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  • Company Name: Mobiles.Co.UK
  • Contact Number: 0150 961 5474
  • HQ Address: 3r House, Belton Road West Extension, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 5XH
  • Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm, Saturday 9:30am-6:00pm, Sunday closed
  • Website: Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0150 961 5474

*Local rate*

Sales / Upgrades Team 0871 220 3580

*Up to 13p/minute +
access charge*

Phone Care Insurance 0800 049 6189
*Free number*
Report Lost Mobile 0370 111 6565
*Local rate*

Mobiles.Co.UK Customer Service 0150 961 5474

Mobiles.Co.UK customer service contact number is 0150 961 5474, available Monday to Friday 9:00 am until 6:00 pm and Saturday 9:30 am until 6:00 pm. Customer services are not available on Sundays and bank holidays. Write to Mobiles.Co.UK online at [email protected]. Visit Mobiles.Co.UK to learn about products and services available to you. This page has reviews of over 19,000+ customers. Mobiles.Co.UK is an online marketplace selling mobile phones, tablets, and accessories.

Registered customers can contact customer service through Mobiles.Co.UK my account menu. Mobiles.Co.UK login page is available for existing customers and Mobiles.Co.UK registration page is available for new customers.

Likewise, address to send a letter to Mobiles.Co.UK Loughborough head office is
3r House,
Belton Road West Extension,
LE11 5XH

Mobiles.Co.UK offers mobile phones deals, cheap mobile phone contracts, and mobile phones SIM free deals along with pay as you go phones and refurbished mobile phones for sale. Getting in touch with Mobiles.Co.UK is necessary when you need to assistance for all online help and support, whether that is complaints or delivery departments.
Mobiles.Co.UK offers an affiliate program to customers. Send your enquiries about the affiliate program online at [email protected]. Visit Mobiles.Co.UK affiliates page to learn about the programme terms and conditions along with the other requirements.

Customers eligible for receiving Mobiles.Co.UK cashback require claiming the same through Cashback by Redemption option available online in my account menu. However, forward your Cashback by Redemption claim to the following address in case you prefer to send it by post.
PO Box 377
SO30 2PY

Remember to forward the carrier bill comprising your name, home address, mobile number, current tariff, and date of the bill. Get in touch with Mobiles.Co.UK customer service number when you need assistance in submitting a claim.

Mobiles.Co.UK Sales / Upgrades Team 0871 220 3580

Mobiles.Co.UK sales / upgrades team contact number is 0871 220 3580, available Monday to Friday 9:00 am until 8:00 pm and Saturday 9:30 am until 6:00 pm. Sales team is not available on Sundays or bank holidays.

Mobiles.Co.UK offers contract phones, SIM free mobile phones, top phone deals, pay as you go phones, refurbished phones, refurbished iPhone deals, android phones, 4G Phones, windows phones, and option to register for the latest phone news, updates, and offers. Contract phones are available in collaboration with carriers like EE, O2, Vodafone, iD Mobile, and Virgin. Visit Mobiles.Co.UK mobile phones contract page to find pay monthly phone deals based on the parameters like brand, monthly or upfront cost, features, mobile phone deals free gifts, memory, and carrier. The above page has a phone finder tool to help you to compare mobile phone deals that suit your pocket and communication requirements. Get in touch with the sales team on the above number in case you need assistance for finding a tailored deal.

Mobiles.Co.UK further offers mobile phone deals SIM only. Customers can select the carrier and a monthly payment plan. Visit Mobiles.Co.UK SIM only deals page to learn about the products available to you. This page has an online tool to filter SIM deals based on the monthly cost, minutes, data, texts, carrier, and contract length. Further, you can look for deals costing less than £10 monthly payment at Mobiles.Co.UK. Remember to learn about cashback by redemption while selecting EE phone deals.

Mobile upgrades available at Mobiles.Co.UK provide a platform to customers to switch from their existing mobile phone or carrier. Options available to you are phone upgrade O2, phone upgrade EE, phone upgrade iD, phone upgrade Virgin, or phone upgrade Vodafone. Learn more about available mobile phone upgrade deals by visiting Mobiles.Co.UK mobile phone upgrades page. This page has online phone upgrade checker tool and information about available Carphone warehouse upgrades options for you. Likewise, contact the upgrades team on the above number in case you need help for finding the upgrade deal that suits your requirements.

Mobiles.Co.UK Phone Care Insurance Free Number 0800 049 6189

Mobiles.Co.UK Phone Care insurance free number is 0800 049 6189. Customers can buy phone insurance from Mobiles.Co.UK. Aviva Insurance Limited underwrites these insurance policies. Get in touch with the Phone care insurance team for buying insurance cover for Cover includes damage, theft, breakdown, or accidental loss. Mobiles.Co.UK offers the option of monthly premium payments to customers. Further, customers can use following options when they call the above number.

  • Claims – Select option number 1 to get in touch with the claims team when you need to report a claim for loss.
  • Policy Cancellations – Dial the above number and press 2 to get in touch with the support executive to cancel your existing phone care policy. Further, you can enquire about refunds if any on this number.
  • General Enquiries – Dial the above free number and press 3 to discuss general enquiries with customer service rep. Reps assist you for questions about the scope of the insurance policy coverage, excess premium payment, and what is not covered under the insurance protection.

Visit Mobiles.Co.UK Phone care insurance page to learn more. This page has links to important information like how to claim a loss, make a complaint, or cancel your existing insurance policy. Similarly, look for phone care insurance review online to understand the performance and quality of phone insurance products available to you.

Dial the above Mobiles.Co.UK contact number when you need assistance before or after buying phone insurance products. Remember, you can file a claim for loss at the nearest Carphone Warehouse store in addition to dialling the above phone number.

You can request Phone care insurance policy cancellation by writing to Mobiles.Co.UK to

PO Box 358,
SO30 2PJ

Mobiles.Co.UK Report Lost Mobile 0370 111 6565

Mobiles.Co.UK contact number to prevent reporting to MEND or SEND is 0370 111 6565. This is necessary as Mobiles.Co.UK may forward your information to the Mobile Equipment National Database and / or Stolen Equipment National Database. Therefore, dial the above number, provide your personal and contact information, your order number, and forward the request to Mobiles.Co.UK to prevent passing your information to the Mobile Equipment National Database and / or Stolen Equipment National Database. Remember, you need to update status change if any to MEND or SEND if you prefer to register with these organisations. Recipero Limited operates these organisations.

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