Absolute Radio Phone Numbers

Absolute Radio Department Contact Number
Studio / Customer Service 0330 123 1215
*Local rate*
Reception 0207 434 1215
*Local rate*
Complaints (Ofcom) 0845 456 3000
*Up to 7p and phone company access charge*

Absolute Radio Studio / Customer Service 0330 123 1215

Absolute Radio studio and customer service contact number is 0330 123 1215. Visit Absolute Radio website to learn about one of the UK’s national radio station. Get in touch with Absolute Radio online using the message form available on the contact us page. Music lovers from the United Kingdom can enjoy channels like Absolute Radio 105.8FM London and Absolute Radio 105.2 West Midlands. Tune into the Absolute Radio number channel on the above frequency from London or the West Midlands respectively. You need DAB digital radio in case you want to listen to Absolute Radio in your car.

Contact Absolute Radio customer service number when you need assistance for

  • General enquiries
  • Assistance in case you cannot listen online radio
  • Support from the radio transmitter engineers
  • Queries or requests for assistance pertaining to the website issues
  • Competition prize queries
  • Advertising or sales enquiries
  • Feedbacks and reviews
  • Absolute Radio playlist
  • Queries about Absolute Radio no repeat competition
  • Information about Absolute Radio win £10000 competition
  • Queries to learn about Absolute Radio competition winners
  • Absolute Radio concert tickets

Absolute Radio offers a text only number to stay connected. Text number to contact Absolute Radio is 81215. You need to send keywords to this number. For an example, send a message like 81215 Win or use this facility as Absolute Radio request show text number.

Write to or visit in person at Absolute Radio London office for assistance. Absolute Radio studio location is at

Absolute Radio / Bauer Radio Limited
Absolute Radio Studio
One Golden Square

However, remember that the registered office of Absolute Radio is at Peterborough. Absolute Radio is a Bauer Radio Limited Company. Address of the registered office is

Absolute Radio / Bauer Radio Limited
Media House,
Peterborough Business Park,
Peterborough, PE2 6EA

Dial the above Absolute Radio competition telephone number or send a text like Absolute Radio text win to learn about the results and available competitions at Absolute Radio London or West Midlands.

Absolute Radio Reception 0207 434 1215

Absolute Radio reception contact number is 0207 434 1215. This Absolute Radio studio number is suitable when you need to contact Absolute Radio for

  • Assistance to configure Absolute Radio FM number
  • Learn about Absolute Radio currently playing tracks or programs
  • Find out more about Absolute Radio schedule today
  • Queries about Absolute Radio listening facility
  • Learn about Absolute Radio competition code available to you
  • Know more about on-air presenters like Absolute Radio 90s, Absolute Radio 80s, 60s studio, 70s studio, 00s studio, Classic Rock studio, or Absolute radio

Make sure to visit FAQ page for answers to most commonly asked questions before you contact Absolute Radio reception on the above number.

Absolute Radio is available on mobile devices for on the go streaming experience. Visit mobile app page to learn about the facility. The page has app download links for smart phones and tablets operating on Android or iOS platform. Use the mobile app to

  • Enjoy CD quality streaming
  • Switch between 7 channels available on the app
  • Use drive mode or night mode for distraction-free driving
  • Use as an alarm
  • Contact Absolute Radio studio using the app on the go

Absolute Radio Complaints 0845 456 3000 *Up to 7p and phone company access charge*

Absolute Radio complaints contact number is 0845 456 3000 *Up to 7p and phone company access charge*. Since Absolute Radio is governed by a sister organisation OFCOM, all complaints will be redirected to this company. OFCOM regulates all that happens on the radio broadcasts and therefore is the main responsible party when you are dissatisfied with what you have heard on air. You can also contact Absolute Radio complaints through email, [email protected].

Additionally you can send formal complaints via post:

Ofcom Contact Centre
Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road

Contact Absolute Radio Through Email

Following email addresses and online forms are available to you from Absolute Radio in addition to the studio, reception, and the text numbers.

Report Copyright Infringement – Email to [email protected] once you participate in Absolute Radio competition to update your personal and contact information. Visit Absolute Radio competition terms and conditions page to learn more.

Material License Request – Send your requests for hot links or deep links to Absolute Radio website online at [email protected]. You can forward requests for licensing Absolute Radio material by contacting on the above email address.

Absolute Radio Logo Request – Send your requests for Absolute Radio logo online at [email protected]. You can use these logos for presentations, documents, or on your website with prior permission. Further, you need to write to marketing department at Absolute Radio for requests for logo variations or other file formats.

News Team – News team is available throughout the week. Send your requests for news and media information to Absolute Radio online at [email protected].

Tom Hourigan, Senior Broadcast Journalist (London) – Tom Hourigan is the Senior Broadcast Journalist for the London region. Contact Tom online at [email protected] for your requests for news or media information.

John Pickford, Editor in Chief, Bauer Radio News (Manchester) – John Pickford is the Editor in Chief for Bauer Radio News. He operates from the Manchester office. Get in touch with John at [email protected].

Login – Login for Absolute Radio listeners is available for online account management. Visit account page to proceed. This page has links to reset password or new registration.

Complaints – Use the following address of the Programme Director to report or complain about a program or its content.

Absolute Radio,
The Programme Director,
No.1 Golden Square,
London W1F 9DJ

Further, visit FAQs page to learn about the options to elevate your complaint to OFCOM in case you are unhappy about resolution offered at Absolute Radio.

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