Gumtree Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Gumtree
  • Contact Number: 020 3608 5072
  • HQ Address: Gumtree 2 Whittaker Avenue, Richmond, Greater London TW9 1EH
  • Opening Hours: Open 24/7
  • Website:
Gumtree Department Contact Number
Customer Service 020 3608 5072
*Local rate*
Media Team 0203 580 0600
*Local rate*
Motors Team 0203 580 0800
*Local rate*
Jobs Team 0203 580 0700
*Local rate*
Property Team 0203 580 0900
*Local rate*
Services Team 0203 580 0500
*Local rate*

Gumtree Customer Service 0208 605 3325

Gumtree customer service contact number is 0208 605 3325 available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Get in touch with customer service online at [email protected]. Gumtree UK also offers live chat facility in case you need assistance from the support team. Gumtree offers free and paid classified posting services in broad categories like motors, electronic items, property, jobs, services, community, and pets. Visit Gumtree website to learn more about services offered by this eBay Company.

Customers need to get in touch with the customer service for assistance in case they face problems like Gumtree problem posting ads, Gumtree problems posting pictures, Gumtree app not working on iPhone, Gumtree login problems, or how to post free ads under Gumtree for sale category. Visit Gumtree FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions like what happened to Gumtree, my Gumtree ad won’t post, can’t post an ad on Gumtree, or Gumtree post ad nothing happens.

You can post Gumtree classifieds based on geographic location for England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and other cities. Support executive can assist you for posting paid advertisements and explain the process of bumping the ad for more exposure. Gumtree login is available for customers for posting ads and online account management. Make sure to create a new account or log in using Google in case you are using Gumtree for the first time.

Gumtree Media Team 0203 580 0600

Gumtree media team contact number is 0203 580 0600. Visit Gumtree get in touch page to use the online message form to send your enquiries about business accounts for advertising on a commercial scale. Business accounts for media advertising are available to you at Gumtree. This paid platform offers extended exposure to your advertising. Get in touch with the Gumtree media team for business accounts to enquire about

  • Advertising solutions for display advertising, home page takeovers, and text links
  • Specifications and available ad formats
  • Learn about Gumtree first party segments and importance of behaviour, location, category, keyword, and audience while creating an advertisement
  • How Gumtree post campaign reporting service helps you to optimise your ad campaign
  • How to sell on Gumtree UK

Use the above Gumtree dedicated phone number to get in touch with your account manager when you need assistance. Visit Gumtree business media page to learn more.

Gumtree Motors Team 0203 580 0800

Gumtree motors team contact number is 0203 580 0800. Visit the get in touch page to use the online message form to contact motors team. Car and other automobile traders and dealers can advertise on Gumtree using three plans available to them. Look for options to find bargain cars Gumtree offers, cheap second-hand cars for sale when you advertise on Gumtree cars UK pages. Gumtree used cars for sale UK page lists a broad number of vehicles offering a platform for exposure to customers.

Visit Gumtree choose right approach business page to learn about

  • How to select the correct advertising package that meets your business requirements and other features of various advertising packages

Refer to Gumtree frequently asked questions page for answers to many common questions.

Gumtree motors team can help you to buy customised advertising package depending upon the number of cars you hold or the stock value of your cars. You can select an option to receive a call back from Gumtree motors team by submitting an online form available on the above choose the right approach business page.

Gumtree Jobs Team 0203 580 0700

Gumtree jobs team contact number is 0203 580 0700. Visit the Gumtree get in touch page to use the online message form to write to the jobs team. Forward your queries or requests for assistance to the jobs team using this form. Gumtree job vacancies are available in over forty-five categories. Therefore, it offers a broad platform for you in case you are looking for a right fit for your organisation.

Gumtree jobs team specialises in offering support for the selection of the appropriate advertising package from Pay As You Go or the Pro-Account Subscription. Typically, subscribing to pay as you go package is suitable for placing an advertisement on ad hoc basis when you need to recruit candidates occasionally. However, pro account subscription is the correct option for large companies requiring regular recruitments. Advertising on Gumtree jobs UK pages is suitable for industries like

  • Hospitality and catering
  • Construction
  • Health and social care
  • Driving and logistics
  • Marketing, sales and retail
  • Accounting, financial services, and insurance
  • Security
  • Computing, IT, data entry, and administration

Visit Gumtree jobs page to learn more about the packages, customisation of advertisements, and other relevant information. You can request a call back from Gumtree jobs team using the form available on this page.

Gumtree Property Team 0203 580 0900

Gumtree property team contact number is 0203 580 0900. Similarly, you can write to the property team online by using the message form available on Gumtree get in touch page. Gumtree property advertisement pages are available to you for selling or renting flats, private homes, or commercial properties. Contact the property team on the above Gumtree business contact number in case you need to know about the bump policy for the advertisements you posted on Gumtree property pages.

Further, you can look for options like

  • Gumtree property to rent private landlords
  • Gumtree rent property
  • Gumtree houses for rent private
  • Gumtree house to rent DSS welcome
  • Gumtree houses to rent no deposit
  • Gumtree rent room
  • Gumtree for the house sale

Visit Gumtree property page to learn more in case you are a private landlord, online agent, commercial agent, or letting agent and want to advertise on Gumtree property pages using the assistance of the account managers of the jobs team.

Gumtree Services Team 0203 580 0500

Gumtree services team contact number is 0203 580 0500. Contact the account manager from the services team online using the message form available on Gumtree get in touch page. Gumtree services advertising division caters to advertising requirements of the professionals from business and office, computers and telecom, childcare, clothing, finance and legal, entertainment, health and beauty, food and drink, property and maintenance, goods suppliers and retailers, tradesmen and construction, motoring, travel and tourism, transport, tuition and classes, pets, and weddings industries.

Visit Gumtree services page or contact on the above Gumtree contact number to learn about

  • Advertising packages available to you
  • Extra options available to you to stand out like feature, Spotlight, urgent advertisement; or how to link your website to the ad
  • How to find local customers using Gumtree services wanted category
  • What are Gumtree business advertising costs
  • Gumtree business login
  • Gumtree business account cost

Use the Gumtree live chat menu for answers to questions like how to advertise my business on Gumtree.

Contact Gumtree Online Through Email

  • Law Enforcement Entities – Send an email at [email protected] if you are a law and enforcement personnel and require information from Gumtree.
  • Press Office – Email press office at [email protected] to request information about media and press releases.

Contact Gumtree via Social Media

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