ADT Security Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: ADT Security
  • Contact Number: 0800 144 4499
  • HQ Address: Security House Hanworth Road Sunbury-on-Thames TW16 5DB
  • Opening Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Website:
ADT Security Department UK Contact Number
ADT Security Customer Service 0800 144 4499
-Free Number-
ADT Security Complaints 0344 800 1999
ADT Security Head Office 0193 274 3333
ADT Security Credit Card 0344 800 6439
ADT Security Installation 0344 263 0715
ADT Security Accounts and Billing 0344 281 0101
ADT Security Upgrades and Add-ons 0800 169 8999
-Free Number-
ADT Security Moving House 0800 169 0612
-Free Number-
ADT Security Investor Relations 0193 274 3211

ADT Free Number

ADT Security Customer Service Free Number 0800 144 4499

ADT Security customer service UK contact number is 0344 800 1999, available 8am-8pm Monday and Tuesday, 8am-7pm Wednesday to Friday, and 9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday. Contact ADT security number customer service 0344 800 1999 to get more information about ADT security alarm systems, ADT security camera costs, ADT Security Prices UK, or even if you are interested in an ADT security job.

Alternatively, you may fill in their ADT Security door sensor Request for Quote form if you want to avail of their ADT home security UK or ADT business security assessment. In fact, an ADT home protection consultant will be glad to come to your ADT security doorbell, home or place of business and suggest the ideal security solution, depending on your property and the circumstances surrounding it. Just arrange ADT security help and an in-home visit via their ADT security head office request line 0344 800 1999 to schedule.

ADT Security UK Complaints 0344 800 1999

adt contact number

ADT Security UK complaints contact number is 0344 800 1999, available 24/7. If at any point you feel that you are dissatisfied with the service ADT Security provided, feel free to contact the ADT Security complaints department and they will try to manage your concerns so both parties reach a satisfactory and amenable solution. Complaints about ADT Security UK are taken very seriously, and the company is continuously finding ways to improve both their products and services.

Alternatively, you may contact ADT email address UK [email protected]. Or write to their ADT Customer Solutions team. Their opening hours are from 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday.

ADT Security Head Office
PO Box 4138
M1 4HD

In case your complaint is not resolved within 20 working days, you can contact ADT security ceo email address login [email protected].

ADT home security contact number 0344 800 1999 may also be used for the following services:

  • Ordering additional or replacement ADT parts for your alarm system
  • Reporting a general fault, and any other urgent requests
  • Contact ADT service department
  • Contact ADT remote service department. ADT remote support is available depending on the nature of your ADT Security service agreement. If your issue cannot be resolved over the phone, you may be required to perform an ADT Security software download so they can access your systems and provide the necessary support.

ADT Security UK Head Office 0193 274 3333


ADT Security UK head office contact number is 0193 274 3333, available 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Use this number to get in touch with the ADT Security hub office personnel and to learn more about their fire, safety and control product portfolios for major companies and large organisations. The ADT National Service Bureau provides easy access to their team of over 1,200 service engineers. Their experts will assist you in assessing your security risks and will recommend solutions specific to your needs.

If you would rather not use ADT security system contact number 0193 274 3333, you may instead send correspondence to the ADT Fire and Security head office UK. The ADT Security address is indicated below:

Security House
Hanworth Road
TW16 5DB

ADT Security Credit Card 0344 800 6439


ADT Security credit card contact number is 0344 800 6439, available 24/7. Call this number if you need to make a payment via direct debit or by cheque. Another way to pay a bill is through their ADT payment portal UK. For existing customers, be ready with your account or invoice information, which can be found on your letter, statement or invoice. For new customers, just input your assigned sales enquiry details along with your personal and credit card information. Enjoy a secure, quick and easy payment with the ADT Fire & Security PLC Payment Portal via online or by calling ADT Security contact us 0344 800 6439.

ADT Security Installation 0344 263 0715

ADT Security installation contact number is 0344 263 0715, available 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Call this number if you need assistance from their installation planning team for your recently purchased system. If you have ordered additional home or business equipment, you should have received an email confirming the purchase and they will shortly arrange a convenient installation date within 2 days. If your engineer did not show up on the day of the installation, just dial the ADT first and security contact number 0344 263 0715 again so proper adjustments can be made. Note that ADT Security does not offer weekend installations.

ADT Customer Service Billing 0344 281 0101


ADT customer service billing contact number is 0344 281 0101, available 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday to Friday. Call this number for all your concerns related to setting up an ADT Security direct debit or requesting copies of invoices, ADT maintenance service contracts, ADT residential service contracts, and handover certificates. You can also inquire about your bill, request for a refund or ask about general ADT billing issues with the ADT home security helpline 0344 281 0101. Alternatively, you can contact ADT email login [email protected].

If you want to request for a copy of your contact, get in touch with the ADT Security contract team via the ADT security services email [email protected] or contact ADT security telephone number 0344 281 0101. To know the service level included in your contract, check the sales agreement that was emailed to you, indicated on page 1 under the section System and Service details.

ADT Security Upgrades and Add-ons Free Number 0800 169 8999

ADT Security upgrades and add-ons free number is 0800 169 8999, available 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday to Friday. Call this number to request for quote or order additional equipment/devices or to speak to anyone of the ADT experts.

Alternatively, you may just complete their web form, whether it is for your home or for your business. Note that a short consultation may be required with one of their office-based security experts to ensure that ADT UK team will be able to supply the additional devices you require and to make sure that your current system is compatible with the devices. This is also the number to use if you would like to upgrade your keyholder response intruder ADT Security alarm system to police response.

Additionally, ADT customer service toll-free number 0800 169 8999 provides information for you to require ADT to protect your second home or business. This will entitle you to a discount while ensuring that your family and possessions get all the protection they need.

If you want to change your key holder information, you may contact the ADT UK contact email for key holder services at [email protected] and provide the details required for the change to take effect. They will respond in writing to your registered address to confirm if the changes have already been made. Note that they are unable to confirm the change via e-mail for security purposes. Please wait for 48hours for the change to take place or to dial the ADT free contact number 0800 169 8999 again.

ADT Security Moving House Free Number 0800 169 0612

ADT Security moving house free number is 0800 169 0612, available 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday to Friday. Call this number for assistance in moving to a new house and to know more about their offers. You can proceed to arrange for your equipment to be transferred to your new house or place of business. This will ensure that all the minor and major details are taken care of without the additional burden involved when relocating your home or business.

In case you decide or are thinking of leaving ADT Security, use the same ADT alarm toll-free number 0800 169 0612 and you can inform them of the change in your circumstances.

ADT Security Investor Relations 0193 274 3211

ADT Security investor relations contact number is 0193 274 3211, available 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday to Friday. Call this number if you are an ADT entrepreneurial investor who wishes to establish your own business within the residential market. Creating an ADT Security services investor relations with the company will give you the chance to provide homeowners with ADT burglar alarms and ADT security systems. Contact ADT Agents team 0193 274 3211 for more details and to grow your portfolio.

You may find yourself as an investor with needs to make money. If you want to get involved with ADT use the any ADT contact number UK 0193 274 3211 above.

Lastly for any general inquiry about ADT PLC investment contact ADT fire and security PLC email address [email protected].

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