Economy Energy Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Economy Energy
  • HQ Address: 142 Sandpits, Coventry, CV1 2TE.
  • Opening Hours: 8.00 AM - 8.00 PM Monday-Friday and 8.00 AM -6.00 PM Saturday and 8.00 AM -4.00 PM Sunday
  • Website:
Economy Energy Departments UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service
Top Up 0247 610 0767
National Grid Emergency 0800 111 999
-Free Number-

Economy Energy contact number

Economy Energy Customer Service Number 0333 103 9053

Economy Energy Customer Service number is 0333 103 9053. This number is available from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM Monday-Friday and 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM during Saturday and 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM during Sunday. You can call this number if you have any general queries about the company’s offerings or services. The customer care team at Economy Energy will answer your calls within 60 seconds.  To know more about the services and other details please go to the Economy Energy login link found on the official Economy Energy about us website.

Economy Energy trading limited contact number 0333 103 9053 is always provided by the Economy Energy customer service team. If you have any queries or concerns about any of the services offered by Economy Energy online saver, then you can post your queries along with your name, Email ID and other details such as your Economy Energy boiler and have your queries resolved at the earliest.

If you visit the Economy Energy head office then below is the contact details for the same:

Economy Energy
Friars House,
142 Sandpits,
CV1 2TE.

Economy Energy provides some additional services to its customers who have certain specific needs. For this, a customer needs to apply to ‘Priority Service Register (PSR). To know more about this feature, you can log in to Economy Energy Priority Service Register. To register for this feature you can either call Economy Energy phone number 0333 103 9053. You can also contact Economy Energy email [email protected] and get yourself registered for PSR.

If you have thought about starting an Economy Energy career then look no further. Economy Energy glassdoor has a lot of information on how to apply. But make sure that you contact Economy Energy email address myfuture@­

Economy Energy Top Up 0247 610 0767


Economy Energy top up contact number is 0247 610 0767 available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note that if you choose to make an Economy Energy payment in store, the hours will depend on the store in which you go to make your payment. Otherwise, you can contact Economy Energy bill pay contact number 0247 610 0767. Be sure to ask about Economy Energy warm home discount the next time you call to make payment to Economy energy bills. You may be eligible for a sustainable Economy Energy account. However, it is important to look online and see if your Economy Energy smart meter is accurate and providing the correct information to make you eligible for this special Economy Energy discount.

Economy Energy contact number 0247 610 0767 is a smart way to decide the question of paying for Economy Energy vs British Gas. This does not compare with respect to each other because the possibilities of making a top up payment for your Economy Energy service is the same almost. Economy Energy deals are always available, especially for Economy Energy new members. Economy Energy electric top up is also the same number of Economy Energy gas top up. But if you have Economy Energy complaints, then make sure to contact Economy Energy online [email protected] and this should be the fastest method of connecting with the available Economy Energy care officer.

To learn more about Economy Energy cashback or if you need to cancel Economy Energy services, please visit the Economy Energy companies house page.

When using Economy Energy dual fuel you are saving time and money. Is Economy Energy expensive compared to its competitors? Unlikely, as most of the Economy Energy pricing plans are the same when discussing Economy Energy top up plans. To get more information use the Economy Energy gas contact number 0247 610 0767.

Economy Energy Free Number 0800 111 999


Economy Energy Gas Emergency free number 0800 111 999 is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This is part of the National Grid service. If you are having difficulty hearing you can call Economy Energy textphone toll-free 0800 371 787. This number is also available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Economy Energy reviews suggest that when making an emergency call you should have all your information about your Economy Energy account prepared. One of the few Economy Energy complaints has been the company’s response to its customers in times of gas leaks and other energy emergencies. This information is also available on the Economy Energy app.

This free Economy Energy electricity contact number 0800 111 999 is for emergencies only and should not be used unless such emergency warrants a call. You can otherwise use the main Economy Energy UK contact number 0333 103 9053 to deal with any problems during the day. If it is outside of office hours then make sure you dial 1 in order to be directly connected to the Economy Energy free helpline 0800 111 999. Please note that Economy Energy moving house services does not count as an emergency.

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