Why I am Building this Customer Service and Contact Numbers DataBase?

(Bonus: Read and you will understand why there is a picture of a dog trying to jump out of a window at the bottom of this page : )

Some of my surfer’s asked me, why do i spend time on building and maintaining this customer service database.So, its time to answer!

The main reason is the fact that i’m designing and programing a new customer service app. This app will start locally, UK, and if it will grow, i will have to build another new database in whichever market my app will have demand on.

OK… but why do i pbulish this data for free?

I’m a big fan of information, that’s all i have to say about that!

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The thing in the UK and especially in london (where i live…) is that people feel it is hard to find contact numbers of the different companies like Sky, DVLA or BT. There are couple of reasons.

  • One of the reasons is the language barrier.
  • The other reason is the fact that for some companies its actually hard to find the main numbers on their website.
  • Another reason is just bad internet line.

So… i have decided to publish this research i’m doing!

  • The template is a basic WordPress template (the website i mean….) – it is good for a fast website (one of the reasons, as i mentioned, is the fact that a lot of people have slow wifi connections and some of the companies websites are slow as….well, you get the idea:)
  • Im actually trying to maintain the website simple and clean, as low as 1 or 2 important pictures for each company. For somebody like you (i hope!) it doesn’t matter, but there are people out there in the UK with hard core internet coverage issues. Simple website=faster website. As simple as that : )

I hope that i can maintain the prices of hosting and time consuming updating of this website, and as i see it: One of the best contact numbers database in the UK.

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  • Who suffers the most of this new project i took on myself? my dog! She keep trying to force me out for walks!
my dog on a window
My dog is doesn’t really like the idea i’m working on this contact numbers database.