Cineworld Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Cineworld Group plc
  • Contact Number: 0333 003 3444
  • HQ Address: 8th Floor, Vantage London, Great West Road, Brentford TW8 9AG
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 10 AM to 10 PM
  • Website:
Cineworld Department
Contact Number Opening Hours
Cineworld Customer Service, Complaints, and Head Office 0333 003 3444 Monday to Sunday 10 AM to 10 PM
Cineworld Unlimited Card 0208 742 4010 Monday to Sunday 10 AM to 10 PM
Cineworld Membership Discounts and Benefits 0330 333 4444 Monday to Sunday 10 AM to 10 PM
Cineworld Financial Media 0203 772 2573 Monday to Sunday 10 AM to 10 PM
Cineworld Investor Relations 0203 772 2579 Monday to Sunday10 AM to 10 PM
Cineworld Consumer Media 0207 413 3333 Monday to Sunday 10 AM to 10 PM
Cineworld Unlimited Ireland 0818 304 204 Monday to Sunday 10 AM to 10 PM

Cineworld Customer Service 0333 003 3444

Keep your discount voucher ID ready while booking family tickets for availing online discount when contacting Cineworld Customer Service 0333 003 3444. Cineworld Group plc began operations in 1995. Today it is Europe’s largest chain of cinemas with the whopping number of 2049 screens across the UK, Ireland, Israel, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Romania. Cineworld cinema typically has one to twenty screens as well as a retail area for serving food and drinks. This page hosts important Cineworld contact numbers you need while experiencing the amazing moments at your favourite cinema. In addition, you can try kid’s club on Saturday and Sunday mornings as well as every day during the school holidays for a wonderful experience for kids. The kid’s club is available at most of the cinemas.

Contact Information for Cineworld UK

Contacting Cineworld is necessary for customers. Calling Cineworld complaints is the best way to reach to the right department for a quick solution. Similarly, it has a help and contact us page for customers to find answers for common questions just to save time. Answers on this page are resourceful. In addition, you can always write to customer service email [email protected] for a solution. Contact Cineworld contact numbers for any grievance. Even leave a feedback about your experience at the cinema.

Booking line for tickets is open throughout the week between 10 am to 10 pm. A customer can book up to 50 tickets at a time. Visiting the Cineworld portal is another option for online booking. Cancellation of tickets is possible when customer cancels two hours prior to the show. You can cancel the ticket from my account option or call customer care. However, go through the applicable terms and conditions page before cancelling the tickets.

Cineworld Unlimited Card 0208 742 4010

Cineworld Unlimited Card

Cineworld unlimited card helpline 0208 742 4010 is for customers seeking assistance about their card. Availing unlimited card makes you eligible for viewing unlimited films with 10% discount on food and drinks. This all comes at a nominal monthly subscription fee. Follow the registration link to apply for a new unlimited card. Cineworld unlimited card page has more information about offers. Existing unlimited cardholders may want to visit the missed payment link to make payment and restore their card facility to enjoy unlimited movies and discounts.

Do not worry in case of lost unlimited card. Contact the Cineworld lost unlimited card helpline. Follow the instructions for reporting the lost card. In addition, you need a replacement of the unlimited card in case it is damaged or stolen. Customers can use my Cineworld account menu after logging into the account. Follow the link to the unlimited card account login page and restore your card by placing an online request.

Viewers enjoying flicks can multiply the fun by using Cineworld discount vouchers. These are available online. Some discounts come with the membership. For an example, a customer with an unlimited card can always enjoy 10% discount on food or drinks bought at the cinema. Thus, good times come with savings too. Contact customer service for more offers and discount codes available for Cineworld in your area. Thousands of patrons enjoy these offers and discounts day in and day out. Some popular offers like Tuesday specials or 2 on 1 truly are super-savers.

Cineworld Membership Discounts 0330 333 4444


Cineworld membership discounts 0330 333 4444 helpline is for understanding the membership benefits available for unlimited and unlimited premium cardholders. Customers can subscribe to unlimited or unlimited premium memberships to avail exciting offers and discounts up to 25% on food and drinks. Moreover, existing unlimited cardholders upgrade to the unlimited premium card after the end of one year of subscription. These offers are available on 2D as well as 3D films depending upon the type of membership.

Cineworld unlimited benefits or Cineworld card benefits bring more rewards in addition to watching unlimited films. Even recommending a card to a friend entitles you to additional benefits. Enjoying the flicks with discounted snacks, pizzas, and your favourite drinks is wonderful when you subscribe for unlimited card membership. In addition, Cineworld offers premium access to previews and huge savings on event cinemas to unlimited cardholders. Visit the Cineworld membership benefits page for more information about available benefits. Availing uninterrupted services at Cineworld is easy when you know where to contact for a resolution.

Finding out Cineworld family ticket price is simple and all you need is a phone call. In addition, buying a family ticket comes bundled with offers and discounts. Offers are available on popcorn and drinks. These offers could save up to 40% for you. However, the entire family must watch the same movie for offer eligibility. In addition, you need not buy a ticket for a baby younger than 18 months. Please carry a proof of age along with you for admittance without constraints.

Cineworld Financial Media Number 0203 772 2573


Cineworld financial media and investor relations 0203 772 2573 is a number for acquiring information about financial media and investor relations at Cineworld. In addition, you can email them at financial media and investor relations email address [email protected] and get in touch with the concerned person. Cineworld has investor’s page for additional financial information. Moreover, you can access reports, regulatory news, presentations, and a plethora of information about shareholders, annual general meeting, and email alerts.

Cineworld provides various job opportunities for eligible candidates. However, the applicant must be over 18 years of age, requires a working email address, and work permit for the designated area. Information about available jobs and on how to apply is available on Cineworld’s careers page for interested candidates. Please search for available jobs in your area by visiting the search for new jobs link. Candidates receive an acknowledgement of the application within 24 hours and Cineworld HR contacts the candidate upon selection or refusal of the application.

Cineworld Investor Relations 0203 772 2579

Cineworld Investor Relations 0203 772 2579 is for detailed insight about various financial aspects of Cineworld Group plc. The number directs your call to the international corporate reputation agency. They offer their services for Cineworld and thus the customer gets the best response in real-time. In fact, you can find necessary financial and allied information under one roof.

Cineworld operates in nine countries from Vantage 8th Floor, Vantage London, 9AG, Great West Rd, London TW8 0GP. You can use this address for postal communication in case you need to send any supporting documents or forms to the head office. Moreover, call to Cineworld head office number quickly opens a gateway for more information. Contacting head office is necessary during various instances of financial, clerical, or administrative work. Therefore, feel free to use the phone number or postal address to get in touch with the head office when you require assistance.

Cineworld Consumer Media 0207 413 3333

Cineworld Consumer Media 0207 413 3333 is for highlights on various aspects concerned with the consumer media. Similarly, writing an email to consumer media helpline: [email protected] makes a direct contact with the concerned person. Your email reaches to the Hill + Knowlton Strategies, the public relations consulting company handling Cineworld consumer media.

Various Cineworld online discounts are available for patrons. These offers are available on tickets or food and drinks you buy at the cinema. Even booking tickets online make you eligible for a discount on the ticket price. Therefore, make sure to grab the correct discount code and enter it while booking the ticket. Typically, discounts and cashback are available for regular patrons as well as new customers. These benefits certainly enhance on availing various Cineworld memberships.

Cineworld Unlimited Ireland 0818 304 204

Cineworld Complaints Contact Information

Customers from the Republic of Ireland can call Cineworld unlimited Ireland helpline 0818 304 204 for any queries or concerns related to the unlimited card. In addition, Customers can contact on the helpline for security issues too. In addition, Cineworld has dedicated unlimited helpline email address [email protected] for reporting issues related to your unlimited card or any other security aspect. Moreover, feel free to contact when you need assistance. The above number is exclusively for customers from the Republic of Ireland.

Cineworld on Social Media

Cineworld contributes on social media channels by engaging in Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Latest offers, discounts, movie previews, and news are available on these channels as soon as they are in the air.

Cineworld Tweet

Following Cineworld on these channels is equally entertaining and informative. In fact, customers can use channels like Twitter to speak directly with Cineworld team and get quick answers to questions. Send your tweet @cineworld and share your Cineworld moments with the others. Similarly, the Cineworld YouTube channel hosts movies you cannot miss, new releases, uploads, and film content. Visit these social media channels to explore the thrilling side of Cineworld. Over 600,000 people have already liked Cineworld Facebook page. Similarly, you can keep in touch with the latest and best at Cineworld by downloading iPhone or Android app on your phone. Living every moment with fun and excitement is so easy when you are with Cineworld.

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