HBC Salvage Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: HBC Salvage
  • Contact Number: 0126 869 6444
  • HQ Address: HBC House, Charfleets Road, Canvey Island Essex SS8 OPQ, United Kingdom
  • Opening Hours: 9a.m. - 4.30p.m.
  • Website: www.hbc.co.uk
HBC Salvage Department Phone Number
HBC Salvage Customer Service 0126 869 6444
Head Office 0126 869 4590
Fax Number 0126 869 4179
HBC Salvage Agents
Nottingham 0162 387 1147
Teesside 0164 256 5642
Northern Island 0283 753 1914
Bristol 0145 463 2508
Scotland 0169 831 3080
Ormskirk 0170 489 5808
Truro 0781 723 4237
Hixon 0188 927 1276
Colchester 0333 014 4482

HBC Salvage Customer Service Number 0126 869 6444

hbc salvage customer service

You can always call the HBC Salvage customer service number on 0126 869 6444. The company’s support team is full of duly trained, friendly, and helpful customer service representatives. Whenever you reach out to them, they will always do their very best to provide the appropriate assistance. For example, you are trying to look for the online auction page, but you can’t find anywhere. This is an issue you can submit to the HBC Salvage customer care department. You are also welcome to email them, instead of calling them.

HBC Salvage is a British company that independently owned. They have been stable and successful since their launching in the year of 1964. They also happen to be the pioneer of on-site vehicle auctions in the country. You will also be surprised to know that they are the company that started the trend of online auctions in the UK. Within their company, they employ over 120 expert, experienced, and dedicated staff, including their customer service team. Their success can be seen with their annual coverage of over two million miles.

They are also determined in their objective to never allow automated call handling to handle customer calls. It means that each time you dial the HBC Salvage contact number, you will be talking to a real living human being.

Apart from calling and emailing, they even provide you with the traditional fashion of communicating. If you feel like sending a letter to them, feel free to deliver it to this address:

HBC House,
Charfleets Road,
Canvey Island,
United Kingdom

Nevertheless, you can always go to the HBC Salvage FAQ page before you make any move to contact them. Perhaps you will be able to find your answer there, which will help you in saving time and money.

HBC Salvage Head Office Phone Number 0126 869 4590

hbc salvage head office

This company established a number of HBC Salvage branches across the UK. However, their head office is located in Canvey Island, Essex. You can always call the HBC Salvage head office phone number on 0126 869 4590 for a variety of reasons:

  • Elevate a complaint, due to the mishandling of your complaint by the usual HBC Salvage complaints team
  • Acquire more information about the company
  • You are a member of the press and you would like some news story from the company

Whatever it is, you can always contact the HBC Salvage helpline number for their head office. While they may not be the official customer service team, they can still help you with whatever you need or redirect you to the correct department.

HBC Salvage Fax Number 0126 869 4179

The HBC Salvage fax number is 0126 869 4179. HBC Salvage happens to be the longest running online salvage auction for vehicles in the United Kingdom. How are they the longest running company in the industry? Well, for a start, HBC Salvage has been in service for the citizens of the UK for as long as forty-five years, which is a record-breaking legacy to leave behind.

They auction a total of over thousands of vehicles on their online platform. In their catalogue, you will be able to find salvage cars, motorcycles, and trucks etc. that have been recovered from thievery, and often numerous used vehicles, which are non-salvage. With HBC Salvage, you can either put your vehicle up for auction, or you can bid for the vehicles that are put up for auction.

It is fairly easy to get in touch with HBC Salvage. They have opened up a number of communication channels to ease you into reaching out to them.

HBC Salvage Online Auction

hbc salvage online auction

If you are looking for salvage vehicles in the UK, you can always join the online live auction. Feel free to check their stock online.

The company makes its name by being the pioneer and the highest quality of UK vehicle salvage company. They introduced on-site salvage vehicle auction in the 1980s, figuring out that it is the best way to auction off salvage vehicles back in the day. And then in the year of 2008, they introduced the option to auction salvage vehicles online, being the first in the country to offer such services.

They combine the best elements of attended events with the power of the internet in their unique online auctions. They also incorporate common sense features, such as deadline extensions to help those who bid for the vehicles late. With HBC Salvage online auction, you can apply bids for up to seven days. You can also be confident when bidding with them because they stress on strong and high-quality vehicle imagery from the auctioneers.

This means that they are allowing more people to take part in the auctions. It also means that the vehicles they put up for auction usually sell in a significantly large amount. When you bid at an HBC Salvage live auction, you will be able to see the true value of the vehicles that are put up for auction. You also get a lot of benefits with them, which you will not be able to find anywhere else, such as:

  • Insurers from their claim management team will take care of everything, like value assessment, and report to client liaison
  • You can use an online service they provide for postcode area vehicle valuation in under only 25 seconds
  • HBC Salvage can arrange automatic population of salvage vehicle details from the client policy database

HBC Salvage Jobs

As of today, the company employs over 120 expert, experienced, and dedicated staff, who are always on the path of seeking for improvement and fresh talent. A huge part of their success is in thanks to the people they employ. By employing the best people possible who actually enjoy what they do in the company, HBC Salvage is able to offer excellent products and services to their customers.

If you wish to be a part of this thriving organisation, you have to be passionate, committed, hardworking, and enthusiastic about the roles you are in. You have to also strive to be the best as you can be. They do not seek for perfection, but they want to be able to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with you. If you are to join them, then you will be working as a part of a team. They will listen and value your opinions.

You can always log on to the HBC Salvage jobs page and see if there are any vacancies that suit you. Even if there is none, do not panic. Feel free to send an email to this email address: [email protected] and ask for an opportunity.

HBC Salvage Agents – Nottingham 0162 387 1147

hbc salvage agents

The main number for the HBC Salvage Agent in Nottingham is 0162 387 1147. If you are looking for help elsewhere, the company has agents posted all over the United Kingdom. What are the HBC Salvage agents for? Well, they are for when you decide to pay them a visit to look for some hands on help. Just like their customer service team, only you will actually get to see the agents face to face.

These agents are effective and efficient, and they are always passionate in the process of helping you out. Visiting with agents on a site is also an option if you wish to make your payments in cash. Their sites are open from 9 a.m. to 4.30p.m. every Monday to Friday. They are not in business during the weekends and bank holidays.

To contact the individual agents, do not hesitate to seek for the HBC Salvage help desk number in the list above.

HBC Salvage Payment

If you have a question about payments simply send an email to  [email protected]. This is a company that offers a wide range of payment options for their customers. Do note that you will only receive the vehicle once the confirmed funds are identified, cleared, and allocated to the sellers’ accounts.

When you are paying remotely, you have to provide a copy of your bank receipt. You also have to complete and send a Payment Notification Form. Failing in doing so will only cause a delay in the release of the vehicle. Their remote payment options are inclusive of:

  • UK Bank Transfer
    Your vehicles will be released immediately upon identification of your payment
  • Foreign Bank Transfer
    You have to make this payment in Sterling Pound. You may also be charged extra to cover any administrative fees by HBC Salvage.
  • NatWest Bank Transfer
    Keep in mind that you cannot pay in a quick deposit envelope if you choose this method.

Contact HBC Salvage via Social Media

hbc salvage instagram

You can also reach out to HBC Salvage via the social media accounts that they have established. Their social network outlets are the best way for you to acquire regular updates about the company.

How to reach out to HBC Salvage?

hbc salvage contact us


  • Explore the HBC Salvage Contact Us web page, which you can find at the bottom of the HBC Salvage home page
  • Dial any of the HBC Salvage telephone numbers listed above
  • Send them a letter
  • Deliver them an email
  • Follow them on social media

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