Clarks Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Clarks
  • Contact Number: 0145 889 9901
  • HQ Address: Clarks International, 40 High Street, Street, Somerset, BA16 0EQ
  • Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 8.30am - 8.00pm; Saturday 8.30am - 6.00pm; Sunday 10.00am - 4.00pm; Bank Holidays 10.00am - 2.00pm
  • Website:
Clarks Shoes Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Clarks Customer Service 0145 889 9901 Monday – Saturday
8.30am – 6.00pm
Bank Holidays
10.00am – 2.00pm
Ordering and Website Queries 0145 889 9904 Monday – Friday
8.30am – 8.00pm
8.30am – 6.00pm
10.00am – 4.00pm
Bank Holidays
10.00am – 2.00pm
Media Enquiries 0203 128 8100 Monday – Saturday
8.30am – 6.00pm
Head Office 0145 844 3131 Monday – Saturday
8.30am – 6.00pm
Bank Holidays
10.00am – 2.00pm

Clarks Customer Care 0145 889 9901

Clarks Customer Care 0145 889 9901 is a helpline for customers that seek assistance from Clarks Shoes. Clarks International or Clarks Shoes is an international manufacturer and retailer of shoes for men, women, and children. It operates in 33 countries worldwide. This page has contact information for Clark’s existing as well as new customers. A call to Clarks customer service number opens many gateways to seek assistance during or after shopping. Customers can shop online or visit any of the stores located in these countries as well as the UK.


Visit Clark Shoes portal to begin a fascinating shopping experience. In addition, Clarks offers shoes in over twenty categories leaving no consumer segment untouched. These twenty categories of shoes have vivid styles and sizes to fit all feet that walk in a store. Shopping at Clarks is full of options for customers. For an example, customers can use Clarks track order number to track orders and get the latest status updates in real-time. In addition, many other delivery options are available now for online shoppers including a pickup from the nearest store.

Finding the best of the Clarks collection is simple. Write email to customer care email address:Ā [email protected] and find out the best picks available for you. However, do not forget to look for promotions and discount codes as they save a lot for you while shopping at Clarks. Some services offered at Clarks truly are customer centric. For an example, some people or kids have different size for each foot. Clarks offers odd shoe scheme saving you from buying two different-sized shoe pairs. Explore the essence of the finest shopping by visiting Clarks in store services page.

A right match for children’s shoes is quite a herculean task unless you visit a Clarks outlet. Any of the outlets offer exclusive fitting service for kids. You can visit a store for reservation or visit the store appointment page for online reservation. Do not forget to walk in with your kid and get his or her feet dressed in the finest manner possible. Finding the nearest store is simple. Clarks offers store locator page to make it simple. Visit the page, enter your address or postal code, customize the result, and click on find a store link.


Exploring items in a clearance sale is a fantastic way to save handsomely and Clarks men’s shoes clearance sale exactly serves the same purpose. Shoes on clearance sale here attract discounts up to whopping 60% and still you do not need to compromise on quality, style, or comfort as each shoe on clearance sale is tested for performance. Visit Clark’s clearance sale page for men and explore the best savings under one roof. Use the sorting menu on the top right to find precisely what you need in the snap.

Clarks Ordering and Website Queries 0145 889 9904


Ordering and Website queries 0145 889 9904 is a helpline for customers requiring assistance while they shop online. This dedicated number is open throughout the week including bank holidays too. Please refer the table above to find out opening hours prior to calling. Keep your Clarks order number ready when you call the helpline number to expedite the response.


Existing customers can visit theĀ login page and explore more options available in the online store. Similarly, new customers can make a fresh start by visiting the register now page. In addition, you can get in touch with a rep to know more about Clarks shoes special offers tailored for you before you walk into any of the stores. Similar offers are available online when you visit the pages with offer for men and offer for women.


Expect more with Clarks free shipping. Any order above Ā£50 ships free. More information about such exclusive and limited period offers is available on theĀ delivery options page. Visit once to find out what’s extra in store for you. Information on other delivery options and modes is available on theĀ delivery and collection page. Similarly, you can place an order online and collect it from the nearest store free. All you need is the barcode you receive upon the order confirmation when you walk in for pickup. Clarks offers many options to save money while you shop. Use them intuitively to make more every time.

International customers from the United States, Europe, and Australia can use Clarks shoes online international shipping option to get their favourite shoes shipped directly to them. Please visit the Clarks portal for information about available locations and stockists. Get your Clarks shoes right onto your doorsteps by finding out the best suitable options for you. Feel free to use these resources and place online order. Similarly, you can visit Clarks international websites for a tailored shopping experience. Links to these international websites are available on

Clarks Media Enquiries 0203 128 8100


Media Enquiries 0203 128 8100 is a helpline for accessing media information about Clarks International. Typically, this helpline number is resourceful for journalists and others requiring media information. Similarly, Clarks offers media enquiries email address:Ā [email protected] to contact MHP Communications. It is an AGC agency engaged in providing strategic campaigns and media solutions for corporate. The email address or the phone number helps in getting in touch with the right person at MHP Communications. Feel free to contact on phone or email for all media enquiries about Clarks International.

Clarks Head Office 0145 844 3131

Clarks Head Office 0145 844 3131 is helpline for corporate enquiries. Clarks operates from 40 High Street, Street, Somerset, BA16 0EQ. TheĀ Clarks head office number is open on Monday to Saturday from 8.30am to 6.00pm and between 10.00am to 2.00pm on bank holidays. Getting in touch with theĀ Clarks corporate office number is necessary for suppliers, customers, vendors, and many associates. Feel free to contact the head office over the phone, email address, or by the conventional postal mail. In addition, you can use the contact us form on the Clarks portal as well. Many ways are available to get in touch with Clarks when you need the assistance.


Candidates looking for Clarks shoes jobs and recruitment opportunities in the UK need to contact the head office. Clarks offers recruitment email address:Ā [email protected] and jobs page for more information and direct contact with the HR department. Email your application along with credentials to explore more about available jobs at Clarks. Similarly, you can follow Clarks jobs on Twitter @jobsatclarks and stay updated. This is the place where new opportunities are available for you. Following Clarks jobs at Twitter is necessary to stay up to date on job requirements and openings at Clarks.

Complaints are a part of life and people at Clarks take them very seriously. Contact Clarks shoes complaints department for quick resolution. However, keep supporting documents ready before calling to save time. Your one initiative is resourceful in receiving faster resolutions. Contact us page on Clarks portal has a form for customers. You can use it while seeking a solution. Otherwise, send email to customer service. Any of the options work in the same way although, the duration required for the response varies depending upon the mode you select. In addition, the old and reliable way to contact using postal services is also available. Direct your communication to the head office address and someone receiving the mail will reply as soon as possible.


Dial Clarks Wembley outlet number before visiting the store for all the exclusive facilities a customer needs. For an example, you can pick up your parcel from the store or the store offers free fitting service for the kids. Visit the store to measure the feet for exact width, length, and depth to find a comfortable and stylish Clarks for your kids. Being part of the Clarks family is wonderful when you walk into a store and explore available options. Do not forget to carry the discount or offer voucher code while visiting the store as it attracts extra discount or free shipping depending upon the code.

Contact Clarks through Social Media

Clarks is present on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest to extend the reach of the consumers. These social media channels have information, product updates, offers, and discounts for customers. Clarks YouTube channel offers various uploads, lifestyle buzz, tips and tricks, and links to subscribe other featured and related channels. Clarks Twitter page has many product updates and information you cannot miss. Keeping up with the trending is easy when you follow Clarks on Twitter.


Using social media platforms is essential these days as they open a direct gateway for quick contact. For an example, you can tweet or post a comment on the Facebook page and every follower including the officials at Clarks come across it in a snap. In fact, it is a place to share your experiences with Clarks too. Social media offers anĀ audiovisual representation of life essentials making communication pleasing.

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