Hungryhouse Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Hungryhouse
  • Contact Number: 0800 612 333
  • HQ Address: 78 York Street, London, W1H 1DP
  • Opening Hours: 12pm-00pm 7 days
  • Website:
Hungryhouse Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0800 612 3333
*Free number*
Partners 0203 870 2371
*Local rate*

Hungryhouse Customer Service Free Number 0800 612 3333

Hungryhouse customer service free number is 0800 612 3333. Customer service is available from 12 noon to 12 midnight every day including weekends and bank holidays. Get in touch with customer service online at [email protected]. HungryHouse UK provides online ordering platform for takeaway food. Users and customers can search takeaway based on the area and the cuisine and place online orders. Such online orders are eligible for HungryHouse discount or HungryHouse £5 off when users apply a discount coupon while placing the order. Visit to learn more.

Users can contact HungryHouse customer service in various ways in addition to the above Hungryhouse phone number or Hungryhouse email. Visit Hungryhouse contact us page. This page has contact options for customers and partners. Select the appropriate option and the nature of the problem to contact HungryHouse via HungryHouse Live Chat. Live chat is available to users from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm every day including Sundays and bank holidays. Get in touch with customer service to discuss your query or request for assistance online using the chat option.

Users can write by post at
78 York Street,

Similarly, restaurant owners and takeaway service providers can collaborate with for being a Hungryhouse partner. HungryHouse menu is available online. Users can look for takeaways near me for faster deliveries. Hungryhouse contact is necessary for various reasons like

  • Account creation and membership benefits
  • Assistance for finding restaurant or particular menu or dish
  • Find out about list of HungryHouse restaurants in the United Kingdom
  • Queries or assistance about online ordering, removing items from an order, and reordering after modifying existing order
  • Acceptable payment methods at Hungryhouse website apart from paying cash or cheque to the driver delivering the order
  • Order cancellations and refunds
  • Post complaints and reviews about Hungryhouse or partner restaurants
  • Learn about Taste Test, Reward Stamps, and discount coupons
  • Assistance during technical problems for using the iPhone or Android mobile app or the website

Users can order takeaways from cuisines like Chinese, Indian, Thai, Sushi, Pizzas, and Halal. Information about how to cancel Hungryhouse account is available on Hungryhouse FAQ page. This page has answers to many other commonly asked questions like how to leave a review on HungryHouse for you.

Hungryhouse marketing team can be reached via the restaurant insider page. Get in touch on the above Hungryhouse partner contact number to join HungryHouse as a partner. Advantages of being a Hungryhouse partner are

  • Exposure to broad array of new customers on the online platform
  • Integration of technology to process orders and payments
  • Availability of HungryHouse voucher
  • Live support from Hungryhouse
  • Zero upfront costs for joining or starting the collaboration
  • Easy access to HungryHouse menu change
  • Simple and online Hungryhouse account balance management

Hungryhouse offers partner support through marketing, trends, how to tips, and Hungryhouse news. Articles available under HungryHouse trends are informative and help restaurant owners to improve their operating systems and profits.

Further Hungryhouse partners can use printing services available for them. Visit HungryHouse menu printing deals page to learn more. This page has an online message form for partners to forward their menu printing enquiries and request quote for the same. Similarly, you can contact Hungryhouse on the above customer service number to

  • Learn about the thorough design process at HungryHouse
  • Types of menus available for you like A4, A4ext, B4, A3, A5 8pp, and menu weight options
  • Delivery schedule of menu along with approval stages for first, second, third, and fourth design proof submission along with final printing and delivery of menu cards

Hungryhouse restaurant guide page offers detailed insight about following to partners and restaurant owners.

Hungryhouse Partners 0203 870 2371

Hungryhouse partners contact number is 0203 870 2371. Contact customer service for partners online at [email protected]. Dial the above Hungryhouse partner contact number when you need assistance for

  • Hungryhouse partner login / Hungryhouse partner app
  • HungryHouse restaurant sign up
  • How to use Hungryhouse partner portal app
  • Technical support for using Hungryhouse partner centre app
  • What is HungryHouse setup cost

Registration on Hungryhouse partner portal offers various advantages like

  • Detailed information of invoicing and access to previous month’s invoices
  • Complete account summary including account balances overview and Hungryhouse settlement amount information
  • Reports comprising customer breakup with information on orders registered through Hungryhouse website, mobile website, or mobile app
  • Access to online account management including permission to edit your bank accounts, opening hours, menu, delivery options, and serviceable areas
  • Direct access to customer service team via built-in contact us option

Further, visit Hungryhouse partner portal to login or sign up. Hungryhouse join now page offers access to new registrations on the partner portal.

Get in touch with Hungryhouse Premium Placement Division online at [email protected]. This division offers extended support to Hungryhouse partners to improve the online presence and increase business in turn. Visit Hungryhouse premium placement page to learn how Hungryhouse offers online shops to partners. Products available are pizza boxes, delivery bags, paper bags, aluminium lids, till rolls, Hungryhouse T-shirts, and aprons. Email [email protected] to send your enquiries and requests for quote. Visit Hungryhouse shop page to learn more.

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