Copart Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Copart UK
  • Contact Number: 0123 476 6500
  • HQ Address: Acrey Fields, Woburn Road, Stewartby, Bedford MK43 9EJ, UK
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8AM - 5.30PM
  • Website:
Copart Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0123 476 6500
Head Office 0844 875 8845
Head Office Fax 0844 875 8842
Northern Ireland Customer Service 0282 582 2066
Northern Ireland Fax 0282 582 2902
Trade 1st Choice 0123 476 2264
Ireland Castledermot Customer Service +353 059 914 4889
Ireland Castledermot Fax +353 059 914 4887

Copart Customer Service Number 0123 476 6500


The Copart customer service number is 0123 476 6500. The number is available for customers from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5.30 pm. Contacting Copart UK customer service number is resourceful especially when you need support while entering salvage auctions or buying salvaged parts.

Contact any Copart Location for the following benefits:

  • Accurate listing of salvage vehicles
  • Proper images to highlight the interior and exterior of the vehicle
  • Legal ownership transfer of the vehicle once full payment made
  • Accurate description of the run and drive condition

Similarly, Copart offers an exclusive facility to buyers. Any buyer can collect the car once the full payment is made towards the vehicle. However, using available vehicle loading options makes it swift. Moreover, cars bought at Copart’s Northern Ireland location are always free from outstanding finance with the HPI certification for the same. Customers are entitled to a refund on buyer’s fees, purchase price and taxes as listed on the terms and conditions page in case the vehicle does not meet the guaranteed conditions.

Copart Head Office 0844 875 8845

The Copart head office number is 0844 875 8845. It is open from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 5.30pm. It uses patented VB3 technology to connect sellers with over 750,000 worldwide members. Copart serves a broad array of automobile industry customers comprising wholesale motor traders, finance companies, car rental companies, banks, dealers, fleets, and insurance companies.

In addition, Copart operates in the Republic of Ireland as well. Copart’s head office is located at Acrey Fields, Woburn Road, Stewartby, Bedford MK43 9EJ.


Copart Head Office Fax 0844 875 8842

The Copart head office fax number is 0844 875 8842. This number will receive faxes 24 hours a day but you must wait at least 3-5 business days for a proper response.

Customers can reach Copart UK head office via postal mail on the address above or use the online form on the Copart contact us page.

Copart Northern Ireland Customer Service 0282 582 2066


The Copart Northern Ireland customer service number is 0282 582 2066. This is for Northern Ireland customers seeking assistance while buying or selling vehicles online. The Northern Ireland Copart page hosts a plethora of information for customers. This facility is open between 8 am to 5 pm on Mondays to Saturdays.

The address to reach in person or sending postal communication is 79 Gortgole Road, Portglenone, United Kingdom BT44 8AN. Copart encourages customers to use priority or pre-book loading to save time by calling Copart phone numbers. More information on the same is available on vehicle loading and viewing page.

Copart Northern Ireland Fax 0282 582 2902

The Copart Northern Ireland fax number is 0282 582 2902. Similarly, use Copart’s online quote facility while selling your car. Request a quote by visiting the get a quote page on Copart’s portal. Any individual car seller can avail this facility. Use Copart UK fax number to request a quote. While the fax services are open 24 hours a day, you need to wait to receive an answer. This can take 3-5 business days.

Copart Trade 1st Choice 0123 476 2264


The Copart Trade 1st Choice number is 0123 476 2264. Direct your immediate communication to Trade 1st Choice email address [email protected] or use the online contact us form. The telephone service is available from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM Monday to Friday and is closed on weekends and bank holidays.

Trade 1st Choice is a Copart initiative to help customers sourcing genuine cars and other vehicles globally. It is used for registered users that seek assistance while selling the automobiles on a global platform. These vehicles are sourced from independent dealerships and franchise as well as finance, fleet, and rental companies across the United Kingdom.

Some highlights of Trade 1st Choice:

  • Buyer access in 90 countries
  • Dedicated support throughout the process
  • One-day vehicle collection
  • Fast payments
  • Minimal cycle times
  • Zero Copart UK auction fees in case of no sale

How to Register with Copart Trade 1st Choice?


Before starting you can always have your registration questions answered by contacting [email protected]. Copart’s member protection pledge offers confident buying for registered users.

You need to register with Copart to gain access to the Trade 1st Choice facility. Visit the register now link on the main website for new registrations.

Copart sends the registration ID and password via email upon successful registration. Existing Copart customers can visit the sign-in page for sellers or login page for buyers to access all featured services on Copart web portal.

Registration of Copart is simple. Prepare the Copart UK application form online and pay £50 Copart UK registration fee. In addition, you need to provide valid ID and address proof. Nevertheless, it physically verifies these IDs and permits the customers to commence bidding. Copart UK fees for registration is one-time payment and it is non-refundable. Registration on Copart portal comes with many advantages like

  • Access to a variety of salvage vehicles
  • Customised dashboard for members
  • Member service support
  • Nationwide deliveries
  • Access to mobile app with same login credentials

Copart Ireland Castledermot Customer Service +353 059 914 4889


The Copart Ireland Castledermot customer service number is +353 059 914 4889. The corresponding address is:

Big Bog (On L4015)
Co. Kildare
Republic Of Ireland
R14 Yk37

This Copart location is open between 8 am to 5 pm on Mondays through Fridays. Moreover, auctions at Castledermot are conducted biweekly on Tuesdays. Customers can visit the location during normal working hours for vehicle inspection, payments, and other paperwork. More information about operations and facilities is available on Copart Castledermot page.

Copart offers online vehicle finder for Castledermot. Visit search our inventory page or use the online vehicle finder tool. Contact customer service for booking pre-viewing or pre-loading appointment. Similarly, keep a copy of ID proof along with the two latest and original utility bills for verification in case you plan to walk-in for new registration. Download and print the consignment form, fill up necessary vehicle information and submit to the rep at Castledermot location in case you plan to visit to sell a vehicle.

Certain Copart vehicles are tagged as buy-it-now. Moreover, customers can buy these vehicles without waiting for the auction. Contact customer service at Copart Castledermot to find out more about available buy-it-now cars. Similarly, visit the Copart UK buy it now page to spot the cars online before you walk in. Enter the accurate postcode to narrow your search.

Copart Ireland Castledermot Fax +353 059 914 4887

The Copart Ireland Castledermot fax number is +353 059 914 4887 is for customers wanting to send paperwork while selling or buying a car. You can send the consignment form by fax for quick processing while selling a car to the Copart phone numbers. However, make sure to send it during the opening hours to avoid the delay.

How to Sell Your Car with Copart?

How to sell your car with copart

Various facilities offered at Copart make buying and selling vehicles simple. For an example, Copart Direct is a facility that permits selling a car to Copart in three simple steps.

  • Request quote
  • Copart picks up the car
  • Customer is paid

The process is simple. Customers can use the online form to request a quote. Copart sends car valuation by email. Then it arranges to pick up the car once the customer agrees to the valuation. The customer receives Copart UK online payment once the vehicle is inspected and approved. Typically, customers receive the transfer to the bank merely in two hours after the approval. More information on how things work for you is available on Copart direct page.

How to Contact Copart via Social Media


Visiting Copart UK social media channels is an easy experience. It shares important updates, new arrivals, and everything a customer needs when trading on this online marketplace.

Visit a Copart Auction Today

copart auction

You can visit Copart’s daily auction menu in the app to view available auctions and participate. Typically, these actions are available from Mondays through Fridays every week. The mobile app has a location finder to assist customers in reaching the nearest Copart purpose built facility among 166 in the world.

On this page you will find the following:

  • Number of cars currently on sale or for auction
  • The times and location of the listing
  • The car lists
  • Short descriptions about the cars
  • A map to program for your trip
  • Contact information

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