Harrods UK Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Harrods
  • Contact Number: 0207 730 1234
  • HQ Address: Harrods Ltd 87–135 Brompton Road Knightsbridge London, SW1X 7XL United Kingdom
  • Opening Hours:Monday To Saturday 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM; Sunday 11:30AM - 6PM
  • Website: www.harrods.com
Harrods Department Phone Number
Harrods Customer Service 0207 730 1234
Online Order Queries and Requests 0203 626 7020
Careers and Recruitment 0333 300 1000
Harrods Head Office 0207 722 5994
Harrods Disney Store 0333 300 1234
Furniture Department 0203 626 7911
The Georgian Restaurant 0207 225 6800

Harrods Customer Service Number 0207 730 1234

harrods customer service

You can easily reach out to the Harrods customer service team when you call the Harrods customer service number on 0207 730 1234 local rate number. Harrods is undeniably one of the most popular fashion retailers in the country. Hence, you can’t be blamed if you find their operations a little confusing and you need their help to navigate around the website.

Apart from calling, you can also choose to send them an email instead. To send an email to Harrods is fairly easy. You only have to fill out the online form that is displayed on the Harrods Contact Us page. As per usual, they will ask you to leave your name, your contact details, and your request or enquiry. They will get back to you in forty-eight hours at most.

If you prefer a traditional method, why don’t you send a letter to them instead? You can write a letter, attach the important documents, and deliver it to this address:

Harrods Ltd
87–135 Brompton Road
London, SW1X 7XL
United Kingdom

The above contact methods are also for you to register a complaint. There may be times when you are unsatisfied with the services and products they have provided. Perhaps the product delivered to you is damaged or unmatched to your order. Maybe you are the recipient of a bad customer service. In any case, they will more than happy to help you in resolving the issue. In some cases, you may even be compensated for the loss you have suffered. However, you will need to give them time to see if your issue is suitable for compensation.

Harrods Buying Department Telephone Number 0203 626 7020

harrods buying department

Online ordering is a huge trend these days. And for a fashion giant like Harrods, it will be a crime if they do not offer the option for their customers to purchase their items online as well.

All you have to do is log on to the Harrods official website, and you can browse all the catalogues they provide online as much as you wish.  If you see an item to your liking, you can just place your order, key in your contact details and home address, and it will be delivered to your doorstep in no time. Nevertheless, it is always better if you register an online account with Harrods. This way, you will not have to repeat the process of keying in all the details whenever you feel like ordering from Harrods.

If you have any confusions about ordering online, feel free to get in touch with the Harrods buying department telephone number 0203 626 7020. You can also choose to write them an email instead. The appropriate email address for Harrods online orders is [email protected].

Harrods Recruitment Number 0333 300 1000

Harrods seems like an interesting workplace for you? you can always seek for vacancies on the Harrods Careers page. And if any of the positions interest you, feel free to ask for an interview when you contact the Harrods recruitment number on 0333 300 1000.


Harrods Head Office Phone Number 0207 722 5994

harrods head office

Nonetheless, you are always welcome to call the Harrods head office phone number 0207 722 5994. You can also send them an email at this address: [email protected]. One other way of contacting them via email is by filling out this online form. If calling and emailing are not your preferred methods of reaching out, don’t you worry about it. Because Harrods set up another way for you to contact their head office, which is by sending letters. Just make sure that you deliver your letter to this address:

Harrods Limited

Harrods Disney Store Phone Number 0333 300 1234

It is a once in a lifetime princess experience for your child. If you are would like to give your kid the chance, you can always make an appointment on the Harrods Disney store phone number 0333 300 1234. You can also email them at any time at this email address: [email protected]. When you make an appointment with them, they will immediately go about in preparing everything to ensure that your children will get the best of the best Disney experience.

harrods disney store

Oh yes, Harrods has a Disney store within. They call the Disney store Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. This is a store that specifically sells Disney-branded products. From Frozen dresses to Beauty and the Beast merchandise, they have it all. Your children will surely love the Disney experience they are certainly going to get at this boutique.

Harrods Furniture Contact Number 0203 626 7911

Did you just move homes? Are you looking for furniture that suits your new home? Well, then you have come to the right place for luxurious furniture at Harrods. They provide the most comprehensive catalogue of furniture items in the United Kingdom than any other retailer in the country.  If you are interested and you wish to learn more about it, feel free to dial the Harrods furniture contact number 0203 626 7911.

The Georgian Restaurant Phone Number 0207 225 6800

harrods georgian restaurant

You can place a booking at the Georgian restaurant in Harrods when you dial The Georgian restaurant phone number on 0207 225 6800. You can also do the same online. Just head on over to the Georgian Restaurant web page, and click on the ‘Book Online‘ option.

Harrods Rewards

Harrods Rewards is a loyalty program that the company has set up for their customers. To learn more about it, you can always send an email to this email address: [email protected]. If this is not your preferred method, you are also welcome to reach out to them by sending them a letter to this postal address:

Harrods Rewards
87-135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge,
United Kingdom

The idea behind this program is that the more you spend, the more you can benefit from it. In this program, there are different levels of rewards that you can derive from, including:

  • Green
  • Green 2
  • Gold
  • Black

These levels are all dependent on your spendings. When you spend £1, you earn one point. Once you reach a certain spending amount or points, they will automatically upgrade you to the next level. When you are upgraded to the next level, you will be able to enjoy more benefits than the ones you got to enjoy in the previous level.

Contact Harrods via Social Media

harrods blog

Surely you must know that calling, sending emails, and writing letters are not the only communication channels to get in touch with Harrods. You can also reach out to the company through the various social network outlets they have established. By following them on their social media accounts, you are privileged to not only another option to get in touch with them but also regular updates about the infamous retailer.

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