UK Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Moonpig
  • Contact Number: 0345 450 0100
  • HQ Address: Moonpig Units 101-119, 30 Great Guildford Street, London SE1 0HS
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am to 9.00pm
  • Website: Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0345 450 0100

Moonpig Customer Service Number 0345 450 0100


Moonpig customer service number is 0345 450 0100. You can locate the number on Moonpig web under the help drop down menu. This number is open during 8.30am to 9pm on weekdays for customers seeking assistance. Additionally, you can visit the support page for answers to frequently asked questions and other ways to contact the customer service. Support page has a search tool for finding answers to your queries. However, you can always send your query using the online form available on contact us page. You must

  • Provide your contact information in requested fields
  • Select if your enquiry is about the order or not
  • Select correct product from drop down list
  • Choose suitable query type
  • Describe your query in detail
  • Optionally attach supporting documents or files
  • Click on continue button operates from its head office in London. The address is

Units 101-119,
30 Great Guildford Street,
London SE1 0HS

Customers can send mails to this address in case they prefer pen and paper over to the keyboard and mouse. However, please remember that you will receive a delayed reply due to the extended transit period.

Another way of contacting customer service is to send email to [email protected]. You can send the email as usual using your favourite email application. Moonpig replies approximately within 48 hours to the emails.

What Is Virtual Assistant On Moonpig Web Shop?


Moonpig offers an interactive virtual assistant to find answers to your queries. Visit the customer service page to use this facility. Using the assistant is a simple process. Type your question or query in the box. Then click on the orange coloured ask Moonpig button. A new window pops up with various answers related to your question. It also offers combinations that match your question. You need to follow the links one after another to get the right answer in a few seconds. Additionally, this newly opened window has answers to commonly asked questions for your reference too.

How To Login Or Register On Moonpig Web Shop?

Existing customers need to login on the web shop for account and order management. Locate the sign in link on top right corner. Your click on the link takes you to login page. You need to enter your email address and password in the requested fields. Then click on the orange coloured sign in button to proceed. However, always ensure to view the green coloured padlock icon and https:// in the URL box for security.


New customers can create a fresh account with Moonpig by visiting the create account link on login page. This link is located on the right side. Your click on the link takes you to a new page requesting your title, first and last name, email address, and password. Fill in the information and click on the orange coloured create account button to create a new account. However, please remember that you agree to Moonpig terms and conditions when you open an account online.

Opening an account on Moonpig web shop enables you to

  • Place new order
  • Make payments for the order
  • Select delivery mode
  • Track orders
  • Manage prepay credit account
  • Report errors or file complaints
  • Contact customer service

What Are Moonpig Reward Stamps and How To Redeem Them?

A Moonpig customer requires participating in the rewards scheme. Following are scheme highlights

  • Customer must have valid account with Moonpig
  • Customer must subscribe for rewards scheme through my account menu on the web
  • Moonpig offers one reward stamp for one qualified order
  • Earning six reward stamps entitles you to order one card from Moonpig

Detailed information about how to participate in the reward stamps scheme is available on the terms and conditions page on Moonpig web. Customers can keep track of reward stamps through the Moonpig rewards account. Please remember that you will receive a reward card by email once you earn six stamps. Additionally, you need to enter the voucher code or the code on the reward card during the checkout to redeem the reward. Each card has a validity of three months from the date of issuance.

How To Contact Moonpig For Press Enquiries?

Moonpig offers updates about services and products. Press reporters and media enthusiasts can email Moonpig at [email protected] for information. However, you need to contact on [email protected] in case you require information about financial performance, organization structure, or other corporate enquiries. You can call Moonpig Press office through the regular Moonpig contact number 0345 450 0100


You must send all corporate queries directly to Photobox, as it is the parent organization of Moonpig. Similarly, you can visit Photobox corporate web for more information about the press and media enquiries.

What Are Moonpig Submissions?

Moonpig submissions is a platform to express your talent. You can send your creations to Moonpig for listing them on the web for commercial purpose. However, you need to visit the submissions page on the web to know more about the rules and regulations as well as the process to submit your ideas. You must send your email to [email protected] for approval.


Additionally, you can always post your ideas to:

Units 102-108
30 Great Guildford Street
London, SE1 0HS
United Kingdom

What Career Opportunities Are Available At Moonpig At The Moment?

Moonpig offers various career opportunities. Information about the same is available on the job opportunities page. You can browse various jobs listed on this page by visiting these job links. Moonpig offers technical, designing, administration, and licensing jobs. Interested individuals can always visit Moonpig LinkedIn page for the latest job announcements.

What Payment Methods Are Available For Shopping On Moonpig?

Shopping on Moonpig is easy as it accepts a broad array of credit and debit cards. Your card transactions on Moonpig are encrypted for maximised security. Some prominent card service providers accepted at Moonpig are

  • Visa
  • Master
  • Maestro
  • American Express

However, Moonpig does not accept PayPal or other electronic payment gateways at the moment. Information about available payment methods is available on the web. Please scroll down to locate the card processor company’s icons on the right side at the bottom of the page under the payment methods tab. Please visit this page frequently for updates on addition of more payment methods.

What Delivery Options Are Available For Me?

Moonpig offers numerous delivery options for customers. Typically, orders placed on or before 7pm on any business day ship the same day. Customers can select the delivery method from the options listed on the delivery information page. These delivery options are available for

  • Cards
  • Gifts and flowers
  • Alcohol
  • Calendars

Additionally, Moonpig offers international and premium deliveries too. However, only cards are delivered internationally and rest of the merchandise on Moonpig ships to the United Kingdom addresses only. Contact customer service on the phone or by email to know more about premium or international deliveries prior to placing an order.

How To Contact Moonpig On Social Media?

Contacting Moonpig on social media is easy as it is present on many platforms. You can find Moonpig on

You can find links to these social media channels at the bottom of Moonpig web. Scroll down to the bottom and select your favourite platform to continue the conversation.


Moonpig offers mobile app for customers. Download of the app is free on iOS or android platform. You can use this app on iPhone, iPad, or any android phone or tablet. Some prominent advantages of using the app are

  • Online ordering
  • Account management
  • Order tracking
  • Importing address book while placing orders
  • Use phone camera to personalise cards or gifts
  • Selection of cards or gifts based on occasion
  • Reminders facility

More information on available features and on how to download the app is available on the app page. You can always contact customer service in case you find any difficulty while downloading or using the app.

Why Do You Need To Contact Moonpig Customer Service?


Moonpig customers may require assistance during or after placing an order. Therefore, it is very necessary to keep the information about how to contact Moonpig customer service handy. Some instances when you need assistance are

  • Follow up on orders, reward stamps
  • Enquiries about returns or refunds
  • Assistance for using the mobile app
  • Placing new orders
  • Card size guides
  • Information about available delivery options
  • Job opportunities
  • Media or press enquiries

How To Contact Moonpig Customer Service? Limited is the United Kingdom based online seller of personalised greeting cards and gifts. Photobox is parent organisation of Moonpig. It provides access to online shopping through Moonpig web store for UK customers. It is also operational in United States and Australia. Various ways of contacting Moonpig customer service are available. You can

  • Call customer service
  • Send email
  • Write to head office
  • Use online form to send message

Visit the web shop and locate help drop down menu on the top right. Then select appropriate option to call or send email. Existing and new customers need to contact customer service for various reasons. Some prominent reasons are

  • Assistance for login and account management
  • Enquiries about orders and deliveries
  • Payment related queries
  • Returns
  • Refunds
  • Complaints
  • Press enquiries
  • Help for prepay credit management
  • Submissions of creative ideas
  • Enquiries about offers and vouchers


Moonpig customer service is available between 8.30am to 9.00pm from Mondays through Fridays. However, they are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holidays.

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