Orange Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Orange
  • Contact Number: 0800 956 6000
  • HQ Address: 6 Camberwell Way, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, SR3 3XN, United Kingdom
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 8pm
  • Website:
Department Contact Number Opening Hours Postal Address
New Personal Customers 0800 956 6000

Free Number

Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 8pm 6 Camberwell Way, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, SR3 3XN, United Kingdom
New Small Business Clients 0800 956 6100

Free Number

Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 8pm
New Medium Business Clients 0800 079 0888

Free Number

Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 8pm
Pay As You Go 07973 100 450 Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 8pm
Pay Monthly 07973 100 150 Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 8pm
Home Broadband 0800 079 8586

Free Number

Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 8pm
Business Customer Support 07973 100 345 Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 8pm
Disability Care UK 0808 121 1122 Monday to Sunday, 8am to 10pm
Disability Care Abroad +44 0808 121 1122 Monday to Sunday, 8am to 10pm
Text Relay Assist (Text) 0870 240 9598 Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 8pm
Text Relay Assist (Voice) 0870 240 5152 Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 8pm
Orange Care Abroad +44 797 310 0250 Monday to Sunday, 12am to 11:59pm
Recycle and Rewards 020 87323 798 Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 8pm
Mobile, 4GEE Wi-fi and Tablets Complaints 0800 956 6060

Free Number

Monday to Sunday, 8am to 8pm
EETV and Broadband Complaints 0800 956 6059

Free Number

Monday to Sunday, 8:30am to 8pm
Business Shop 0333 355 7863 Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 8pm

Pay Monthly Number 0797 310 0150

Customers with general questions or concerns about their Pay Monthly may call 0797 310 0150 if dialing from an EE landline or from another provider. If calling on their Orange mobile phone to connect with customer support, the number to dial is 150. Orange has different services offered to these pay monthly members. Those who are under these plans are given specific allowances for data, text, minutes and other features depending on the plan chosen.

Pay As You Go Number 0797 310 0450

Customers who are under this account may contact Orange customer service for Pay As You Go accounts and depending on where they are calling from, there’s a different number to dial. Those who are calling from an EE landline or another provide may dial 0797 310 0450. If calling from an Orange mobile phone, dial the number 450. Orange Pay As You Go members top up or add credits to their accounts when they please. They are charged whenever they use the service. This is perfect for those who do not use their phones for texting and calling that much as they could just top up when they need it, as well as to those who want to have more control over their use.

Business Customer Service Number 0797 310 0345

Orange has a specific department for handling general questions or issues from business customers. If calling from an EE landline or from another provider, the customer support number to call for business is 0797 310 0345.Those who are under this plan that would like to speak with business customer support from their EE mobile may dial 345 from their phone.

Home Broadband Customer Service Number 0800 079 8586

Customers with concerns with the home broadband accounts, as well as those with EE TV concerns and are calling from an oragne landline may connect with home broadband customer service via 0800 079 8586 free number. If calling from another provider, the number to dial is 0207 362 0200. Those who are dialing from their Orange mobile to reach customer service may call 150.

Abroad Helpdesk Number +44 (0)797 310 0450

Orange customers who are traveling abroad may still connect with customer support for their concerns. Pay As You Go customers may call +44 (0)797 310 0450 to connect with helpdesk for their issues. Pay Monthly customers could talk to customer service from abroad by calling +44 (0)797 310 0150. This is also the same number to call if a SIM Only customer. Home Broadband and EE TV customers may connect with customer service by dialing +44 (0)207 362 0200. Small Business customers on the other hand could talk to Orange helpdesk representatives through +44 (0)797 310 0345.There are roaming charges for calling these numbers from another country. The number to dial depends on the account plan.

Lost or Stolen Phone Number 0797 310 0450

If your phone is stolen or lost, contact Orange customer service as soon as possible.
The numbers to call are the same as the customer support numbers for general Pay As You Go (0797 310 0450), Pay Monthly (0797 310 0150), Small Business (0797 310 0345) and Home Broadband (0800 079 8586) concerns.

Check them out from the numbers above. Do this immediately as soon as you realize that your phone is missing so that calls from your SIM would be blocked and that your phone would be blacklisted to prevent unauthorized people from using it. Letting Orange know about the lost within 24 hours would only make you liable for the bills incurred up to £100.

If you failed to do so, you may be liable for the entire payment. If you’re under Orange Care, you should report the incident to the police within 48 hours of finding out about the lost. When you call to make a claim, be ready with the following information:

  • Crime reference number
  • Details on the theft or loss
  • Evidence for the claim.

New Member Customer Service Number 0800 956 6000

Personal customers may call new customer service 0800 956 6000 free number to talk to customer support and help them with becoming a member. Business customers have different numbers to call depending on the size of their company. Those with up to 50 employees may dial 0800 956 6100 free number, while businesses with more than 50 employees may call 0800 079 0888 free number. Orange is now part of EE. This is why those who would like to join Orange, would be connected with EE service for opening a new account.

Complaint Escalation Number 0800 956 6060

Mobile, tablets and 4GEE Wi-Fi customers may call 0800 956 6060 free number for the complaint escalation. Home and Fixed Broadband, as well as EETV customers may dial 0800 956 6059 free number. There is also a complaint form that can be completed at Required information on the form includes the first name, last name and account number. Determine what the problem is about and provide more details about the problem. Enter your preferred contact number, mobile number, postcode, email address, verify your email address, choose Orange as your service and click submit. You should receive a response within 72 hours.

However, you should escalate your complaints to this team of specialist only after you have sent your complaints to customer service. If you were not happy with the result or the solution provided, then that’s the only time that you should escalate your concerns. Customers with complaints with Orange service may contact the customer service number specific to their plans as given above. The representatives are trained to handle these matters. A letter can also be sent to Orange customer service at the following address:

6 Camberwell Way Sunderland Tyne and Wear SR3 3XN United Kingdom

Be ready with the following information when making a complaint with Orange:

  • First and last name
  • Your postal address
  • Mobile number or/and account number. Home broadband customers must have their landline number too.
  • Specify that the service is Orange if sending by letter as the address is also for EE and T-Mobile customers.
  • Let them know about your recommendation for the resolution.
  • Another contact number that they could call during daytime.

In case the complaints have not been resolved after 8 weeks of contacting the escalation team of Orange, then this can be escalated further to the Ombudsman service. Letter of complaints may be sent to the following address:

Ombudsman Services The Brew House Wilderspool Park Greenall’s Avenue Warrington WA4 6HL

If you wish to escalate the complaint via phone, dial 0330 440 1614. You may also do this via textphone at 0330 440 1600 or by fax at 0330 440 1615.


Text Relay Assist Service Number

Orange digital For All

Customers with accessibility problems may connect with text relay assist service by dialing 0870 240 9598 for text. Customers who can’t hear but could speak may call 0870 240 5152. Ask for the Orange number to connect you with a relay assistant so you will be connected with customer service.

Voicemail Number 0797 310 0123

There are different numbers to dial to access your voicemail depending on the phone you’re using and where you’re dialing from. If in the United Kingdom and dialing from another phone, the number to dial to access voicemail is 0797 310 0123. If calling from abroad, dial +4 4797 310 0123. Make sure that you know your voicemail PIN as you would be asked for it to listen to your voicemails when calling from another phone. If calling from an Orange phone, simply dial the number 1.

Top Up Number 450

Pay As You Go customers may top up their account in various ways. Here are some of the options:

  • Top Up Using E- Voucher by calling Top Up Number 450 or Top Up Using E Top Up Card

When you purchase a SIM card or phone with Orange, you will be given an E Top Up Card. You could use it in thousands of stores nationwide that carry the green top up logo. Give them your top up card and let them know how much you want to top up and pay. Get you card back. They also sell E-vouchers that you could purchase and use for topping up by calling 450. You may also top up with your E-voucher online by going to this site and entering your Orange mobile number and voucher number.

Top Up Online or by Text

If you already have an online account, log in to your account and register a credit or debit card so this is where the payment would be deducted when you top up. Sign in here or create an online account if you don’t have one yet.

Orange login

Once your debit or credit is already registered on your online account, you may also top up £5 to £50 by text. The format for this is as follows: last 4 digits of your credit or debit card, two digits top up amount (05 for £5) and the 3 or 4-digit security code of your card. For example: 1245 05 125. Send this to 2886.

Top Up page exemple

Recycle and Reward Number

orange recycle for money

If you have any questions about this program, call the Recycle and Reward number 02087323798. You may also send them an email to [email protected]. You can sell your old phone to EE, the parent company of Orange, to help with their recycling projects, as well as earn money. You can find a list of popular phone models here and their quote. They will send you a pack with everything you would need for sending them the phone so you don’t have to pay anything for it, including the postage.

Roaming and Text Code Number 150

Orange has handy text codes that you could sent to 150 using your Orange number in order to learn more about various information. Some of the most used handy text codes that you may find useful are the following:

  • Check the balance of your Orange account = BA
  • Find out about the common services offered by Orange = HELP
  • Don’t miss out on the bundles and extras being offered to clients so you can take advantage of them = BUNDLES
  • Learn about the usage that haven’t been billed yet = USAGE
  • Determine if you qualify for an upgrade = UPGRADE
  • Check your most current invoice, bills or payment = BILL

Roaming with phone

This is also the same number to use for enabling roaming services if traveling abroad. Orange customers usually already have their roaming service setup. However, just to make sure, text the word ROAMING and send it to 150. It may take up to 24 hours for the roaming service to be enabled after sending the text. Make sure that you do this earlier to ensure that you would be able to use the service on your date of travel.

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