London General Insurance Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: London General Insurance
  • Contact Number: 0330 100 3880
  • HQ Address: Twenty Kingston Road, Kingston Road, Staines-Upon-Thames, Surrey, England, TW18 4LG
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm
  • Website:
London General Insurance Service Contact Number
Customer Service 0330 100 3880
Automotive Claims Assistance 0330 100 3287
Other Claims Assistance 0330 100 3887
Retail BusinessAuto Dealerships Assistance 0159 486 3000
Manufacturer – Appliances 0772 049 8031

London General Insurance Customer Service 0330 100 3880

London General Insurance number

The London General Insurance customer service number is 0330 100 3880. Find all the answers to your queries from the customer service regarding:

  • The company
  • Product technical support
  • Customer relations
  • Inbound and outbound customer care and sales
  • Appliance and consumer electronics extended warranty (including theft and damage protection)
  • Automotive, redundancy, and creditor disability
  • Critical illness insurance services
  • Programme enrolment and registration
  • Product and recall enquiries

london general insurance contact information

Contacting the sales team or customer service team is simple. Visit the contact us page on the web and fill up the online form to get in touch with a specialist. They deal with your enquiries and offer assistance on how to maximise your revenue and customer satisfaction as well.

London General Insurance Automotive Claims Assistance Number 0330 100 3287

London General Insurance automotive claims assistance contact number is 0330 100 3287. Use this number for quick response and resolution to your automotive insurance claim as well as extended warranties that accompany your policy. You can contact London General Insurance by visiting the claims assistance link. The page has detailed information for you. However, please review your policy document for assistance as the document contains required information. Moreover, you can always contact claims department during the need for help.

claims assistance at_london general insurance

London General Insurance Other Claims Number 0330 100 3887

London General Insurance other claims contact number is 0330 100 3887. Get answers with your enquiries regarding appliance and consumer electronics extended warranty, which includes theft and damage protection, creditor disability, redundancy and critical illness insurance claims. They are always ready to respond especially when unexpected damages covered by your insurance happen. People at London General Insurance understand the significance of a loss. They are always ready to assist with a phone call. You can contact for assistance during reporting a loss of automotive, appliance and consumer electronics extended warranty (including theft and damage protection), and creditor disability, redundancy and critical illness insurance services.

London General Insurance Retail Business – Auto Dealerships Assistance and Enquiries 0159 486 3000

The London General Insurance retail business number is 0159 486 3000. It is also for auto dealerships assistance and enquiries. Contact on this number to know the company’s business partners with in order to deliver effective value added warranties and insurances to clients. Similarly, visit the details page on the web for more information about services offered. This includes gadget and technology insurance, appliance insurance, jewellery and watches insurance and home entertainment insurance. If you have further questions, contact Shaminder Rai, the Customer Transformation Director for enquiries. Call in or send an email to: [email protected]. Aside from this, you can also ask for assistance on how to increase your return on investment and enquiries about insurance protection and additional coverage on automotive insurance.

london insurance retails contact number

With the well-designed warranty programme or service plan, you can have a warranty for your vehicles and protection for your cars, motorbikes, tractors, and more. Nevertheless, you can also get assistance and solutions with your concerns about customised warranty programmes, mechanical warranty, service plan products, vehicle asset protection, tyre and wheel, key loss, MOT insurance and technical support. Moreover, visit the auto dealership page to download the automotive brochure for additional information. Contact the Vice President of the Warranty Group for Auto Europe, Mr Justin Woodman for additional inquiries and learn more about available options. Call or send Justin a message: [email protected].

London General Insurance Manufacturer – Appliances Electronics/Technology Furniture Assistance  0772 049 8031

London General Insurance manufacturer – appliances electronics/technology furniture assistance and enquiries contact number is 0772 049 8031. Visit manufacturers page or get in touch with Simon Harrison, European Business Development Director of The Warranty Group UK to learn more. Reach him via email at [email protected].


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How to Contact London General Insurance Limited using Warranty Group UK Social Media accounts?

The Warranty Group assists customers on social media. Therefore, feel free to use these channels to express yourself.

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