Hiscox Insurance Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Hiscox Limited
  • Contact Number: 01206773777
  • HQ Address: 1 Great St Helen's, London EC3A 6HX, UK
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, not including bank holidays
  • Website: www.hiscox.co.uk
Hiscox Department Contact Number
Customer Service Department 0120 677 3777
*Local rate*
Home Insurance Enquiries 0800 247 1902
*Free number*
Home Insurance Overseas 0190 461 8200
*Local rate*
Home Emergency Cover 0800 042 0342
*Free number*
Family Legal Cover 0800 731 3548
*Free number*
Tradesperson Assistance 0800 170 0935
*Free number*
Personal and Health Advice 0800 731 3548
*Free number*
Confidential Counselling 0117 934 2121
*Local rate*
Medical Assistance Overseas 0800 711 7120
*Free number*
Security Services 0207 448 6032
*Local rate*
Business Insurance Enquiries/Claims 0808 250 8878
*Free number*
Business Insurance Overseas 0333 331 5668
*Local rate*
Professional Indemnity, Property Claims 0120 677 3899
*Local rate*
Personal Accidents 0208 315 0732
*Local rate*
International Medical Rescue 0208 290 4442
*Local rate*
Travel Insurance Medical Emergency 0207 902 7990
*Local rate*
Travel Insurance Evacuation 0203 291 2424
*Local rate*
Travel Insurance Enquiry 0330 660 0751
*Local rate*
Event Insurance Claims 0800 840 2469
*Free number*
UK Brokers Birmingham 0121 212 5900
*Local rate*
UK Brokers Colchester 0120 678 8874
*Local rate*
UK Brokers Glasgow 0141 285 6510
*Local rate*
UK Brokers Scotland 0141 285 6511
*Local rate*
UK Brokers Maidenhead 0207 448 6650
*Local rate*
UK Brokers Manchester 0161 245 3350
*Local rate*
UK Broker York 0190 468 1023
*Local rate*
Press Enquiries 0207 448 6656
*Local rate*

Hiscox Insurance Customer Service 0120 677 3777


The Hiscox Insurance customer service number is 0120 677 3777. This number is useful if you want to know about the latest product offers. You can also request for policy changes, check the status of your claims, make claims or ask any general questions about the insurance coverages offered by Hiscox. You need to know various other numbers in order to directly voice out your concerns to the appropriate department aside from this number.

Hiscox Home Insurance Free Number 0800 247 1902 Free Number

The Hiscox home insurance free number is 0800 247 1902. The UK-based experts of Hiscox are ready to help you with your home insurance concerns.

Hiscox Home Insurance Quote Free Number 0808 256 8825

The Hiscox Home Insurance quote free number is 0808 256 8825. You need to provide your contact details and your selected insurance product to get a quote.

Hiscox Confidential Counselling 0117 934 2121

If you’re a policyholder who needs confidential counselling, call 0117 934 2121. You can get a counselling session via your telephone.

Hiscox Travel Insurance Number 0330 660 0751

Contact on Hiscox travel insurance phone number 0330 660 0751 if you want to avail of Hiscox Travel Insurance or if you want to ask about the coverage of the policies.

International Medical Emergency, 0208 290 4442

For policyholders who need international medical rescue, call 0208 290 4442.

Travel Medical Emergency, 0207 902 7990

For other medical emergencies that you encounter, call for help at 0207 902 7990.

Hiscox Travel Evacuation, 0203 291 2424

In case you’re abroad, and you need to be evacuated due to natural calamities, political unrest, call the travel evacuation number 0203 291 2424.

Hiscox Business Insurance Policies Free Number 0808 271 8684

business insurnce information

Hiscox offers different business insurance policies, which can cater to various industries. Among the products you can choose from are

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Cyber and Data Risk Insurance

There are different help phone numbers that you can use depending on what service or product you need.

To make claims or to relay your enquiries, call the 0808 271 8684 free number. The people from the Hiscox customer service team will guide you through the process to smoothly make claims. Before calling, prepare your policy number for easier transactions. You can call this number to ask about the different insurance policies issued by the company.

Hiscox Professional Indemnity Number 0120 677 3899

professional idemnity insurance information

Hiscox number for Professional Indemnity is 0120 677 3899. You are required to get in touch with the help team if any customers want to make claims against your organisation. You can also call this number if you want to make claims for your business property. A claims underwriter will respond to your request.

Hiscox Personal Accident Number 0208 315 0732

To make claims for personal accidents policies call 0208 315 0732. The Hiscox Personal Accident Insurance is a business insurance product. You can call the number to learn about the coverage of the policy such as funeral expenses, lump sum payments, recruitment expenses and retraining budget.

Hiscox Birmingham 0161 245 3350

There are different Hiscox regional offices scattered across the UK. If you want to talk to a Hiscox broker in charge in your area, call the designated numbers. For clients from Birmingham, the Hiscox phone number to use is 0121 212 5902.

Hiscox Colchester 0120 678 8874

If you are from Colchester, reach out to the appropriate Hiscox help team at 0120 678 8874. There are brokers located in this area, you can talk to them using the provided phone number.

Hiscox Scotland 0141 285 6511

The Hiscox contact number for customers from Scotland is 0141 285 6511. If you wish to visit their office, call the number first. Call the same number as well to make any enquiries about the company’s Scotland-based brokers.

Hiscox Manchester 0161 245 3350

Hiscox also has a branch in Manchester. Call the number 0161 245 3350 for your concerns or queries and appointments if you are from Manchester or if you wish to visit the branch in this area.

Hiscox York 0190 468 1023

Another Hiscox branch is located in York. If you are from York and you need a broker for your insurance queries, get in touch with the Hiscox help staff through 0190 468 1023.

Hiscox Press Contact 0207 448 6656

Aside from the contact phone numbers provided above that correspond to the different products and services provided Hiscox, there are also other important numbers you need to take note of. If you need to reach out to Hiscox’s Press team call 0207 448 6656. Look for Kylie O’Connor, the head of the communications group.

Hiscox Insurance Complaints


Contact information for filing complaints

Aside from the above two numbers, you can send your complaints to [email protected] or send a letter to

Hiscox Customer Relations,
Hiscox Building,
Peasholme Green
York Y01 7PR.


Hiscox Customer Services,
Hiscox House,
Sheepen Place,
Essex CO3 3XL

Another option is to send your concerns via [email protected].  Apart from the address and the email, Hiscox can also be contacted through their social media pages.

Contact Hiscox via Social Media

How to Find Hiscox Customer Service?

contact information for hiscox insurance

Hiscox is an international insurance company that specialises in underwriting various insurance policies for both personal and commercial clients. To find which Hiscox contact number to use when you need assistance, go to Hiscox Insurance site. Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage to locate the Making a Claim tab. Click on the link that says “contact our claims team” and you will be redirected to a new page. On the Contact Us page, you will find the necessary links that will give you the correct Hiscox number to call.

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