uSwitch Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: uSwitch
  • Contact Number: 0800 688 8557
  • HQ Address: 5 Copper Row London SE1 2LH
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9am - 5.30pm
  • Website:
uSwitch Department Phone Number
uSwitch Customer Service 0800 688 8557
*Free number*
Fax 0203 214 8417
*Local rate*
uSwitch Complaints 0800 688 8244
*Free number*
Boiler Quote 0800 327 7190
*Free number*
uSwitchforBusiness Customer Service 0800 051 5493
*Free number*
uSwitchforBusiness Customer Service Mobile 0333 321 6808
*Local rate*
Business Quotes or Compare 0800 092 5562
*Free number*
uSwitch Energy Press, Ailene Barr 0203 872 5610
*Local rate*
Energy Press Mobile 0782 518 6828
*10p-55p per minute*
uSwitch Tech Press, Claire Jones 0203 872 5611
*Local rate*
Tech Press Mobile 0755 710 6497
*10p-55p per minute*
uSwitch Personal Finance Press, Rory Stoves 0203 872 5613
*Local rate*
Personal Finance Press Mobile 0746 985 6789
*10p-55p per minute*
uSwitch Head of PR, Charlotte Nunes 0203 872 5614
*Local rate*
Head of PR Mobile 0776 984 7460
*10p-55p per minute*
uSwitch PR Assistant, Jacinta Bonus 0203 893 8391
*Local rate*
PR Assistant Mobile 0779 671 4255
*10p-55p per minute*

Uswitch Customer Service Free Number 0800 688 8557

The uSwitch customer service free number is 0800 688 8557. This uSwitch contact number is available for calls from 8am to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday.

If you are unable to reach them on the phone, you can also contact them via email. The uSwitch support team email address is [email protected]. Other than these methods, they allow you to send them letters as well. Make sure to deliver your letter to this postal address:

The Cooperage
5 Copper Row

Perhaps you should consider visiting the uSwitch FAQ page before you get in touch with them in any way. It is possible that you may find your answers there, rather than having to reach out to them and wait for a response.

uSwitch Fax 0203 214 8417

The uSwitch Fax Number is 0203 214 8417.

uSwitch Complaints Free Number 0800 688 8244

uswitch complaints

The uSwitch complaints free number is 0800 688 8244. Hence, if there is any dissatisfaction on your end about their comparison and switching services, do not hesitate to call them on this phone number and voice it out. Another option for lodging a complaint is by emailing their complaints team at this email address: [email protected]. Once they have received your complaint, they will respond as soon as possible and have a discussion with you on how best to resolve the issue.

Nevertheless, if your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can request an internal review by a superior. They will then escalate your complaint to a senior manager.

uSwitch Boiler Quote Free Number 0800 327 7190

uswitch boiler quote

The uSwitch boiler quote free number is 0800 327 7190uSwitch is in partnership with British Gas to offer affordable boiler repairs to their customers. You ought to contact this number to acquire a quote for boiler repair service.

You ought to book with uSwitch, because:

  • Fixed price
    You will not have to pay more than the quote given.
  • Anyone can apply
    You do not have to be a British Gas customer, or even have a British Gas boiler
  • Peace of mind
    Each and every one of the British Gas engineers is highly trained and Gas Safe registered

uSwitch for Business Customer Service Free Number 0800 051 5493

uswitchforbusiness customer service

The uSwitch for business customer service free number is 0800 051 5493. You can also ask for a call back from uSwitch by filling out this online form. To learn how to partner up with uSwitch Business, you can also email them at [email protected].

uSwitch Business is a part of the uSwitch group, and they are here to help your business in saving money on a range of essential services, such as business energy, telecommunications, and insurance coverage.

uSwitchforBusiness Customer Service Mobile 0333 321 6808

The uSwitchforBusiness customer service mobile number is 0333 321 6808This uSwitch phone number is for when you are calling them via mobile phones.

uSwitch for Business Quotes or Compare Free Number 0800 092 5562

The uSwitchforBusiness telephone number for quotes or compare free number is 0800 092 5562. They will acquire quotes from across the market and help you in landing the best deal. They will also arrange all the necessary contracts for you. 

uSwitch Energy Press 0203 872 5610

uswitch energy press

The uSwitch Energy press phone number is 0203 872 5610. On this number, you will be in touch with Ailene Barr. In the event that you find emailing a preferable contact method, her email address is [email protected]. You can also easily find all the uSwitch energy-related press releases online.

uSwitch Energy Press Mobile 0782 518 6828 

The uSwitch Energy press mobile number is 0782 518 6828. You can contact this telephone number if you are reaching Ailene Barr through your mobile.

uSwitch Tech Press 0203 872 5611

uswitch tech press

The uSwitch contact number for Tech press is 0203 872 5611. You will be talking to Claire Jones to acquire information about their tech press releases. Feel free to send her email at [email protected] if it is a preferable method. Or you can save all the troubles of having to reach out to Claire Jones by reading up on the uSwitch mobile and broadband press releases online.

uSwitch Tech Press Mobile 0755 710 6497

The uSwitch Tech press mobile number is 0755 710 6497. Feel free to call Claire Jones on your mobile on this phone number instead.

uSwitch Personal Finance Press 0203 872 5613

uswitch personal finance press

The uSwitch Personal Finance press help desk number is 0203 872 5613. Feel free to submit all your enquiries or requests to Rory Stoves on this number. Apart from calling, there is another option which is to email him at this email address: [email protected]. You ought to consider reading up on all the uSwitch personal finance – money and insurance – press releases online before you get in touch with him.

uSwitch Personal Finance Press Mobile 0746 985 6789

The uSwitch Personal Finance press mobile number is 0746 985 6789. This is another way for you to get in touch with Rory Stoves easily.

uSwitch Head of PR, Charlotte Nunes 0203 872 5614

uswitch head of pr

The uSwitch Head of PR phone number is 0203 872 5614. Other than calling, consider the method of emailing her. Her email address is [email protected].

uSwitch Head of PR, Charlotte Nunes Mobile 0776 984 7460

The uSwitch Head of PR mobile contact number is 0776 984 7460. Charlotte Nunes is also reachable through this uSwitch telephone number.

uSwitch PR Assistant, Jacinta Bonus 0203 893 8391

uswitch pr assistant

The uSwitch PR assistant telephone number is 0203 893 8391. You have to dial this number to get in touch with Jacinta Bonus. Her email address is [email protected].

uSwitch PR Assistant, Jacinta Bonus Mobile 0779 671 4255

The uSwitch PR assistant number is 0779 671 4255. You can get in touch with Jacinta Bonus through mobile on this phone number.

uSwitch PR Team

While you can always get in touch with the company’s PR figureheads easily, you can also reach their PR team in general. To do so, you have to send your email to this email address [email protected].

uSwitch Chief Executive Officer, Steve Weller

The company’s chief executive officer is Steve Weller. To get in touch with him, you ought to send him an email. His email address is [email protected].

uSwitch Marketing Team

The company has a comprehensive marketing team to handle all their marketing matters. If you wish to reach out to them, feel free to send them an email at [email protected]. Their online marketing team is reachable at this email address [email protected].

uSwitch Content and Editorial Team

All the contents that are on the uSwitch website are handled by the company’s content and editorial team. If you have something to say about their contents, do not hesitate to contact them by sending an email to [email protected].

uSwitch Community Events

uswitch community events

uSwitch is always more than happy to contribute to your community events, as long as it runs alongside with their policies. For example, you are running a money-saving or energy-based event within your community, then you can always look to uSwitch for help, and it is even for free. You can reach out to them by sending an email to this email address [email protected].

uSwitch Careers

Are you interested in joining the uSwitch community as an employee? If so, you can always search for vacancies on their careers page. In case there is a role that interests you, feel free to apply for it sending an email to this email address [email protected].

However, if there is no vacancy that interests you yet, do not worry. Because you can always set up an email alert so that they can alert you as soon as there is a vacancy that they think is suitable to your repertoire. You only have to fill out this online form to set up an email alert. Please remember to provide details regarding your contact details and your preferred sector.

Contact uSwitch via Social Media

uswitch tech blog

Follow the company on all their social network outlets now to acquire regular updates about uSwitch. Or you can just follow them and choose to contact them via their social media accounts anytime.

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