Lebara Mobile Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Lebara Mobile
  • Contact Number: 0203 036 3000
  • HQ Address: 25 Copthall Avenue, London EC2R 7BP UK
  • Opening Hours: 24 hours a day
  • Website: www.lebara.com
Lebara Mobile Department Contact Number
Customer Service 02 number 0203 036 3000
*Local rate*
Customer Service and Complaints 0870 075 5588
Customer Service From Lebara Mobile 5588
*Free from Lebara*
Global Customer Service (Germany) +49 (0)180 653 2272
Media Enquiries 0203 036 3001
*Local rate*
Lebara Play Sales 0208 004 1234
*Local rate*
Lebara Play Technical Support Free Number 0808 189 0385
*Free number*
Lebara Play Technical Support 0203 608 0062
*Local rate*
Lebara Money Complaints Free Number 0800 640 6303
*Free number*

Lebara Mobile Customer Service and Complaints 0870 075 5588 or 0203 036 3000


Lebara Mobile customer service and complaints number is 0870 075 5588. This complaints number is available 24/7 for customers to report a fault.

Contact or complain to Lebara Mobile by sending an email, [email protected].

Then, the information about how to proceed with filing complaints is available on the mobile terms and conditions page on the Lebara website. Similarly, you can visit this page to know more about the options to escalate your complaint in case you are not happy with the resolution offered by the Lebara support.


The Lebara Mobile terms and conditions customer service contact number is 0203 036 3000. This number is available Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 5 PM. You can also visit Lebara Mobile online to find out more about various plans and the other services:

  • Lebara pay as you go SIM services
  • Data plans
  • Lebara pay as you go top-up services
  • How to avail free SIM card
  • Lebara top up options
  • Latest offers and discounts
  • Lebara recharge options
  • Lebara internet connectivity solutions

Contact Lebara Mobile online by sending an email, [email protected] or through the Global Customer Care contact, [email protected]. These services are available 24 hours a day.

Customers can also write to the Lebara Group International:

Lebara Group
Level 2,
25 Copthall Avenue,
London EC2R 7BP

Lebara Customer Service From Lebara Mobile 5588


If you are a subscriber the Lebara customer service number direct from mobile number is 5588. In the case of a lost SIM card, contact the customer service from a landline or use some other Lebara mobile phone. Information on the process and charges of replacing a lost Lebara SIM card is available on the lost your SIM card help page.

Similarly, you can always use the Lebara login for online account management and request a replacement card. New customers can proceed with the registration and access Lebara customer management menu.

However, resellers interested to start working for Lebara cannot use this customer login option. They need to visit the reseller’s application page to send an online request.

Lebara Mobile Media Enquiries 0203 036 3001


Lebara Mobile media enquiries contact number is 0203 036 3001. Further, customers, press reporters, media enthusiasts, and other individuals can dial this media enquiries number to contact the press office. Likewise, they can forward the requests for information and updates from Lebara Mobile by speaking with the media team.

Contact Lebara mobile media enquiries online through their email, [email protected]. Therefore, feel free to contact the media and press information team when you need assistance.

Likewise, you can get in touch online with Lebara Mobile for investment relations and financial information. You need to send an email to investment relations at [email protected].

Lebara Play Sales 0208 004 1234


Lebara Play sales contact number is 0208 004 1234. Call to this number reaches to Aristo Tours & Travels. They are the wholesaler for Lebara Play UK. Forward your enquiries for sales on the individual or corporate scale on the above number.

Similarly, you can send your sales enquiry online using the form available on the Lebara Play UK contact us page. Enter your name, contact information, and enquiry in the form and click on the send button to forward your message.

Lebara Play Technical Support Free Number 0808 189 0385

The Lebara Play technical support free number is 0808 189 0385. This number is available 24 hours a day. Similarly, visit the support page on the Lebara website for answers to commonly asked questions. Further, the technical support team is reachable online by sending email, [email protected].


Lebara Play Technical Support Local Number 0203 608 0062

Lebara Play technical support local contact number is 0203 608 0062. You can seek assistance from the technical support team for:

  • Queries about the set top box installation and use
  • Installation guide
  • Questions about set-top box and its warranty or replacement

Additionally, you can contact Lebara Play sales team online by sending an email, [email protected]. However, do not forward your requests for technical support to this email address. The sales team is unable to assist you with technical issues.

Lebara Money Complaints Free Number 0800 640 6303


The Lebara Money complaints free number is 0800 640 6303. Customer service is available on this number from Monday to Friday between 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Lebara Money is a money transfer service available on the Lebara Money website.

Contact Lebara Money services online by email, [email protected]. Feel free to contact Lebara by email or by dialling the above complaints number when you need assistance.

Lebara Mobile Global Customer Service (Germany) +49 (0)180 653 2272

Lebara Mobile global products and services contact number

The Lebara Mobile global customer service number is +44 (0)180 653 2272. However, dial this number only when you need assistance from Lebara about the global products or services. Send an email describing the nature of assistance requested to [email protected]. However, the support team will get back to you with a reply within three business days when you send an email.

Lebara Mobile MMI Codes

Lebara Mobile offers a various self-service menu for online account management. These self-service menus are available by dialling the MMI codes from your mobile phone. Therefore, simply type the MMI code and press the call key to proceed.

Dial *#100# from your Lebara mobile and press the call key. This Lebara find my number facility lets you know your phone number by sending an MMI code to the network. Information about how to use this feature is available on the how to check my number page on Lebara help section.

Likewise, dialling the Lebara credit check number is necessary to know about the balance on the Lebara SIM card. Therefore, dial *#1345# on your mobile and press the call key. This sends an MMI code to the service provider and returns with the balance. More information about how to use this facility is available on checking your balance page in the help section.

Lebara Innovation and Foundation

Lebara innovation is an initiative requesting customers to share their suggestions to develop a product or service to meet extensive needs of the customers. Therefore, you can share your ideas and insight online by sending an email, [email protected].

Lebara Foundation is a social initiative to help various deserving segments of the society. Get in touch with the Foundation team online by sending an email, [email protected]. Similarly, you can contact the Foundation team by dialling the Lebara Mobile customer care contact number.

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