PayPal Phone Numbers

Direct PayPal Contact Number: 0871 976 0728
Calls to 0871 numbers cost 13p per minute plus your phone company access charge.

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Service Hotline Free 0800 358 7911 Monday to Friday 4am to 10pm Saturday to Sunday 6am to 8pm
Dublin Office 3531 436 9004 Monday to Friday 4am to 10pm Saturday to Sunday 6am to 8pm
Merchant Hotline 0800 3587929 Monday to Friday 4am to 10pm Saturday to Sunday 6am to 8pm
Collections 0208 610 0150 Monday to Friday 4am to 10pm Saturday to Sunday 6am to 8pm
eBay UK 0208 605 3000 Monday to Friday 4am to 10pm Saturday to Sunday 6am to 8pm
Santander Card Activation 0800 9152251 Monday to Friday 4am to 10pm Saturday to Sunday 6am to 8pm
Royal Bank of Scotland Card Activation 0190 884 7701 Monday to Friday 4am to 10pm Saturday to Sunday 6am to 8pm
USA Customer Service 0845 401 1050 Monday to Friday 4am to 10pm Saturday to Sunday 6am to 8pm
USA Paypal Office +1402 935 2050 Monday to Friday 4am to 10pm Saturday to Sunday 6am to 8pm
PayPal Access Card 0333 700 7060 Monday to Friday 4am to 10pm Saturday to Sunday 6am to 8pm
Paypal and eBay Debt Collector 0121 698 2500 Monday to Friday 4am to 10pm Saturday to Sunday 6am to 8pm
Paypal and eBay Debt Collector (Fax) 0121 7332154 Monday to Friday 4am to 10pm Saturday to Sunday 6am to 8pm

How to Find PayPal UK Customer Service Numbers

To find the PayPal Customer Service hotline, simply go to the PayPal site, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Help and Contact link. Click on that link to be redirected to the page On that page you will find the Call Us link that will take you to the page


PayPal Customer Service Hotline Contact Number 0800 358 7911

If you are a PayPal account holder who have issues with any of the PayPal services, report your concerns to the PayPal customer service via the PayPal contact number 0800 358 7911. Use this PayPal helpline to inquire about the status of your fund withdrawal. Call the same PayPal customer hotline if you have any questions about the different fees applied to your PayPal account.  Please keep in mind that you cannot inquire about another person’s account. You will only be entertained for your inquiries about your account, which is why before you call this PayPal customer service number, you need to log in to your account first to get the one-time 6-digit pin. This pin will be asked by the PayPal phone representative.

For any clarifications about the different PayPal services like PayPal shipping, digital goods and micropayments and PayPal mobile, contact this PayPal Help hotline.

If you are a member of the press from the UK, send your concerns via their email [email protected]. The PayPal Phone number 0800 358 7911 only caters to the needs of PayPal account holders. Unless you have PayPal customer service concerns, try not to use the PayPal number to get in touch with their representative.

Aside from the PayPal contact email for press and media enquiries, you may also send you letter to the head office of PayPal.

PayPal Head Office 2211 North First Street San Jose, California 95131

In writing a report make sure to include your PayPal account email, and the specific concern that you want to be addressed. Don’t forget to include contact details that the PayPal customer service department can use to get in touch with you.

PayPal USA Customer Service Helpline 0845 401 1050

UK customers who want to get in touch directly with the US PayPal customer service can call the PayPal helpline 0845 401 1050. PayPal is an American holdings company that is based in California and they provide services to many countries around the world, including UK.

This PayPal Customer hotline will connect you to a PayPal contact representative who will provide you with the necessary details that will guide you until the issues are resolved. The PayPal help representative will present different possible solutions to your concern. When calling the PayPal phone number, make sure that you are inquiring about your own PayPal account. Otherwise, you will not be entertained due to security reasons. Before calling the PayPal number prepare your PayPal email to facilitate faster transaction with the PayPal customer service representative.

PayPal Customer Service Merchants’ Contact Number 0800 358 7929 Free Number

Get in touch with PayPal customer service through the PayPal Contact number 0800 358 7929 Free Number if you want a business account and you have any concerns that you would like to clarify. Customers can choose from two kinds of PayPal account. One is the personal account and the other is the business account.

In the case of merchant accounts, there are two different applicable fees and these are the merchant fees and the standard fees. Call this PayPal helpline if you want to know more about the merchant fees or standard fees applicable to your account. If you need more clarification about the difference between these two kinds of fees, dial the same PayPal help hotline.

If you haven’t made up your mind if you should open a merchant account and you would like an in depth explanation about the difference between a personal and business account, get in touch with PayPal customer service via the same PayPal phone number.

If you want to integrate PayPal with your site, call this number to receive instructions from the PayPal Customer Service team for PayPal merchants. If you want to know how to put PayPal buttons on your site, call this number. They can also help with adding users to your PayPal account, changing your shipping address, and editing your contact details.

PayPal Santander Card Customer Service Telephone Number 0800 915 2251 Free Number

Call the PayPal contact number 0800 915 2251 Free Number to link their Santander Card with their PayPal account. In order to enjoy the full benefits of using a PayPal account, a customer needs to verify his/her account using a Visa card. There are various Visa Card offered all around the UK that you can use to verify your PayPal.

If you are a Royal Bank of Scotland credit card holder and you want to link your Visa card with your PayPal account, call the PayPal customer hotline 0190 884 7701. If you use a Visa Card other than Santander Card and RBS Card, and you have any questions regarding how to link your card with your account, call the PayPal phone number +1-402-935-2050 instead. You may also call the same PayPal number if you encounter any problems in linking your card and your PayPal account.

PayPal and eBay Collector Phone Number 0121 698 2500

Use the PayPal Customer hotline 0121 698 2500 to ask assistance with your PayPal and eBay collection. Call this PayPal phone number if you have any issues in the collection process. If it takes longer than usual to collect your PayPal or eBay funds, call this line too. If you prefer to send in your reports via a written document, send it by fax to PayPal customer fax number 0121 7332154.

If you are PayPal Customer who uses a PayPal account to accept payments online, call the PayPal contact number 0208 610 0150, to inquire about how to collect your business’ earnings. You may also ask questions about the form you need to fill up once you decided to integrate PayPal as a payment option for your customers.

If you want to compute for the total expenses you will incur using PayPal as a payment channel, make inquiries via the same PayPal number. Ask about the fees implemented to you account depending on the income of your business.

In some cases, customers complain about their account getting frozen, and others complain about how there are limits to what they can do to their account. In case your PayPal account encounters either of these two issues, call the same PayPal number to ask about the different steps you need to do to clear your account. Apart from this number, there’s also the option to report your merchant concerns via the PayPal phone number 0800 358 7929 free number.

If you are an eBay seller, and you want to use PayPal as your mode of payment for your customers, call the PayPal help number 0208 605 3000 instead.  Inquire about the requirements you need to secure, via this PayPal Customer Service hotline. It caters to the different eBay sellers all around the UK.

PayPal Dublin Office Helpline Contact Number 3531 436 9004

Call PayPal contact number 3531 436 9004 to get in touch with Dublin office support. Use this PayPal customer service number to report concerns about your PayPal account. Like in the case of calling the international PayPal phone number +1-402-935-2050, you are strongly advised to call regarding your own account. You can’t inquire about another person’s account unless you are authorized to do so. You will need to log in to your PayPal account first, then go to the Help and Contact link. On this page, you would find the pin code that you will use when calling a PayPal help representative. You will be asked about this pin before you can make an inquiry about a particular account. If you are not a PayPal account holder, you are still welcome to call either the international PayPal number or the Dublin PayPal helpline.

PayPal Access Card Concerns Phone Number 0333 700 7060

Call PayPal contact number 0333 700 7060 for questions or issues about PayPal Access Card. PayPal offers Access Card to their customers to a limited list of countries around the world. The PayPal Access Card is more like a MasterCard debit card that can be linked directly to your PayPal account. You are free to use this card to shop anywhere that accepts MasterCard. Get in touch with the PayPal customer service department about the different perks you can get from using your PayPal Access Card. Call this PayPal helpline as well if you encounter any issues in using your card. The PayPal help representative will give you a brief background on how to qualify for an invitation. You may also call this PayPal number if you are already an Access Card holder and you want to clarify anything about its terms and condition.

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