FM Global Insurance Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: FM GLOBAL (Factory Mutual Insurance Company)
  • Contact Number: 01753 750 000
  • HQ Address: 1 Windsor Dials Windsor Berkshire, SL4 IRS
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm
  • Website:
FM Global Department Contact Number
FM Global Customer Service 01753 750 000
New Business Enquiries 02074 804 011
Regional Sales Manager for London, Paris and Frankfurt Operations 01753 750 098
FM Approvals 01753 750 000
Hot Work Permit App ? Technical 04014 152 989
Report of Impairment 01753 750 313
Report for Impairment, London Office 02074 804 000
Report for Impairment, Manchester Office 01614 552 800
Report of Claims Office 01753 750 200
Report of Property Loss 01753 750 000
Report of Cargo Loss 0208 300 7744
All Media Enquiries 02072 406 800
Media Relations +44 (0) 1753 750496
Resource Catalog Orders 04014 777 744

FM Global Customer Service Contact Number 01753 750 000

fm global contact numbers

  • Call the FM Global customer service contact number: 01753 750 000. You may also send a fax at 01753 868 700. These are the dedicated phone and fax numbers to dial when you have questions about FM Global products, services and other concerns regarding FM Global insurance. Also, when you want to enquire about their FM Global career opportunities and FM Approvals, reach them thru these numbers.
  • Through the FM Global General Enquiries contact numbers, obtain answers to your questions regarding the company’s commercial and industrial property insurance, engineering, underwriting, claims and other products that they offer. You may also get in touch with the FM Global customer service team by filling up the comments and questions contact form which can be seen at the right portion of the contact us page. In addition to that, you can send them an email to [email protected] or visit them personally at FM Global Windsor 1 Windsor Dials Windsor Berkshire, SL4 IRS.

FM Global New Business Enquiries Contact Number 02074 804 011

For FM Global new business enquiries, call: 02074 804 011 for FM Global phone and reach them thru fax by number 02074 882 555. These are the dedicated phone and fax numbers when you want to partner with FM Global UK and get support with your business’ property insurance, risk management and practical loss prevention engineering solutions. Furthermore, this unit accommodates your enquiries about FM Global cargo coverage, risk engineering services, commercial property insurance and protection needs. They focus on your needs and can devise a customized service that will support your business.

If you are an organization, business or committee that wants to do business with FM Global Windsor, this team will help you understand and address unique and emerging hazards that will benefit you. You also have the option to email FM Global customer new business enquiry unit at [email protected]. This team is led by Peter Solloway, Regional Sales Manager – London, Paris and Frankfurt Operations and you can reach him directly at this number 01753 750 098, and by fax 01753 868 700. You may also email him at [email protected].

FM Global Approvals Contact Number 01753 750 000

  • Contact FM Global Approvals unit at 01753 750 000 to apply for a certification, request for issuance of UAE Certificate of Compliance (UAE CoC), enquire about their current approval standards, know if your application has been approved, modify your FM Approved product, retain your FM Approvals certification, seek approval of products designed for use in hazardous locations or when you want to be a part of the FM Global Approvals team. Alternatively, send your concerns or questions thru email at [email protected] or [email protected].
  • FM Global Hot Work Permit App Contact Number 04014 152 989 contact this number in case you encounter technical difficulties related to FM Global Hot Work Permit App. This number applies to all countries outside of Canada and United States. In case you want to send your concerns via email, you may do so by emailing [email protected].

Report of Impairment Contact Number 01753 750 313

Report of Impairment

  • To report cases of impairment for clients located at Windsor area, contact their FM Global Support Office via phone on 01753 750 313 or send them a fax message on 01753 750 064.
  • If you need to report of Impairment, you can also call the offices that handle impairment concerns in Manchester which you can contact via phone on 01614 552 800 or fax on 01614 552 801.
  • Moreover, if you are situated in London, reach them through their phone number 02074 804 000 or fax number 02074 882 555.
  • On the other hand, email FM Global London at [email protected]om.
  • If you want to report the impairment directly in person, visit their Manchester office on:
    Anchorage 2 Salford Quays Manchester, M50 3YW
    or London office on:
    The Leadenhall Building 122 Leadenhall St. London, EC3V 4AB.
    Also ask about the Red eTag and fire protection impairments at the contact details mentioned.

Report of Claims Office Contact Number 01753 750 200

Dial FM Global phone number and report of claim on 01753 750 200 or send a fax message to 01753 750 201 when you need to get insurance claims or you have enquiries about the process of claiming your benefits whether it is a property or cargo loss.

Report of Property Loss 01753 750 000

  • Report a loss, get in touch with their loss prevention engineers or enquire about FM Global UK’s cost-effective property loss prevention programmes and engineering services on this number: 01753 750 000. Call to check the coverage of your All-risk property insurance, business interruption settlement options  as well as the terms and conditions of FM Global UK regarding loss issues.
  • Alternatively, send your enquiries via email to [email protected].

Report of Cargo Loss 0208 300 7744

  • If you have further questions in the event of cargo loss and cargo settlement issues, Steve Jarrett of FM Global Cargo Loss unit can be contacted via phone at 02083 007 744 or fax 02083 091 266.
  • You may see him face to face on:
    Christopher House Station Road Sidcup, Kent DA15 7BS United Kingdom.

FM Global Media Enquiries Contact Number +44 (0) 1753 750496

  • If you are a member of the media or a journalist and you have questions about FM Global UK’s products and services, contact FM Global phone number +44 (0) 1753 750496 and the FM Global UK’s press team at Sermelo will answer all your enquiries regarding the company, insurance policies and other press-related questions.
  • Get in touch with their FM Global UK Media Team led by Belinda Oliver, EMEA/AP Marketing Communications Manager via phone +44 (0) 1753 750496 or fax 01753 868 700 and know about the latest news, events and get access with FM Global publications.

Resource Catalog Orders Contact Numbers 0401 477 7744

Resource Catalog number

If you have queries related to an order placed through FM Global UK Resource Catalog, call customer service worldwide contact number at 04014 0777 744 or use their general contact form.

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How to Find the FM Global Contact Page

The FM Global UK contact page can be found on the website at At the upper right side of the page, just below the search bar, you will see the “CONTACT US” link for FM Global helpline numbers.

fm global contact us

Once you click on the link, you will be directed to the page where you can browse the phone, number, facsimile number or email address of the unit you want to get in touch with within FM Global UK. Aside from contact numbers of the units at the head office at FM Global Windsor, you will see the contact numbers of their satellite offices in Manchester and London where you can report your impairment concerns.

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