Lycamobile Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Lycamobile
  • Contact Number: 0207 132 0322
  • HQ Address: 3rd Floor, Walbrook Building, 195 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SG
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 6pm
  • Website:

Direct Lycamobile customer service contact number is: 0207 132 0322

Direct Lycamobile contact numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Service, Orders, Switch, Complaints, Lost Phone Contact from Mobile 0207 132 0322
*0.09p/per call Carthage*
Monday-Friday, 8am to 8pm Saturday and Sunday, 9am-6pm
Customer Service from Lycamobile 322
*0.09p/per call Carthage*
Contact from Abroad +44 207 132 0322 Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 6pm
Order Lyacamobile – Sales 0207 132 0322 24/7
Text Relay 18001 Monday to Sunday, 12am to 11:59pm
Textphone Emergency 18000 Monday to Sunday, 12am to 11:59pm
Top Up Abroad, Check Balance +44740 400 0321 Monday to Sunday, 12am to 11:59pm
Top Up from Mobile 321 Monday to Sunday, 12am to 11:59pm
Voicemail Abroad +44740 400 0121 Monday to Sunday, 12am to 11:59pm
Voice from Mobile 121 Monday to Sunday, 12am to 11:59pm
Phone Returns 0330 132 2222 Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 6pm
Keep Number for a Year *139*9999# Monday to Sunday, 12am to 11:59pm
Deactivate Voicemail *185# Open 24 hours
Check Number *132# Open 24 hours
Check Balance from Mobile *131# Open 24 hours
Check Active Bundle *137# Open 24 hours
Cancel Auto Renewal *190# Open 24 hours

[email protected] – claim for lost phone / change billing address

Lycamobile Customer Service Number 0207 132 0322

Customers who general questions or concerns about their service may call Lycamobile customer service number 0207 132 0322. Lycamobile offers data, text and call services to their customers to their various plans that include pay as you go, pay monthly and bundled plans. This is also the same Lycamobile help number to dial for those who would like to join and use their service. They could help you choose the best plan, as well as explain to you their offerings. You may also order a phone that comes with free Lycamobile SIM from this Lycamobile contact phone number. Another Lycamobile customer service telephone number to call for ordering over the phone is 1845 301 1612.

If calling from Lycamobile, you may also dial Lycamobile customer service number 612 or Lycamobile phone number 322. Those who are calling from outside the United Kingdom may connect with Lycamobile customer service at this number +44 207 132 0322.

You may also browse on their phone deals online and make your purchase at To learn more about their Bundles go to this page or click here if you wish to check on their latest special offers. If you want to know about their specific rates, go to this link. Their FAQ page also have helpful information about common concerns asked or experienced by customers and their answers.

In case you wish to join Lycamobile and you already have a phone that’s compatible with a Lycamobile SIM, you may order a free SIM from them at Choose if you want a Free SIM that you could top-up to use or a Free SIM with credit that’s already topped up with credits that you could instantly use. Provide the needed information on the next page to complete the order. Once you receive your SIM, insert it on your device, top-up if you don’t have credits yet and you’re good to go. If you don’t know your Lycamobile number, you can check it by dialing Lycamobile my number code *132#.

Those who are switching to Lycamobile from another provider may also call this Lycamobile helpline number. Switching can also be done online at Click on the Switch Now button or go to this page and fill up the form so you could bring your number with you. You need to call your old provider to get your PAC code as this is needed on the form. It usually takes two working days for your number to be moved to your Lycamobile SIM. If you encounter any issues or you have further questions, call this Lycamobile service hotline.

If you prefer to contact them by email, you may send them a message at lycamobile customer service email address [email protected] for your sales inquiries and concerns. Mobile partnership concerns could be forwarded to Lycamobile contact email [email protected], while Carrier and Voice Interconnects queries can be sent to the email address [email protected]. Those who are looking for telecoms partners may connect with them at [email protected]. Individuals who would like to become part of Lycamobile in the customer service department may send their questions to [email protected], while those who would like to become part of the group headquarters may email them at [email protected]

Lycamobile Phone Number for Text Relay 18001

Call Lycamobile phone number 18001 followed by the number of the person you’re calling to connect to Text Relay service. A Text Relay assistant would connect you and the recipient. If the receiver has a regular phone, they would receive an automated message letting them know about it. Those who have textphones would get information about the process. This is for those who cannot speak or prefer not to talk. To end a Text Relay call, enter BIBI SK SK or you may also type it in small characters. This means “bye bye stop keying”. Emergency services on the other hand like ambulance, fire department and police, must be directed to textphone emergency number 18000.

Lycamobile Customer Service Number to Top Up and Check Balance +44740 400 0321

Dial Lycamobile customer service number +44740 400 0321 to top up your Lycamobile account using a voucher if calling from another phone or from outside the UK. If using your Lycamobile phone, dial Lycamobile number 321 instead. You may also do a quick top up online using your credit or debit card at this page. Enter your phone number, email address, order details and payment.

Auto top-up or auto recharge can also be setup on your account with your debit or credit card. With this, you’ll decide on the minimum balance you want on your account. Once it reaches that balance, your account would be automatically credited or topped-up with the top-up amount that you set. Log in to your Lycamobile Online Account at this account and enter your mobile number or username and password.

If you don’t have an online account yet, register for one by clicking on the “register” button on the same page or going here. Enter the information needed to complete the registration. Aside from topping up and setting up auto-recharge, you may also check your balance and history here. If you wish to check your balance from your mobile device, dial Lycamobile contact number UK *131#. To check your active bundle, dial Lycamobile number *137# or Lycamobile contact *190# if you wish to cancel your auto top-up or auto recharge.

Lycamobile Number for Voicemail +44740 400 0121

Dial Lycamobile number +44740 400 0121 to access your voicemail from abroad. If using your mobile device, call Lycamobile voicemail number 121. Voicemail is automatically activated in your service and accessing your messages is free of charge. However, if you wish to disable this feature, this can be done by dialing Lycamobile phone number *185#.

Lycamobile Contact Number for Complaints and Lost Phone Number 0207 132 0322

Call Lycamobile contact number 0207 132 0322 for your complaints with the service. If calling from your Lycamobile device dial Lycamobile phone number 322 or Lycamobile helpline number +44 207 132 0322 if calling from abroad. You may also send them a message at Lycamobile email address [email protected]. If you prefer to send your complaints by letter, send it to the address below:

Complaints Department

Lycamobile UK Limited 3rd Floor, Walbrook Building 195 Marsh Wall E14 9SG London

If customer support wasn’t able to resolve your complaints, forward it to the team leader and if the problem persists, request to have it forwarded to the customer service manager. In case you’re still not happy with the resolution given by Lycamobile, complaints can be escalated to the office of the Ombudsman by calling their telephone number 0330 440 1614 or textphone number 0330 440 1600. You may also send them a letter to the following address:

Ombudsman Services – Communications PO BOX 790 Warrington WA4 6WU

Lycamobile Help Number for Phone Returns 0330 132 2222

Call Lycamobile help number 0330 132 2222 if you wish to return your handset. Returns can only be accepted if the seal of the box has not been broken yet and that it’s still within 14 days from the time of delivery. If the seal has been broken but the phone is faulty or not working and it’s still within the 14-day period, returns can still be accepted. However, if the phone is faulty but it’s already outside the 14-day time, you may send it directly to the phone manufacturer.

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    1. There are 2 way with this my friend. 1. if you have Lycamobile account, login to your account with usr and pass and find your number 2. if you DONT have an online account, contact them through the number on the top of this page (0207 132 0322) I Hope it helps you. Daniel

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