EasyJet Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: EasyJet
  • Contact Number: 0330 365 5000
  • HQ Address: London Luton Airport , Bedfordshire, UK . LU2 9PD
  • Opening Hours: All days, 8.00 am - 8.00 pm UK Local Time
  • Website: www.easyjet.com
EasyJet Department UK Phone Number
EasyJet Customer Service, Cancellations and Flight Changes, Luton and Gatwick Airports, Emergency Contact 0330 365 5000
EasyJet Head Office, Call Centre 0203 499 5248
EasyJet Holidays, Group Booking 0203 499 5251
Travel Insurance 0371 200 0223
Travel Insurance Claims and Refunds 0208 603 9692
EasyJet Special Assistance Free Number 0800 668 1130
EasyJet Reservations 0203 499 5232
EasyJet from abroad +44(0)330 365 5454
Operating Hours 8.00 am – 8.00 pm UK Local Time

EasyJet Customer Service Number 0330 365 5000

EasyJet Customer service number

EasyJet wants to make it easier for their customers to travel by air. Even more so they want you to be in touch with them. Irrespective of not having an EasyJet free phone number, dial the EasyJet customer service number 0330 365 5000. The recipient will answer your questions about flight inquiry, delays, claims, insurance and simply for every other service they offer along with the airline service!

EasyJet has made it easier for their customers to let them know about EasyJet flight cancellations. Call this EasyJet cancellations number
0330 365 5000.  EasyJet flight cancellations can be an inconvenience for their customers. Striving to serve in the best way possible, they take informing the customers about it as their responsibility. For the comfort of people, they will answer deliberate inquiries about EasyJet flight cancellations as well. If you contact on the aforementioned number, you can get satisfactory updates on any possible EasyJet flight cancellations.

We figured that you would be needing the EasyJet emergency number to get in touch with them for an urgent matter at hand. You will contact at the EasyJet Emergency number 0330 365 5000 to talk with the officials.   They will ensure addressing your issue with likewise urgency. EasyJet Emergency number is to be used for instant query resolving. For example, you want to cancel your booking at the last moment, or want to make some changes to the seating, or even rent a car on the spot.

You can never know the unexpected. A death in the family. A tornado or monsoon. Or simply, you missed your alarm clock and consequently your flight. In all these situations it is important to know the right Easyjet contact number. With this is mind, save a few minutes and remember to dial the EasyJet flight change number 0330 365 5000. Even if it is a few minutes before your flight, this helpline will be able to at least find you a new flight.

EasyJet Airport Services

  • EasyJet wants to provide with as much ease to their customers as they can. Therefore, they have an online check-in system as well. This will help expedite your airport experience. If you wish to learn about it, you would need to know the EasyJet check-in phone number 0330 365 5000. Have your airline information and all pertinent flight documents available. This check-in service will also be available at Gatwick and Luton airport.
  • EasyJet Gatwick has now started the self-service of auto bag drop at its North and South terminals. You can learn more about the EasyJet Gatwick services using the EasyJet Gatwick phone number 0330 365 5000 (North terminal). Contacting the officials at the EasyJet Gatwick phone number will provide you with likewise information about it if you would have called at the EasyJet free phone number instead.
  • If you have faced some issue at the EasyJet Luton Airport, you would need to know the EasyJet Luton Airport Contact Number 0330 365 5000. In addition to this, if you want to learn about the contact details of the EasyJet Luton Airport, the EasyJet Luton Airport contact number would be a great help. They can assist you with your flights from the airport and guide you on a missing baggage issue. They can also let you know about the car you rent from your final destination.

EasyJet Head Office Phone Number 0203 499 5248

There are a lot of times when people want to get in touch with the head office but cannot find the EasyJet head office number. You do not need to worry about it anymore as you can contact them at the EasyJet head office phone number 0203 499 5248 easily now! EasyJety head office phone number will help you solve your related queries with just a phone call away. Officials available on this number will be at your service for higher degree issues as well.

You can always get in touch with the customer service Team of EasyJet by contacting them at the EasyJet call centre number 0203 499 5248. By dialling this EasyJet phone number, you can get your desired concerns addressed. Access to the EasyJet helpline means that in case you need to learn about this holiday package they announced, or their policy with respect to travelling with children, or other services offered, you can easily get to know all about it!

EasyJet Holidays Contact Number 0203 499 5251

EasyJet Holidays contact information

EasyJet has made it convenient for you to plan good holidays as well. They have this service of bringing the details of relevant destinations to you if you reach them at the EasyJet holidays contact number. This EasyJet holidays contact number 0203 499 5251 can be dialled if you want to learn about prevalent packages, what destinations to visit and which would be best for you given the budget you have. You can also fill out the EasyJet Holidays Contact Form to get your related queries resolved. You can get following kinds of queries addressed via EasyJet holidays contact number. If you wish to enjoy a beach holiday. When you have already decided where to fly from. So you can reach the staff at this number for all these kinds of concerns.

It is very easy to get the hold of an official at the EasyJet airlines contact number and inquire about the service. For learning about the details of the available flights, the destinations, when they take off and land, or just any other piece of information, contact at EasyJet airlines contact number 0203 499 5251. The operation of the EasyJet airlines contact number is a quick way to reach them since they do not have the EasyJet free phone number. Want to book a hotel? Looking forward to having an exotic and memorable holiday? Wishing to rent a car? Simply give a call at the EasyJet Airlines contact number and they will help you out.

EasyJet Media Office Contact Number 0158 252 5252

  • EasyJet has also its own media office to contact in case that a journalist would want to get an appointment for interview schedules. EasyJet contact number for media concerns is 0158 252 5252. This phone line is open weekdays. You can also send an email to the following media personnel below through their own e-mail addresses:
  • [email protected] for EasyJet media enquiries for journalists from the UK or UK publications on London Gatwick, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Gibraltar, Malta, Russia and Sweden.
  • [email protected] for EasyJet media enquiries for journalists from the UK or UK publications on London Luton, London Stansted, London Southend, Bournemouth, Isle of Man, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Iceland, Israel and Turkey.
  • [email protected] for EasyJet media enquiries for journalists from the UK or UK publications on Bristol and Newcastle.
  • Please note that the EasyJet media office only respond to media requests using the contacts given. To view the webpage of this information, please follow the link below:
  • http://corporate.EasyJet.com/contacts

EasyJet Special Assistance Free Number 0800 668 1130

EasyJet Special Assisstance Contact Number

To provide with best services for all EasyJet has special assistance for disabled people as well. To get in touch with related personnel at the other end of the EasyJet special assistance free number, ring the EasyJet special assistance free number 0800 668 1130. Here, they will let you know about how you can avail this service, whom does it apply to and other related issues as well. By contacting at this EasyJet special assistance free number, you can easily get your demands for a special person heard.

EasyJet Group Booking contact details

It would be wise to make your bookings with EasyJet online first and then opt for EasyJet booking contact number later. Though, if you contact at the EasyJet booking contact number they will very comprehensively guide you as to how you can make your bookings, the offers there are and simply anything you want to learn with respect to booking. Even if you are a group of people wishing to travel together, EasyJet has got it covered for you.

EasyJet Travel Insurance Service Contact Number 0371 200 0223

  • If you are a customer of EasyJet that has enquiries about travel insurance assistance by EasyJet, the EasyJet contact number for travel insurance is, 0371 200 0223. EasyJet is partnered with Allianz Global Assistance and its office is the official travel insurance assistance number of EasyJet. If you would like to contact Allianz Global Assistance directly, you can visit the website below or call the given telephone number above. More through this EasyJet insurance page.
  • You can also post the travel insurance department of EasyJet at:
    Allianz Global Assistance
    Travel Insurance Claims department
    PO Box 1900
    CR90 9BA. United Kingdom

EasyJet Travel Insurance Claims and Refunds Phone Number 0208 603 9692

EasyJet contact for claims and complaints about insurance phone line is 0208 603 9692 that is open from Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm. You can speak to one of its team, under Allianz Global Assistance, to answer your questions regarding insurance issues. They also have a chat link to use in case that you are using the internet in reaching them and has no access on telephones. Please click the link below to be directed on the EasyJet live chat page. Or use this email: [email protected] to claim

EasyJet Reservations Contact Number 0203 499 5232

You would not need to do much if you want to reserve a hotel, a seat on a flight, or conveyance. You just have to dial the EasyJet reservations contact number 0203 499 5232. Contacting the officials at the EasyJet reservations contact number, you can learn about other details with respect to your reservation as well. For example, confirming about a car you rented, or the hotel room you asked them to reserve for you. This is applicable for a holiday package you asked them to keep on hold as well.

They have an online booking system working very effectively, Though, in case you feel the need to book EasyJet flights by phone, you can simply dial the Easyjet Contact number. Therefore, to book EasyJet flights by phone, it is appreciated to check with an online system first. However, you can surely make the changes to the booked flights by asking the Customer Service Team to do so.

EasyJet Contact Number From Abroad +44 (0)330 365 5454

EasyJet number from abroad

Since EasyJet has a very expanded business, it is very likely that calls might be made at the EasyJet contact number from abroad as well. The EasyJet contact number from abroad +44(0)330 365 5454 is dialled by international customers. These would be to those who want to make their bookings, learn about the hotels available and the transport by EasyJet. Also, the ones who are probably travelling from other countries to the ones where EasyJet flies to and from.

Alternative EasyJet Airlines Contact Details

EasyJet LIve chat

The easiest way to contact EasyJet is to fill out their online contact form. Or you can take the next step and write an email. Moreover, a live chat with them Between 8.00 am – 8.00 pm.

EasyJet Headquarters Address

  • You can write to EasyJet and post at the following address:
    EasyJet Airlines LTD
    c/o EasyJet Customer Service
    Hangar 89
    London Luton Airport
    Luton Bedfordshire
    LU2 9PF
    United Kingdom

EasyJet Social Media

You can, moreover, get in touch with them at their social media profiles by following them. These are available for direct messaging as well as comments and questions. There are several options including Instagram, Twitter and LinkedInFacebook and YouTube.

EasyJet Base location

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