OnePlus Phone Number

OnePlus UK Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0125 223 6307

OnePlus UK Customer Service 0125 223 6307

OnePlus service and support number

OnePlus UK customer service contact number is 0125 223 6307. This OnePlus phone number is available Monday to Sunday between 9:00 am to 3:00 am. Alternately, visit OnePlus contact us page for UK customers for more options to contact OnePlus help centre online.

  • OnePlus Live Help via Chat – Click on live chat menu on the above page to start a chat with OnePlus UK support agent. Chat is available Monday to Sunday between 9:00 am to 3:00 am.
  • OnePlus Contact Email Form – click on email option to create a support ticket and submit it to the support agent. Remember, you need successful OnePlus customer login to send message.
  • Complaints – Click on complaints menu to send a complaint or feedback to the support agent via OnePlus UK online message form. Enter your login information on the next page to send the message.
  • OnePlus Press Contact – Send your enquiries for press or media information and content via email to [email protected]. Alternately, visit OnePlus press and media page to use online form to request information from OnePlus UK pressroom.

Further, visit OnePlus UK website or https // Ireland website to learn about products and services offered. OnePlus UK forum is available to UK and Ireland customers in case they need to share their concern for support from other OnePlus UK customers.

OnePlus UK office address is

7 Storehouse Mews,
E14 8GS,
United Kingdom

OnePlus contact address of the registered office in Republic of China is

18F Tairan Building,
Block C,
Tairan 8th Road,
Futian District,
Guangdong 518040

Contact on OnePlus UK store number 0125 223 6307 for enquiries pertaining to product availability as well as OnePlus UK delivery time. Visit OnePlus UK store or OnePlus Ireland store online to learn about

  • OnePlus Phones like OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 5, OnePlus 3T, OnePlus 3
  • OnePlus phone accessories in categories like cases and protection, power and cables, audio, bundles, gear
  • OnePlus programmes like trade in or referral programme

Further, above OnePlus phone website has information about phone features like dual camera, Dash Charge, performance, design, OxygenOS, network, and specifications. Contact on OnePlus helpline UK in case you need assistance before, during, or after shopping.

OnePlus phone exchange offer number 0125 223 6307 is available to enquire about trade in option available for UK and Ireland customers. Alternately, visit OnePlus trade in programme page for online step-by-step instructions on how to participate in the programme for additional cash back before contacting support agent on the above OnePlus UK trade in number.

Student discount programme at OnePlus UK offers additional discounts to students. Contact OnePlus UK student discount number 0125 223 6307 to speak with OnePlus UK agent to learn about

  • Eligibility criteria
  • Application process
  • Documentation
  • Terms and conditions applicable for the programme

However, answers to commonly asked questions and the programme terms and conditions are available online on OnePlus UK student discount page. Click on the respective links to learn more before contacting OnePlus help desk. Alternately, ask your question in OnePlus phone forum for answers from other forum members.

Contact on OnePlus UK returns number 0125 223 6307 to receive instructions for return merchandise authorization process from the support agent. OnePlus UK customers can return a phone for exchange or refund within 15 calendar days of receipt according to the information on OnePlus UK after sales FAQ page. However, do not send a return without return merchandise authorization.

OnePlus UK repair number is 0125 223 6307 in case you need to learn about the nearest repair centre. Contact OnePlus helpline number for

  • Address and contact information of the nearest repair centre
  • Charges for out of warranty repairs
  • Availability of replacement parts or accessories
  • Repair policy for OnePlus accessories like cases and protection, power and cables, audio, bundles, or gear

Further, send your queries or questions via email to [email protected] in case you need to learn about OnePlus UK warranty policy for OnePlus phones featuring Mainland China edition. More information is available on OnePlus service page.

OnePlus UK and Ireland customers need to contact on OnePlus UK tech support number 0125 223 6307 in case they face a problem while using phone or accessories. OnePlus customer care helpline offers support for

  • General questions about factory reset, finding IMEI number, data backup before remote session, or other general queries
  • Technical questions about device rooting, overheating, problems in signal reception or internet connectivity, or random rebooting

OnePlus UK order & shipping number is 0125 223 6307. Dial the above OnePlus contact number for answers to queries like

  • Available shipping methods and charges
  • Order tracking and deliveries
  • Cancel order and request refund
  • Problems related to online ordering like errors while adding a phone to cart, order cancelled before making payment, or invalid shipping address
  • OnePlus UK warehouse address or contact information

Contact support agent on OnePlus UK payments enquiry number 0125 223 6307 for answers to queries about

  • Available methods of making payment for online order placed on OnePlus UK store
  • Failed online transaction
  • Credit card declined during checkout
  • Buffer period of making payment after placing an order online or alternative to make a payment after missing the window

OnePlus phones are available with or without a contract for personal or business use. Contact OnePlus UK contracts number 0125 223 6307 to learn about contract options like pay as you go or monthly plans. Further, information about restrictive carrier contracts or software constraints is available with the support agent when you contact above OnePlus customer support number between 9:00 am to 3:00 am Monday to Sunday.

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KLM Phone Numbers

KLM Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0207 660 0293
Group Reservations 0871 222 2200
Ticket Office Ireland +353 (0) 818 776 100

KLM Customer Service 0207 660 0293

KLM customer service contact number is 0207 660 0293. Remember, KLM contact hours are 24/7 for 365 days. Contact KLM via email form by visiting KLM contact us page. This form is suitable for writing to KLM customer relations for luggage, seat reservations, special meals, refunds, SkyMiles or KLM UK Flying Blue queries, or requests for special assistance. Make sure to provide a detailed description of your query in the form for other requests.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is a flag carrier airline of the Netherlands. It operates from Amstelveen, with hub at Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol. Visit KLM UK website to learn about services and online requests facilities offered.

KLM airlines contact details for headquarters by post are

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
P.O. Box 7700
1117 ZL Schiphol
The Netherlands

Remember, you can send your requests for press and media information on the above address by post. Make sure to mark your KLM contact press message to Corporate Communications / Media Relations (AMS/DR) division for a faster response. Alternately, you can write to KLM UK press office online via email at [email protected]. Visit KLM contact centre in person at

Amsterdamseweg 55
1182 GP Amstelveen
The Netherlands

KLM customer service mailing address at the United Kingdom is

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Heathrow Airport (Terminal 4),
Greater London,
United Kingdom

Remember, KLM customer service social media pages offer 24/7 support. Visit KLM on social media page to learn more. KLM customer service 24 hours available in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean languages on social media.

KLM UK flight information is available online on KLM flight search tool page. Enter required information to find flights from KLM UK destinations. Dial the above KLM UK booking telephone number in case you need KLM phone ticket. Alternately, KLM phone app is available for download for KLM phone boarding pass or KLM phone check in.

Tracking the status of KLM UK flights in real-time is available to you on KLM live arrival and departure times tool page. Enter from and to destinations or flight number in the tool to learn about the flight status.

Existing customers can use KLM services online after login to MyKLM or Flying Blue account. Visit KLM login page to proceed. This page also has a link to new registrations. Remember, you can always use your social media accounts to register and login. Contact KLM flying blue helpline or KLM customer service number 24/7 for assistance.

Contact KLM refund department UK online by visiting KLM UK refund form page. This page has options to learn more about KLM refund contact to request for refund of ticket costs, extra option costs, KLM UK compensation, KLM voucher, and tool to check refund request status online.

KLM Group Reservations 0871 222 2200

KLM contact number for group reservations is 0871 222 2200. This KLM UK group bookings number is available Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. KLM groups contact is available online via KLM helpdesk email form page. Remember, you can contact KLM social media customer service for live assistance or dial KLM UK reservations number for special requirements like airport assistance for passengers, extra or excess baggage requests, requirements about diets or special meals. Visit KLM group travel information page to learn more or contact KLM reservations UK phone number.

KLM online check in help is available for you. Visit KLM UK online check in page. Remember, KLM UK check in times is 30 hours to 1 hour prior to the departure. Contact KLM check in help in case of assistance. KLM UK check in online saves you from last minute hassles and extended wait periods at the airport.

KLM customer service lost baggage offers support in various ways. You can contact on KLM baggage lost phone number or use KLM UK lost baggage claim form. Visit KLM delayed lost or damaged baggage page to learn more about

  • Delayed Baggage – Options available to you for reporting and tracking delayed KLM UK extra baggage online, World Tracer baggage inventory and claim form, compensation for lost baggage
  • Damaged Baggage – KLM customer service email address form page is available to report damaged baggage. Alternately, you can contact Baggage Service Office at the airport to report missing content or damaged baggage.
  • Items Forgotten On Board – Citybags at Heathrow airport, London handles KLM UK complaints about items left on board on KLM flights. Contact them via email at [email protected]. Remember to provide accurate description of items left on board. KLM customer care UK in case you need help.

KLM customer care postal address to send a complaint to headquarters is

KLM – Europe Baggage Claim Centre
TSA 21235 75564

Remember, you can write to KLM Europe customer care centre for other claims on the same address. Contact on the above KLM customer service phone number for more support.

Special assistance by KLM CARES is available to passengers with additional requirements for boarding, disembarking, or transferring. However, you need to send your requests at least or more than 48 hours prior to your flight departure via email to [email protected]. Alternately, contact KLM 24 hours customer service number for discussing your requirements.

Visit KLM special assistance by KLM CARES page to learn more. The above page has links to downloading important medical information forms like medical information form A, medical information form B, or application form guide dog. Contact KLM twitter customer service or KLM UK Facebook for 24/7 support.

KLM Ticket Office Ireland +353 (0) 818 776 100

KLM ticket office contact number for Ireland customers is +353 (0) 818 776 100. KLM Ireland customer service contact number is open two hours prior to the flight departure and close 40 minutes before the departure time. Contact KLM Ireland phone number for assistance or KLM social media pages for 24/7 support.

Customers can look for flight timetable for KLM, Delta Air Lines, AIR FRANCE, and other partners using KLM flight timetable tool online. Enter requested information like from and to destinations and dates of travel to learn about flight timings. Get in touch with KLM airlines help desk for more help. Remember KLM contact via Facebook messenger is available 24/7.

Visit KLM for business page to learn about

  • Company programmes
  • BlueBiz
  • KLM corporate accounts
  • KLM contact reservations for flights, hotels, and cars
  • Support for event organisation
  • Business communities
  • Options for choice of seats on board, bringing additional baggage, upgrade to World Business Class

KLM offers affiliate programme for travel related blogs, websites, and comparison sites. Contact KLM agent help desk for affiliate enquiries via email at [email protected]. Further, apply for affiliate programme online by visiting KLM Royal Dutch Airlines affiliate signup page.

Contact KLM Via Social Media