Nokia UK Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Nokia UK
  • Contact Number: 0344 800 2400
  • HQ Address: 2 Eastbourne Terrace, Paddington, London, W2 6LG, United Kingdom
  • Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Website:
Nokia UK Department Contact Number
Customer Service, Support 0344 800 2400
*Local rate number*
Media Hotline 0845 602 5628
*Up to 9p/minute+access charge*

Nokia UK Customer Service 0344 800 2400

Nokia UK customer service contact number is 0344 800 2400, available Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Nokia head office is at Finland and visiting address is

Nokia Corporation
Karaportti 3,
02610 Espoo, Finland

Alternately, the postal address is

P.O. Box 226,
FI-00045 Nokia Group

Nokia UK contact address is

Microsoft UK Headquarters
Microsoft Campus,
Thames Valley Park,
RG6 1WG,
United Kingdom

HMD Global looks after manufacturing and worldwide distribution of Nokia phones after the acquisition in 2016 from Microsoft Mobile UK Limited. Their London contact address is

2 Eastbourne Terrace,
W2 6LG,
United Kingdom

Visit Nokia UK contact us page to get in touch with Nokia UK customer care online. This page has links to Nokia UK contact email form and Nokia UK contact via online chat. Click on chat with us link to open a drop down menu. Enter your name, email address, and select your country from the drop down menu to start a conversation with Nokia UK customer service representative.

Similarly, click on send us an email link to expand a drop down menu. Enter requested personal information like name, email address, and select your country. Further, select your Nokia phone model and the topic of your query or concern from the respective drop down menus. This Nokia customer service email UK form is suitable to forward queries or concerns about apps, online orders, charging or battery, display, camera, support centres, sound, hardware, calls and internet, new products, phone settings, and slow or crashing apps.

Dial above Nokia helpline phone number UK in case you need assistance with service or repair. Remember, you can always take your phone back to the operator or store you bought from for the service or repair support. Alternately, use online search locations to find the nearest walk-in service and repairs centre. Visit Nokia care centre locator page. Enter your postcode, address, or use automatic location detection option to find the nearest care centre on the map.

Similarly, you can find the status of the warranty on Nokia phones or accessory online. Visit the above contact us page. Scroll down to locate the online tool to find your warranty. Enter IMEI code to check the warranty on Nokia phone. Further, another way to find about a warranty on your phone or accessory is by selecting the product, country, and the language from the drop down menu.

Nokia UK Media Hotline 0845 602 5628 *Up to 9p/minute+access charge*

Nokia UK media hotline is 0845 602 5628 *Up to 9p/minute+access charge*. Alternately, send your media or press information requests via email to Microsoft at [email protected]. Visit Microsoft news centre UK page for highlights, recent news, recent posts, and features.

Similarly, Kerry Parkin is Global Communications Director at HMD Global. Contact Kerry via email at [email protected] to enquire about press releases and other media content. Visit HMD Global media page to learn more about news and the latest updates about Nokia phones and accessories.

However, you can contact HMD Global for general enquiries or other concerns about your Nokia phone or accessories via email at [email protected]. Remember, your queries sent to the above email address reach to HMD Global head office at

HMD Global
Karaportti 2,
02610 Espoo, Finland

Visit HMD Global contact us page for other contact information.

Contact Nokia UK Online Via Email

  • Media Enquiries – Forward your enquiries for media content and press information via email at [email protected]. Remember, your enquiries reach to Nokia Finland head office when you forward them to the above email address. Visit Nokia contact us page to learn more. Alternately, you can forward your media enquiries for Nokia Europe via email at [email protected]. Bernhard Fuckert operates from Nokia Munich office. Visit Nokia global media contacts page for contact information for worldwide Nokia media offices.
  • Industry and Media Analysts – Industry analyst can contact Nokia via email at [email protected] to learn about upcoming events and event material. Nokia Industry Analyst Relations team provides insight on briefing or additional information for requests received on the above email address. Visit Nokia industry media analysts page for more information. Further, Nokia media analysts extranet login is available. Visit Nokia industry analysts networks extranet page to learn more.
  • Investor Relations – Send your requests for Nokia investor relations information via email to [email protected]. Visit Nokia investor relations page to learn more. Further, Nokia provides a facility to order financial reports online. Use Nokia financial reports form, enter requested personal and contact information after selecting the publication type and submit the form.

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