Emirates Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Emirates
  • Contact Number: 0344 800 2777
  • HQ Address: Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 5WB
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm
  • Website: www.emirates.com



Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Service Flights and Services 0344 800 2777 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm
Travel Insurance +44 1273 303 288 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm
Newcastle Baggage Services +44 1912 144 427 Monday to Sunday, 8am to 4pm
Manchester Baggage Services +44 3443 754 258 Monday to Sunday, 6am to 8:30pm
Glasgow Baggage Services +44 1418 484 358 Monday to Sunday, 9am to 10pm
Birmingham Baggage Services +44 1217 677 771 Monday to Sunday, 9am to 4pm and 5:3am to 8pm
Arabic Support 0344 800 0991 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm
Car Hire +44 203 582 159 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm
Hotel Booking +44 2033 202 609 Monday to Sunday, 12am to 11:59pm
Hotel Booking (English) +44 2035 646 725 Monday to Sunday, 12am to 11:59pm
Disabilities TTY 1800 455 9880 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm
Disabilities Voice 1800 778 4838 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm

Emirates Contact Number for Flights and Services 0344 800 2777

Call Emirates contact number 0344 800 2777 for any of your flights and services questions or concerns. For Arabic support, dial Emirates telephone number 0344 800 0991 and you’ll be connected to Arabic speaking representatives. Booking for a flight on their website is possible at http://fly4.emirates.com/CAB/IBE/SearchAvailability.aspx. Supply the information required to complete your online booking. They also offer discounted fares every now and then. These deals are posted on this page. Check out the specific amenities and services on your flight by going to this link. Enter your flight number or route, choose the date and click the search button.

They also have frequent traveler programs for individuals called Emirates Skywards and for businesses, which is Business Rewards. In order to become a member of Business Rewards, you must be an Emirates Skywards member first. Register for Emirates Skywards at https://www.emirates.com/account/uk/english/light-registration/ or Business Rewards at https://fly4.emirates.com/CAB/SME/SkywardRegistration/SkywardsReg.aspx. For the latter, login with your Emirates Skywards account to start the Business Rewards registration. Members could still earn individual rewards for their Emirates Skywards when they fly using their Business Rewards account. If you forgot your membership number, go to this site and provide the needed information. In case it’s a forgotten password, reset your password here. Reward points can be used on flights and upgrades of Emirates, as well as on their partner airlines and service providers. Call this Emirates customer service number if you require more information about their rewards program. To find a local office of Emirates in the UK, go to this page, choosing United Kingdom under country and select your city. They also have an FAQ page that contains frequently asked questions about their services and their answers.

Emirates Phone Number for Travel Insurance +44 1273 303 288

Dial Emirates phone number +44 1273 303 288 for your questions and issues about travel insurance. Call the Emirates number on your insurance document for making claims. The travel insurance that Emirates provide is based on the country of departure. If this is available on your country of departure, there’s an option to add this when making your booking. To add travel insurance on an existing booking, go to https://fly4.emirates.com/MAB/MYB/MMBLogin.aspx, enter your last name and your booking reference, then click retrieve booking. This is where you could add travel insurance. Some of the things covered by this travel insurance are emergency medical treatment and delay or lost baggage. Details about the travel insurance are described on the policy. Make sure to read it thoroughly before making your purchase. The refund and cancellation procedure for your travel insurance is also written there.

Emirates Helpline Number for Car Hire +44 203 582 159

Call Emirates helpline number +44 203 582 159 for car hire queries and concerns. This Emirates phone number is dedicated for car hire issues and questions only. Note that they cannot entertain any other questions or problems apart from this. CarTrawler is the partner provider of Emirates for car hire.

Emirates Number for Hotel Booking +44 2033 202 609

Call Emirates number +44 2033 202 609 if you have queries or issues with booking a hotel. Another Emirates telephone number to call for English support regarding hotel booking is +44 2035 646 725. Hotel booking can also be done on their site at http://www.emirates.com/uk/english/plan_book/book-hotel/book-a-hotel.aspx. Enter your destination, check in and check out time and click the Find Hotels button. They have a simple online booking procedure, daily deals, 24/7 Emirates customer service for hotel booking and no card payment or booking fees. This can also be done when booking a flight or after booking through their Manage Booking feature at https://fly4.emirates.com/MAB/MYB/MMBLogin.aspx. Booking.com is the hotel partner of Emirates. If you made a reservation on their site, instead of calling this Emirates telephone number, send them an email at [email protected] for your hotel booking questions and concerns.

Emirates Customer Service Number for Newcastle Baggage Services +44 1912 144 427

Contact Emirates customer service number +44 1912 144 427 for your baggage service concerns on Newcastle. Their checked baggage allowance depends on the type of fare that you have, although this is generally higher compared to most airlines. If you have an Economy Class ticket, the checked baggage allowance is up to 35 kilograms, up to 40 kilograms for Business Class and 50 kilograms for First Class. However, this allowance does not apply to North, South and Central America destinations. Aside from calling this Emirates contact number, this baggage allowance calculator is also helpful to determine the specific allowance and restrictions for your flight. Learn more information about checked baggage from this page.

Emirates Helpline Number for Manchester Baggage Services +44 3443 754 258

Call Emirates helpline number +44 3443 754 258 for baggage services inquiries and issues in Manchester. Cabin baggage allowance also varies depending on your travel class. Business and first class businesses have the same allowance, while economy class has its specific allowance. The representatives from this Emirates phone line would be able to discuss more about this. This page also contains information about the cabin baggage allowance for these travel class types. There are additional baggage allowances for people with disabilities, although subject to some limitations including the following:

  • The assistance dog of hearing and vision impaired passengers must be placed in kennels and cannot be placed in the cabin
  • An ancillary equipment and a machine can be placed in the aircraft hold for those who need to use portable kidney dialysis machine.
  • If battery powered wheelchair is used, passengers must contact the Emirates telephone number for their local Emirates office. Find the number that you need at this site.
  • Collapsible wheelchair and crutches must be placed in airplane hold.

Emirates Helpline Number for Glasgow Baggage Services +44 1418 484 358

Direct your baggage concerns in Glasgow to Emirates customer service number at +44 1418 484 358. Ammunitions, weapons and firearms are allowed to be carried as checked in baggage but there are conditions that must be met. These conditions are the following:

  • License must be under your name and you must have appropriate permissions and clearances.
  • It must be approved by Emirates at least three days prior to your travel date. Declare your ammunitions, weapons and firearms using this online form to get the approval.
  • Maximum weight is up to 11 pounds or 5 kilograms per passenger.
  • It must be secured in sealed and strong box without any explosive label.
  • Firearms must not be loaded.

The representatives from this Emirates telephone number could tell you more about these restrictions and conditions.

Emirates Number for Birmingham Baggage Services +44 1217 677 771

Forward baggage services in Birmingham to Emirates contact number +44 1217 677 771. Delayed or missing baggage must be reported to the baggage service desk of the airport. If you were not able to do this, call this Emirates telephone number to let them know. To check the status of your baggage online, go to this site and enter your PIR reference number and last name.

Finding Emirates Contact Numbers


To find the Emirates number to call to connect with their customer support representatives, go to http://www.emirates.com/uk/english/ and click on the Contact Us link on the bottom left part of the page. Select United Kingdom for the country. The contact page can also be accessed from directly from https://www.emirates.com/uk/english/help/contact-emirates/. You’ll find the Emirates number to dial to learn more about their flights and services, as well as the numbers for hotel booking, car hire and tours and activities. On the upper left side of the contact us page is an option to check contact details of local Emirates offices. Click Find a Local Emirates Office, click United Kingdom for the country and select the name of the city where the local office to check is located. You will be presented with the Emirates telephone number to dial to contact that local office.

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