Aspen Insurance Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Aspen Insurance
  • Contact Number: 02071848000
  • HQ Address: Plantation Place, 30 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 3BD
  • Opening Hours:
  • Website:
Aspen Insurance Department Contact Number
Aspen Customer Service 0207 184 8000
UK Property and Construction Insurance 0207 184 8230
Aspen UK Regional Property and Liability Insurance
0124 539 2135
Chelmsford Office 0124 539 2130
Birmingham Office 0121 503 2320
Bristol Office 0145 420 3880
Glasgow Office 0141 228 6085
Manchester Office 0161 932 1456
Claims Report 0208 263 2408
Risk Management London Branch 0207 184 8000
Risk Management Croydon Branch 0208 263 2358
Office of the Underwriting Director – Paul Hurdle 0124 539 2133
Office of the Executive Director – Geoff Crisp 0124 539 2132
Head of Claims 0208 263 2343
Head of Claims-North 0161 932 1423
Senior Claims Negotiator-North 0161 932 1434
Claims Negotiator-North 0161 932 1515
Claims Administrator-North 0161 932 1514
Head of Claims-South 0208 263 2341
Technical Claims Manager-South 0208 263 6197
Senior Claims Negotiator-South 0208 263 2387
Claims Negotiator-South 0208 263 2353
Claims Negotiator ACII-South 0208 263 2354

Aspen Customer Service Number 0207 184 8000


Aspen Insurance main customer service number is 0207 184 8000, which you can call for general enquiries you may have regarding their service. Send fax on +44 (0) 20 7184 8500.

Aspen UK Property and Construction Insurance Number 0207 184 8230

Call 0207 184 8230  for concerns regarding UK property and construction insurance. The underwriters will be happy to assist you in getting insurance at a competitive price. You can also email [email protected]. Use this Aspen number to know how your company will stay in the business by having a competitive cover tailored to your needs.

Aspen UK Regional Property and Liability Insurance Number 0124 539 2135

Dial 0124 539 2135, the Aspen phone number for clients who need or are currently enrolled in the company’s commercial insurance. Dedicated risk managers at Aspen support clients to monitor and manage business risks. The company aims to build a strong relationship with clients, and providing superior customer support is a proof of that. Feel free to send an email at [email protected].

 Aspen Locations

Aspen has six offices in the UK. The main hub is in London, with address

Aspen Insurance
Plantation Place
30 Fenchurch Street
London EC3M 3BD

The other offices are in Chelmsford, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, and Manchester. Call the Chelmsford office at 0124 539 2130 or the Birmingham office at 0121 503 2320. The Bristol office phone number is 0145 420 3880, while Glasgow has 0141 228 6085 and Manchester has 0161 932 1456 phone number.

Aspen Insurance approach

Aspen serves insurance clients from around the world who need flexible solutions to a wide variety of risks. It differs from competitors by finding innovative, tailored solutions even to the most complex risks. The company conducts business through intermediaries and it has developed solid relationships with various business partners including global brokers. It is committed to set valid claims fairly and quickly, continually investing in claims workflow technology to meet this goal.

Aspen Insurance Claims Number 0208 263 2343

Aspen Insurance Claims number

Aspen Claims Number South 0208 263 2341

 What are Aspen Risk Management Numbers?

Aspen Insurance risk management contact information

To know where you can find the broker nearest your location, call Aspen risk management office numbers in their UK branches.

Contact Aspen Insurance through their Social Media Sites

How to Find Aspen Insurance UK Contact Page

Go to where you will be directed to the UK offices page. Aspen has six offices in the UK, simply click the location to get the number. On the bottom portion of the page, look for “UK Business Lines”. There you can see the different product categories offered by Aspen Insurance Group. Click the category you need.

Aspen Insurance contact information

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