Quidco Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Quidco
  • Contact Number: 0207 033 1000
  • HQ Address: 76-80 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3JL
  • Opening Hours: 24 hours a day, Monday-Friday
  • Website: www.quidco.com
Quidco Department UK Contact Number
Customer Service 0207 033 1000
*Local rate*
Media Centre 0114 339 6878
*Local rate*

Main Quidco Customer Service number: 0207 033 1000

Quidco customer service contact number is 0207 033 1000. This number is available 24 hours a day for members only. And according to the company’s website, they are able to answer 95% of the questions fielded. Additionally, there is a request a call feature for members that is offered Monday to Friday only. Alternatively contact Quidco online through email [email protected].

To register a Quidco complaint please fill out the online form. All handwritten complaints must be addressed to the Complaints department in London:

Complaints Manager
4th Floor,
76-80 Great Eastern Street,

Otherwise contact Quidco online through email, [email protected]. Non-members must use the contact us form found on the website.

For more information regarding the Quidco affiliates programme and to learn more about earning money today send all Quidco queries to [email protected]. Founded in 2005, Quidco claims to have over 7,000,000 members, making it one of those most prosperous UK cashback site and programmes in the nation.

Quidco Media Centre Phone Number 0114 339 6878

Quidco media centre contact number is 0114 339 6878. This number is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, Monday-Friday. Alternatively, you can contact Quidco press office through email: [email protected]. Address any email to Cathal Wogan, head of communications or Abbie Dickinson, a communications executive. Otherwise, you Quidco question will not be answered in a timely manner. According to the Quidco website, the expectation is that journalists and bloggers will want to help promote the company and also earn their own cashback opportunities. This way, the media centre serves indirectly as marketing sales, recruitment and customer service team, as well.

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