can avoid registration using the email address. They need to sign up using their Facebook login information. Secret Escapes uses a plugin to authenticate this information and grants access to the web property.

How To Login To Secret Escapes Website?

Customers need to login to the website to avail facilities and features offered. Secret Escapes offers two methods of login.

  • Login With Email Address – Enter your email address and password in the requested field and click on the orange coloured sign in button to enter the website.
  • Login With Facebook Information – Click on sign in with Facebook button, enter your Facebook login information on the next page. You login on the Facebook website and a plugin authenticates you to enter the Secret Escapes website.


Similarly, you can access the login page from the top right corner of the website. Click on the sign in link to open a drop down menu. You can reset a forgotten password using the link for the same.

How To Find A Travel Destination On Secret Escapes?

Secret Escapes offers discounted holidays and trips. Therefore, finding the right travel destination at the right price is necessary. Visit the website, locate the current sales link. You will find this link on the top left of the homepage.

A click on this link will take you to options with current sales listings, time available to book a deal, and more information about it. Additionally, you can use the tools available on the page to spot a deal of your choice. Use the find your escape search tool or use filters like family or solo offers, location, date or duration of the reservation, and other amnesties or facilities. You can locate these deals on a map on this page.

What Methods Are Available To Make Payment At Secret Escapes?

Secret Escapes accepts various payment methods. You can pay using Master, Visa, and American Express debit or credit cards. Additionally, it accepts PayPal payments.


How To Use Secret Escapes Mobile Site?

Visit the mobile website from your phone or tablet. This link takes you to the United Kingdom page. Click on the left menu navigation icon to explore available options. You can

Secret Escapes Add Hotel Option

Secret Escapes offers to collaborate with hotel owners. Therefore, hotel owners need to visit add your hotel page. This page has useful information for readers. Additionally, click on the orange coloured add your hotel button. New page requests personal and hotel information from you. Fill in details and click send details button.


Contact Secret Escapes via Social Media

Specsavers Phone Numbers

Specsavers Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0800 198 1132
*Free number*
Lensmail Support 0345 603 6026
*Local rate*
Eye Health 0800 198 1134
*Free number*
Recruitment Services 0156 677 1888
*Local rate*

Corporate Eyecare

0115 933 0800
*Local rate*
Specsavers Offices Across the United Kingdom
Guernsey 0345 202 0241, 0207 100 0241
*Local rate numbers*
Guernsey Fax 0148 123 5555
*Local rate*
Whiteley 0345 202 0241
*Local rate*
Whiteley Fax 0148 988 0615
*Local rate*
Kidderminster 0156 273 3920
*Local rate*
Kidderminster Fax 0156 282 7481
*Local rate*
Nottingham 0115 933 0500
*Local rate*
Nottingham Fax 0115 982 6071
*Local rate*
Skelmersdale 0169 555 4200
*Local rate*
Skelmersdale Fax 0169 555 4210
*Local rate*
Cornwall 0156 677 1888
*Local rate*
Cornwall Fax 0156 677 1897
*Local rate*

Specsavers Customer Service Free Number 0800 198 1132

The Specsavers customer service free number is 0800 198 1132 (option #5 is customer service). Various ways of contacting Specsavers are available. You can write a postal mail to the customer service department at

Customer Care Manager
Specsavers Optical Group

Remember, you do not need to affix postage stamp on your envelope when sending a mail to this address. However, visit the contact us link to fill the online form to send your query. Specsavers replies within 48 hours to email queries.


How To Contact Specsavers Customer Service?

Specsavers Optical Group Ltd is a British retail chain selling optical products through optician services. It operates through over seven hundred stores across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Visit Specsavers homepage. Then scroll down to the bottom to locate customer service link to the right. This link is located below about our menu.

The next page offers various methods of contacting Specsavers customer service. Available options are

  • Locate a store near you
  • Write to customer service using an online form
  • Address to contact customer care manager via ordinary mail

Specsavers Lensmail Support 0345 603 6026


Specsavers Lensmail support number is 0345 603 6026. Visit the Lensmail support page for more information about available delivery options for you. Specsavers offers unconditional delivery of contact lenses. However, you need to contact on the support number for reasons like

  • Change in delivery address
  • Addition of Lensmail facility to your existing order
  • Order tracking
  • Other delivery related queries

However, this number is open for customers on Monday to Friday between 8 am to 8 pm, Saturday between 9 am to 5 pm, and on Sunday between 10 am to 4 pm. Additionally, you can use the contact us button to send your query using the online form.

Specsavers Eye Health 0800 198 1134


Specsavers eye health support number is 0800 198 1134. Eye care is a combined initiative between Specsavers and RNIB or the Royal National Institute of Blind People. Customers can avail eye check up at home. Contact the above number to book an appointment. Additionally, you can contact the nearest store to make a reservation. Visit the eye health page on Specsavers website for more information on how to avail this facility. Facilities available for customers are

  • How to book an eye test
  • Information about eye health clinics
  • Information about your eyesight
  • Explanation about a store visit
  • Explanation about glasses prescription
  • Consult an expert using online contact form

Specsavers Recruitment Services 0156 677 1888

Specsavers recruitment services number is 0156 677 1888. Visit the Specsavers jobs website for information about available opportunities and for how to apply to a job. It offers jobs in stores, dispensing, optometry, audiology, and other support functions. Additionally, you can visit Specsavers Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages for current opportunities. These social media accounts are only for recruitment related matters.


Locate the contact us link at the bottom left under site services menu. Click on the link for additional contact information to forward your resume and supporting documents. You need to

  • Send an email at [email protected] for applying to healthcare, optical, retail store vacancies, and domiciliary opportunities.
  • Send an email at [email protected] for discussing store support/office role in detail.

Specsavers Corporate Eyecare 0115 933 0800


Contact on 0115 933 0800 to get in touch with Specsavers corporate eyecare support team. Visit eye care at work link for information about corporate facilities and services. This link is available at the bottom left under about Specsavers menu. Customers with corporate enquiries can contact the above phone number or send an email at [email protected].


Login menu for corporate customers is available at the eVoucher login page. Customers need to enter username and password to proceed. Additionally, this page has links to new registrations, change the password, and retrieve forgotten password. Select any other language by clicking on the language button below login menu in case you want to change the default language.

Specsavers Guernsey 0345 202 0241, 0207 100 0241

Specsavers Guernsey office contact numbers are 0345 202 0241 and 0207 100 0241. Guernsey office handles product development, public relations, marketing, retail, international and healthcare, commercial, information technology, legal, finance, insurance, HR, and communications under one roof. Use any of the above numbers to contact the correct department. Additionally, you can write to Specsavers Guernsey office at

Specsavers Optical Group
La Villiaze,
St. Andrews,
Guernsey GY6 8YP

However, direct your postal communication to the concerned department while sending your enquiry.


Specsavers Guernsey Fax 0148 123 5555

Specsavers Guernsey office fax number is 0148 123 5555. Customers can forward their queries to Guernsey office using this fax number on weekdays. Additionally, you can send your query using the online form on the contact us page.

Specsavers Whiteley 0345 202 0241

Specsavers Whiteley office contact number is 0345 202 0241. Whiteley office looks after retail systems, retail training, procurement, HR, property services, and Specsavers health call. Contact Whiteley office on the above number to get in touch with these departments. However, mention the name of the department on your ordinary mail in case you send it to following address of the Whiteley office.

Specsavers Optical Superstores
Forum 6, Solent Business Park,
Hampshire PO15 7PA


Specsavers Whiteley Fax 0148 988 0615

Specsavers Whiteley office fax number is 0148 988 0615. Typically, Specsavers Whiteley office replies within 48 hours to queries received by fax.

Specsavers Kidderminster 0156 273 3920

Specsavers Kidderminster office contact number is 0156 273 3920. You can get in touch with Kidderminster office for queries about ophthalmic lens development and commercial as well as laboratory training. Moreover, you can send your request for assistance by ordinary mail at

Foley House,
Unit 4,
Foley Grove,
Foley Business Park,
Kidderminster DY11 7PT


Specsavers Kidderminster Fax 0156 282 7481

Specsavers Kidderminster office fax number is 0156 282 7481. Contact Specsavers for matters related to ophthalmic lens development, commercial, and laboratory training on this fax number.

Specsavers Nottingham 0115 933 0500

The contact number for Specsavers Nottingham office is 0115 933 0500. This Specsavers office looks after the development of the contact lens, contact lens direct mail, corporate eye care, contact lens operations, and finance related matters. Address to write to or reach in person at the Nottingham office is

Specsavers Optical Superstores
Cirrus House,
10 Experian Way,
Nottingham NG2 1EP


Specsavers Nottingham Fax 0115 982 6071

Specsavers Nottingham office fax number is 0115 982 6071. Send your fax for enquiries about contact lens development, contact lens operations, corporate eyecare contact lens direct mail, or finance on this fax number.

Specsavers Skelmersdale 0169 555 4200

Specsavers Skelmersdale office contact number is 0169 555 4200. Contact on this number on weekdays for queries about professional services and retail as well as regional development related matters. This Specsavers office looks after these departments. You can visit this office in person or send ordinary mail at

Specsavers Optical Superstores
West Lancashire Investment Centre,
Maple View,
White Moss Business Park,
Skelmersdale WN8 9TG

However, ensure to contact on phone number for time sensitive matters as postal mails may cause a significant delay in receiving a reply or resolution.


Specsavers Skelmersdale Fax 0169 555 4210

Specsavers Skelmersdale office fax number is 0169 555 4210. Send your enquiries for professional services, retail and regional development on this number. Expect a reply from Specsavers within 72 hours.

Specsavers Cornwall 0156 677 1888

Specsavers Cornwall office contact number is 0156 677 1888. This Cornwall office looks after recruitment services. Therefore, forward your job-related queries or application and resume along with supporting documents to this Specsavers office. Additionally, you can send a postal mail or visit in person at

Specsavers Recruitment Services
First Unit,
Newport Industrial Estate,
Cornwall PL15 8EX


Specsavers Cornwall Fax 0156 677 1897

Specsavers Cornwall office fax number is 0156 677 1897. Use this number to send only recruitments related fax.

What Are The Ways To Search The Nearest Specsavers Store?


Option 1: Enter a postcode, name of a city, or town in the first box and click on go button to find all nearest stores. Your click opens a new page with a list of stores in that area.

Option 2: Click on use my current location to allow the website to track your computer’s location and suggest the nearest stores accordingly. However, you need to permit the website to track your location to proceed.

Option 3: Click on the full list of stores link to visit a new page. This page has a detailed list of all Specsavers opticians and hearing centres. Select a store near your location to explore

  • Store address
  • Map with directions
  • Phone number
  • Opening times
  • Menu to book appointments

Contact Specsavers via Social Media

Specsavers understands the significance of keeping in touch with customers on social media websites and therefore it is present on

Specsavers offers product updates, offers, promotions, and a platform to get in touch with the right authority.