Ovo Energy Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Ovo Energy
  • Contact Number: 0800 358 3523
  • HQ Address: 1 Rivergate Temple Quay Bristol BS1 6ED
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
  • Website: www.ovoenergy.com
Ovo Energy Department Phone Number
Ovo Energy Customer Service  0800 358 3523
*Free Number*
Pay As You Go Mobile 0117 370 1041
*Local Rate Number*
Ovo Energy Pay Monthly 0800 599 9440
*Free Number*
Pay Monthly Mobile 0117 930 3100
*Local Rate Number*
Ovo Energy New Account 0800 408 6610
*Free Number*
New Account Mobile 0117 332 6945
*Local Rate Number*
Ovo Energy Citizen Advice Consumer Help 0345 404 0506
*Local Rate Number*
Ovo Energy Emergency 0800 111 999
*Free Number*
Power Cuts 105
*Free Number*
National Terms of Connection 0207 706 5137
*Local Rate Number*
Ovo Energy Press Office 0741 570 2472
*3p and 55p per minute*

Ovo Energy Customer Service Free Number 0800 358 3523

PAYG Free Number

OVO Energy customer service free number is 0800 358 3523.
Ovo Energy postal address is:

Ovo Energy Customer Service
1 Rivergate
Temple Quay

You can also visit the Ovo Energy FAQ page before you make any move to get in touch with them. Their list of frequently asked questions is equipped with clear and concise answers. It is highly possible that you may find your answer there.

Ovo Energy Pay As You Go 0117 370 1041

If you have questions about the Pay As You Go service and you are calling from your mobile, you can always reach out to the Ovo Energy Pay As You Go mobile number 0117 370 1041.

The Pay As You Go program is a prepaid system, which means you will be able to top up whenever you want online. You can also check your credit without having to check the meter. They allow you to get a quote for the Pay As You Go service easily.

Ovo Energy Pay Monthly Free Number 0800 599 9440

Pay Monthly Customer Service

The Ovo Energy Pay Monthly free number is 0800 599 9440. This service is for you to call when you are having troubles with online management. Or you can just call this number to learn about all the special deals and offers they may have with the Pay Monthly program. You should also contact this Ovo Energy help desk number if they ask you to reach out to them. You can easily get a quote for this Ovo Energy service online.

Ovo Energy Pay Monthly 0117 930 3100

The alternative Ovo Energy Pay Monthly mobile number is 0117 930 3100. You can always call this number if you are calling from your mobile phone.

With the Ovo Energy Pay Monthly service, you are privileged to:

  • Online account management
  • Renewable electricity
  • 3% interest reward
  • Great savings

Ovo Energy New Account Free Number 0800 408 6610

OVO Energy Switch Now

The Ovo Energy new account free number is 0800 408 6610. Switching over to Ovo Energy is as easy because they make it such a short process that you can get it done in just three minutes. They offer simple and easily understandable tariffs with a strong commitment to their wide customer base.

Ovo Energy New Account 0117 332 6945

Mobile users can easily get in touch with the company on the Ovo Energy new account mobile number 0117 332 6945. The services on this phone number are similar to the ones on the main phone number.

Ovo Energy Citizen Advice Number 0345 404 0506

Ovo Energy Citizen Advice number

The Ovo Energy Citizen Advice consumer number is 0345 404 0506. You reserve the right to independent advice as an energy customer in the United Kingdom.  On this phone number, you will be able to get accurate information about the energy quality that Ovo provides. They can also help if you are struggling with making your payments.

Ovo Energy Emergency 0800 111 999

Ovo Energy Emergency

The Ovo Energy emergency free number is 0800 111 999. If you smell gas in the air or you can detect a gas leak, then it is highly probable that you are experiencing a gas emergency. If this happens, do not panic and dial this phone number all day long.

Ovo Energy Power Cuts 105

On the other hand, for power emergencies, you must contact this number 105 instead. For example, you are experiencing a power cut for no reason at all, then you ought to get in touch with the Distribution Network Operator on this Ovo Energy contact number.

Ovo Energy National Terms of Connection 0207 706 5137

Terms of Connection

The Ovo Energy national terms of connection number is is 0207 706 5137. Besides calling, they also provide a postal address you can mail your enquiries to at:

Energy Networks Association
6th Floor, Dean Bradley House
52 Horseferry Road

Ovo Energy is only the acting middleman between you and your local network operator. Hence, when you sign on to energy supply from the company, you are agreeing to a set of terms and conditions as set by your local network operator.

Ovo Energy Press Office 0741 570 2472

contact ovo energy press

The Ovo Energy press office phone number is 0741 570 2472. Ask to speak with Rob Jeffrey. He will speak to you immediately. If you are unable to reach out to them on the above Ovo Energy help desk number, you can always send them an email at [email protected].

Ovo Energy Complaints and Feedback

To lodge a complaint, do not hesitate to write them an email and send it to this address: [email protected]. Even if you have no complaints, they would love to hear more feedback from you so that they know how else they can improve their services to help you.

How to Cancel Ovo Energy?

If you wish to cancel your contract, you have to call the Ovo Energy customer service number provided above.

cancel ovo energy

Once you are a customer of Ovo Energy, you are entitled to a cooling off period that lasts for as long as 14 days. These 14 days are the days they allow you to change your mind about staying with them or leaving them. If you decide to cancel your contract within these 14 days, you will not have to pay for any exit fees. However, if you choose to cancel your contract after 14 days, you will be charged an exit fee.

Contact Ovo Energy via Social Media

ovo blog

The company has established a number of communication channels that you can get in touch with them through, such as calling, emailing, and writing letters. Nevertheless, you can also get in touch with them by following them on the social media accounts they have set up. By following them, you will be able to easily contact them, as well as receive regular updates about the company.

How to locate Ovo Energy telephone numbers easily?

Visit the Help page. Once the Help page is displayed, you have to scroll down until you see a tab that avails you to head on over to their Contact Us page. From there, you should be able to find a list of Ovo Energy phone numbers for your perusal.

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