Wonga Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Wonga
  • Contact Number: 0207 138 8330
  • HQ Address: 88 Crawford Street, London, W1H 2EJ
  • Opening Hours:
  • Website: www.wonga.com

Direct Wonga Contact Number: 0207 138 8330

Department Contact Number Opening Hours Postal Address
Customer Service, Complaints, Fraud Enquiries 0207 138 8330 Monday to Sunday, 7am to 10pm 88 Crawford Street, London, W1H 2EJ
Automated Repayment Line 0207 138 0063 Monday to Sunday, 7am to 10pm
Urgent Media Enquiries 0207 284 5679 Monday to Sunday, 7am to 10pm
FCA Redress Programme Queries 0800 840 0836 Monday to Saturday, 8am to 6pm

How to Find the Wonga Contact Us Page

In order to find the Wonga contact us page, just visit this page:

Choose the department that you like to get in touch with, and you will see the contact number immediately, with some more information regarding that department

Wonga Customer Service Team Contact Phone Number 0207 138 8330

Call the Wonga customer help number 0207 138 8330 for general enquiries with regard to the loan products or services offered by Wonga. This is also the phone number to dial to repay your Flexi Loan over the phone. Whether you are not satisfied with the service that you have been provided and would like to make a complaint, or you think you have been a victim of online fraud, you can report it through this contact number as well.

A company based in the United Kingdom, Wonga offers online lending services to eligible customers. They are best known for their short term loan product, which is designed to help people who are having unexpected expenses and are in need of a little extra cash. Wonga is committed to responsible lending, transparency, and treating customers fairly. To make an enquiry regarding their loan products and services, call the Wonga contact number helpline during their business hours.

If you already got a loan from Wonga and you will not be able to repay your loan on time, let them know right away by calling the Wonga contact phone number. They will provide you with a range of different options and handle with your situation in the most helpful and reasonable manner. If you inform them that you are unable to repay on time, they may be able to set up a payment arrangement with you. You will need first to fill in an online income and expenditure form, which will allow them to better understand the financial circumstances you are in so they may try to arrange a fair, flexible and affordable repayment plan for you.

Aside from calling the Wonga customer service telephone number, there are other ways to reach one of the company’s customer care representatives. Your enquiries can be submitted to them by sending them an email at [email protected].  In case you have a complaint and you are not able to reach the Wonga contact number helpline, you have the option to send it by email to [email protected]. If you would prefer to submit your complaint by post, then write to the following address:

To the Complaints Manager: Wonga.com Sheffield S95 1AR

When writing to them, make sure to include important details such as your full name, the email address that is associated with your account, a description of your complaint including supporting documentation, and what the company can do to put things right.

Wonga will acknowledge your complaint within 5 business days, and they will aim to resolve the issue as efficiently as possible. If your complaint is complicated, it may take sometime to be resolved, but they will keep you updated regularly about their progress and let you know if they need any additional information from you. The company will send you their final response within 8 weeks.

If they cannot respond to you within this time frame, they will get in touch with you to explain the delay and provide you with an indication of when you can expect their response. In case you are not satisfied with the progress of your complaint at this time, then you have the option to refer the issue to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

You can submit your complaint to the Finance and Leasing Association online or by downloading, filling in and posting a form along with supporting documents. The form can be downloaded here. If you would prefer that the complaint form is posted to you, then you can give the FLA a call on 0207 836 6511. You will have to complete and sign a hard copy of the form, which allows the FLA to take action on your behalf and provides them with the access to account information held by Wonga. You will then have to send your complaint to the following address:

The Compliance Manager Finance & Leasing Association

Imperial Hous15-19 Kingsway London WC2B 6UN

To submit your complaint by fax, send it to 0207 420 9600. By email, send it to [email protected].

If you would like the Financial Ombudsman Service to take care of your complaint, you have to submit your complaint to them within 6 months of the date of Wonga’s final response. You can give them a phone call on 0800 023 4567 free number or send them an email at [email protected].  To send them your complaint by post, write to the address below:

The Financial Ombudsman Service

Exchange Tower London E14 9SR

Additional information about the Financial Ombudsman Service can be found on their official website at http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/.

Wonga Automated Repayment Line Contact Phone Number 0207 138 0063

In order to make your repayment towards your Short Term Loan, dial the Wonga customer service telephone number 0207 138 0063. You can use this dedicated contact phone number to access the company’s automated repayment line.

With a Wonga loan, you can select the amount of cash that you would like to borrow, as well as the date when you would like to make a repayment for your loan. You will decide on your repayment dates, and the repayment will be automatically taken out of your debit card on your selected dates. Please keep in mind that you can also repay a portion or the full amount of your loan ahead of time and reduce the interest that you have to pay.

You can apply for a Wonga loan online at any time of the day, and if  your application is approved, the funds will be sent to your account in less than 5 minutes. To be eligible for the loan, you must be more than 18 years old, a debit card and bank account holder, a mobile phone owner, and a resident in the UK.

Wonga offers Short Term Loans or Payday Loans to people who are in need of a small amount of extra cash for no more than 35 days. New borrowers can apply for a payday loan of up to £400. If you are an existing/returning customer, you may be able to borrow up to £1,000, depending on your current personal application limit. The company also offers a new type of loan called Flexi Loans to those who require a bigger amount of extra cash. You can borrow from £150 to £500 if you are a new customer. Existing customers can borrow up to £1500 depending on their current personal application limit.

With a Flexi Loan, you will have the ability to spread your repayments over 3 months, and save interest if you make your repayment early. If you have additional questions related to Wonga Payday Loans and Flexi Loans, get in touch with their customer service team by calling the Wonga contact number helpline.

Wonga Urgent Media Enquiries Contact Phone Number 0207 284 5679

For urgent media enquiries, call Wonga customer service telephone number 0207 284 5679. This is the contact phone number to dial if you are a journalist and would like to speak to the company about a story, or ask more general questions with regard to their products. To get in touch with the Press Office Team through email, send your enquiries to [email protected] including your information and your deadline along with a brief description of your enquiry. This email address is being monitored 7 days a week, and the Wonga customer service team will reach out to you quickly.

Please be advised that this Wonga contact number helpline and email address are strictly for use by members of the press. Any other enquiries will not receive a response, so if you are contacting them because you would like to become an affiliate, you can drop a line to [email protected]. For those who have a marketing or sponsorship proposal, please email Wonga customer service team at [email protected], which is regularly monitored by them. You will get a response in due course if they are interested.

Wonga FCA Redress Programme Queries Contact Phone Number 0800 840 0836 Free Number

Contact Wonga contact number helpline 0800 840 0836 free number if you are a Wonga customer and you believe that you have been affected, but have not received any communications from them concerning their FCA redress programme. You can read through their FAQs section for more information.

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