Cardif Pinnacle Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Company NameCardif Pinnacle
  • Contact Number:0208 207 9000
  • HQ Address:Cardif Pinnacle Pinnacle House A1 Barnet Way Borehamwood Hertfordshire WD6 2XX United Kingdom
  • Opening Hours:Monday through Friday 8.30AM to 5PM
Cardif Pinnacle Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0208 207 9000
Fax 0208 953 6222
Pet Insurance Claims 0330 123 1922
Personal Insurance Claims 0330 123 3502
Partnerships 0755 784 5471
Complaints 0344 543 1035
Payment Protection Insurance 0344 801 2177

Cardif Pinnacle Insurance Customer Service Number 0208 207 9000

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The Cardif Pinnacle Insurance UK customer service contact number is 0208 207 9000. This number is available Monday – Friday from 8.30AM-5PM. This is the main number dedicated for all the general enquiries regarding Cardif Pinnacle, their products, services and affiliates.
While you can visit Cardif Pinnacle online, you may also Contact Cardif Pinnacle customer service online through email [email protected]. You can also send a letter in the post to the following address:

Cardif Pinnacle
Pinnacle House
A1 Barnet Way
United Kingdom

You can also visit their careers web page to search the jobs that will suit your credentials. All enquiries or resumes/CVs can be sent via email, [email protected]. Be sure to include in the subject line the specific job you are writing about. You can also send your information to the postal address above.

Cardif Pinnacle Fax Number 0208 953 6222

The Cardif Pinnacle fax number is 0208 953 6222. This number is available 24 hours a day but you may have to expect a 72-hour delay between responses. You can send applications, forms, and other important information. Please be sure to reference your name, telephone number, and the reason for sending the fax.

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Cardif Pinnacle Pet Insurance Claim Contact Number 0330 123 1922

The Cardif Pinnacle Pet Insurance Claim contact number is 0330 123 1922. To learn more all you need to do is simply download this Cardif Pinnacle Insurance form. The number offers a service to help you answer any questions you may have regarding the form. It is highly recommended that you submit this form within the first six months of the initial treatment or you may have to start the process over again.

Cardif Pinnacle Insurance Partnerships Contact Number 0755 784 5471

The Cardif Pinnacle Insurance Partnership contact number is 0755 784 5471. Use this number when you want to make a product solution part of your agenda, or when you are looking to team up as an affiliate with Cardif Pinnacle.

For partnership development, or simply how to learn about underwriting and pricing, product manufacture, white label branded solutions, marketing, policy claims and administration and website development using this number.

Upon receiving answering service representation ask to speak with the General Manager of Sales Ian Jansingh. If he is unavailable at the time that you call, do not hesitate to visit his Cardif Pinnacle web page or email him directly, [email protected]. Together you can discuss your future with Cardif Pinnacle.

To learn more or join the Cardif Pinnacle Insurance UK affiliate programmes send an email [email protected] or fill in their affiliate registration form.

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Cardif Pinnacle Personal Insurance Claims Contact Number 0330 123 3502

The Cardif Pinnacle personal insurance claims contact number is 0330 123 3502. This call will be recorded so be prepared for recognising this. To learn more simply visit the Cardif Pinnacle personal insurance web page. You can also easily download a claim form online. Cardif Pinnacle guarantees that its insurance provides the best opportunity for you to pay off bills in any emergency situation. This number is also used for unemployment claims and individuals are seeking a job.

Cardif Pinnacle Insurance Complaints Number 0344 543 1035

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The Cardif Pinnacle Insurance complaints number is 0344 543 1035. This number is available Monday-Friday 8.30AM-5PM. This number is to share frustration or dissatisfaction as a customer, but also an opportunity to create a safe space for you to engage as a partner with the company. If you cannot reach a person during proper business hours then feel free to go online or email Cardif Pinnacle directly [email protected].

Cardif Pinnacle Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Mis Sell Complaints Contact Number 0344 801 2177

The Cardif Pinnacle Payment Protection Insurance Mis Sell Complaints contact number is 0344 801 2177. This number is available only Monday-Friday from 8.30AM-5PM. Please call in order to investigate a claim about the proper handling or mishandling of your case. If you opt to send them an email, send your complaints and other concerns to [email protected]. Otherwise, visit the complaints page on the Cardif Pinnacle website.

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