Virgin Trains Phone Numbers

  • Company Name: Virgin Trains
  • Contact Number: 0871 977 4222
  • HQ Address: Virgin Trains FREEPOST BM 6613 PO BOX 713 Birmingham B5 4HH
  • Opening Hours: 8.30a.m. - 6.15p.m.
  • Website:
Virgin Trains Department Phone Number
Virgin Trains Customer Service 0871 977 4222
Call cost 13p per minute + access charge
This number is part of our call connection service, please read the Disclaimer!
Lost Property 0333 103 1031
Local rate
Check Booking and Refund 0344 556 5650
Local rate
Virgin Trains Escapes 0190 443 1333
Local rate
Virgin Trains Assisted Travel 0800 015 8123
Free number
Assisted Travel Textphone 0800 015 8124 (Charges apply)
Virgin Trains Press Office 0845 000 3333
*Up to 9p/minute and access charge*
Careers 0127 058 8891
Local rate

Virgin Trains Customer Service 0871 977 4222 Call cost 13p per minute + access charge
This number is part of our call connection service, please read the Disclaimer!

virgin trains customer service

The Virgin Trains customer service contact number is 0871 977 4222 Call cost 13p per minute + access charge This number is part of our call connection service, please read the Disclaimer!

Call cost 13p per minute + access charge
This number is part of our call connection service, please read the Disclaimer!

. This phone number is available for calls from 8.30a.m. to 6.15p.m. Monday to Friday, and 9a.m. to 4p.m. Saturday and Sunday. You can submit any enquiries or requests regarding ticket purchasing when you call this Virgin Trains phone number. They will help you in sorting out your journey, so as to ensure you have a smooth experience on a Virgin Train ride.

Travelling with Virgin Trains can guarantee you:

  • No booking fees
  • Price promise
  • No credit card fees
  • The choice to pick your seat
  • Journey Planner
  • m-ticketing on your mobile phone

While calling is a booking option, you can also book for your trip online. They only need you to enter your departure and destination locations, dates, and times, and they will be able to show you the available rides that are suitable for you.

You are also given the option to get in touch with them via email. Their customer service email address is [email protected]. They have developed a live chat system, if you find it to be a preferable channel. Or you can write a letter to this Virgin Trains postal address:

Customer Relations, Virgin Trains
PO BOX 713
B5 4HH

Virgin Trains Lost Property 0333 103 1031

virgin trains lost property

The Virgin Trains lost property help desk number is 0333 103 1031. In the event that you lose a property, like your handbag, phone, or coat on a Virgin Trains train, you are to immediately get in touch with the number above to get help. They have a small team on hand who will see to it that your lost property finds its way back to you.

Nevertheless, when you look to them for help, please let them know the following information so that it can be easier for them to locate your lost item:

  • The to and from of your travels
  • The date and time you travelled
  • A description of your lost item
  • Your contact details and home address

You need to give them five to seven working days to find your lost item. However, if you still haven’t heard anything after seven days, you can always contact the Virgin Trains phone number above for an update.

Virgin Trains Check Booking and Refund 0344 556 5650

virgin trains check booking and refund

The Virgin Trains telephone number to check booking and request for refunds is 0344 556 5650. Get in touch with them on this phone number if you wish to learn more about your booking details after you have already placed an order.

Otherwise, you can also reach out to the company via this number to request for a refund. The only valid reason for you to request for a refund from the company is because of a delay of 30 minutes or more, or you will not be allowed to get a refund at all. Calling them on the number above is not the only way to request a refund. You can also make a claim by:

  • Filling out the online forms available on this page
  • Logging into your online account with Virgin Trains
  • Visiting the station you purchased your tickets from

Virgin Trains Escapes 0190 443 1333

virgin trains escapes

The Virgin Trains Escapes phone number is 0190 443 1333. Whenever you crave a day trip or a break from life, do not hesitate to learn about how Virgin Trains can help you satisfy these cravings by dialling the number above.

When you book an escape with the company, the price includes your rail fare, hotel, and the attractions of your choice. All you have to do is decide on your destination, what you want to see, and how long you want your escape to be. Their travel experts will create and customise an escape that is perfect for you.

Virgin Trains Assisted Travel Free Number 0800 015 8123

virgin trains assisted travel

The Virgin Trains assisted travel free number is 0800 015 8123. This is for when you decide to request for assisted travel a day prior to your travel date. This phone number is open for calls from 8a.m. to 10p.m. every day, except bank holidays.

The company wants to make sure that each and every one of their customers feel included when they are travelling Virgin Trains. Hence, they have developed a program called JourneyCare to ensure that those who need assistance during travels can be fulfilled. You can book for JourneyCare service by filling out this online form.

JourneyCare can help you to:

  • Arrange assistance for you
  • Help you on and off the train
  • Reserve seats and wheelchair spaces
  • Be equipped with detailed rail information

Virgin Trains Assisted Travel Textphone 0800 015 8124

The Virgin Trains assisted travel textphone number is 0800 015 8124. You ought to reach out to the company through this number if you are a textphone user.

Virgin Trains Press Office 0845 000 3333 *Up to 9p/minute and access charge*

virgin trains press office

The Virgin Trains press office help desk number is 0845 000 3333 *Up to 9p/minute and access charge*. If you are a journalist or researcher, then you can always contact the telephone number above for details about the company’s press releases, latest news, and downloadable images. Or you can also send them an email instead at this email address: [email protected]. Otherwise, feel free to visit the online Media Room they have set up exactly for these purposes.

Virgin Trains Careers 0127 058 8891

virgin trains careers

The Virgin Trains careers contact number is 0127 058 8891. If you have any enquiries about working with Virgin Trains, you can always reach out to them via this telephone number.

They have a list of current vacancies displayed online. You only have to enter your preferred sector and location, then they will show you the vacancies they currently have. If a role interests you, you can fill out the application forms that are provided along with each vacancy.

Even if there is no role that you feel is suitable for your skills, you can always set up email alerts from the company. This way, they will able to inform you once there are available vacancies within the company.

If you are an employee of Virgin Trains, you are privileged to:

  • A 30-day annual leave per year
  • The Railway Pension Scheme
  • Free travel on Virgin Trains
  • Discounted train travel on other train operators
  • Discounts on Virgin Group products

Virgin Trains Complaints

If there is anything that the company has done to dissatisfy you, then do not hesitate to lodge a complaint by filling out this online form. Or you can just use this form to write your feedback regarding the products and services the company provides. It will then send an automated email to the Virgin Trains complaints team inbox.

Virgin Trains Update Personal Details

When you register an account with Virgin Trains, you will be mandated to provide a range of details, such as your contact details. However, if there are any changes upon registration, you can always inform the company by sending an email to this email address: [email protected].

Virgin Trains Marketing Enquiries

For any questions regarding the Virgin Trains marketing campaigns and strategies, feel free to reach out to them via email. Their marketing team email address is [email protected].

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